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First of all, before reading, I want you to know I am posting this from my daughters xbox using just a controller and chatpad....

Hello, if you are a person who reads my cj's alot (don't bother looking, most are off of simtrpolis already), you know I have around 7-9 cj's. Portland was (and is) my last one, and Portland has became the longest cj I've had, at 16 updates,most viewed, most successful (in game and simtropolis), and the Portland Metro is the 2nd biggest I've made, only one thats bigger is Radiator Springs (4 million). I should've posted this about a week ago, but I was building a "backhouse" in our big backyard for my son (keep reading to find out why, its related to this). The only way I am making another cj is if I get bored on the computer. I got my hopes high and thought Portland will live on for at least 30 updates, since most of my cj's never got pass 10 updates...

Me and my wife were out on a "date" on February 7th, when the same son that litteraly spilt my laptop in half broke my 2/3 week new, NEW desktop that I thought will be safe. I would've posted this message sooner but, me and my wife hired some people to help us build him a backhouse that he is going to live in, since my wfie literally almost threw him across the room. So my life is now getting even worse, adding to the existing troubles. I might, MIGHT start a new cj called Diamond Bar. If I do it will have wait since my wife wants me to wait until we get our tax refund instead of spending more of my or her money for a new computer. And below are some of the populations I was able to right down for the Jan Census before I lost the computer.

Portland: 511,680

Eaton: 193,241 (I believe that is a decrease in pop.)

Lakeview: 101,698 (last pop. was around 74,000 I believe)

Chandler (new city): 76,031

Provo: 28,000

Salt Lake City: 36,000

Dion: 71,000

Mountain View: 22,401

Erosion: 31,000 ?

Mesa: 48,000

The sad thing is I started puting the most work into the metro than I ever did for any city within a 1 week period, most of the cities populations were at a standstill, or decreased (as mentioned in teasers), but I recovered them at the last minute. And I thinks its Update 14-16 that covers Salt Lake City and Provo about their population explosions. And I might post some last minute pics I saved imgur for you guys....

Thanks for all the support, happy valentines day, presidents day (if you have work off)...


The Portland Metropolitan Area, the 40th largest metro in the U.S. at 1,507,109. The PMA is also home to the 35th largest city in the U.S., Portland (not Portland, Oregon), which stands at 489,558. The PMA is growing so fast that the metro pop. is (was) expected to shoot up to the nations 24th largest metro. Lately, the economy has been getting a little bumpy, and the population is growing much too fast for all the employers to keep up, and now many residential construction projects are being halted as new residents are looking for cheaper, already built houses. The Metropolitan Planning Committee (MPC) now projects the metro pop. for the February Census to be at 1.7-1.9 million instead of 2.2 million. The MPC is now even predicting that the cities of Portland, Gilbert, Eaton, Dion, and Quincy all lost population, in which all but Dion are the Top 5 most populated cities in the metro. Is this the end of the surprise population boom, or can the metro revive itself?


What happened to all the construction people? Look, there's a tumbleweed over there! Its weird how its in the forest though...


First, if some of you are wondering where the other pics came from, its from Sims 3, I've been playing it more now that I have all the packs...


fatjuice888- Thanks and lol!

VMIUJcadet09- Thanks!

borutaj- To be honest, I have no idea, another member gave me the file, sorry, I know it is hard to find....

PaulSawyer- Thanks!

B.C Builder- Thanks! And look up^

SilverCyric- No, its some files that no one can find, not even me...and thanks!


While the metro area continues to see record growth after a period of record slow growth, the West Valley continues to grow faster than any other city in the PMA (by % that is). Employers can't keep up since all of these big houses keep taking up space that used to provide agriculture jobs. The Metropolitan Planning Committee slowed down the development of 2x2 and 2x3 houses, so the 8.1% unemployment rate can go down, but this is Plan C, which means if this doesn't work, no one knows what will happen next...

West Valley Sprawl


Scenes like this have not only taken up space, but have harmed nearby development on higher ground. This master-planned community called "Woodward" (Update 14) was built on what used to be the Salt River, which is now covered with trees. This acted like a mini-wetlands, but recently, erosion has started to occur on the old riverbanks, which are very steep. The Metropolitan Planning Committee has continued to allow development, despite the fact that the metro has been experiencing record rain. Traffic on the already congested Loop 303 has been building up, only because all the good-paying jobs are in the North Valley and parts of Lakeview, which is in the southern part of the West Valley...


This scene is in a section of Provo, showing that even the richest cities in the metro still have to travel far for high-paying jobs. The industrial development project was meant to provide jobs for the poor in Erosion, Portal, and Whale in the South Valley (all 3 are next to each other). Even though it did, it stressed traffic on the Loop 303 even more, since the South Valley rail network doesn't connect to the rest of the West Valley, only Lakeview...


(This was taken in the desert neighborhood of Lucky Palms). This is an example of the new 1x2 styles houses. As you can see, it is very cramped, but also attractive enough to keep bringing in middle class residents. The MPC has also urged developers to build more 1x2 houses, since the region is "filling up" very rapidly, and for some reason residents don't care if they can't find a job before buying a house...


This is another shot of of the new 1x2 style houses. As you can see, the weather forecast proves that the metro is seeing record-breaking rain, and that these houses are meant to attract middle class residents...


This is the last shot of the new 1x2 style houses. You can tell they are going to be loft-style, and are meant to be 2 bedrooms. The MPC is really convinced that by developing more 1x2 houses the unemployment crisis would come to an end. Despite the fact that even more people would move in, there would be more room to develop much more dense commercial and industrial, including job-providing projects such as a midtown or an uptown.



First of all, thanks for the increasing feedback! Second, I forgot to turn the grid off....Third, my wife decided to finance a computer with her check so I can keep updating (all my files are saved on an external hard drive except unimportant downloads)...


Forthwall- Thanks!

Soer_II- Thanks! I think you will like the colors better in this one, I lowered the exposure from 64.2 to 41!

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packersfan- Thanks, and yeah I was thinking someone would say that....oh and my wife was nice enough to finance a new desktop with her check!

Huston- Thanks!


Provo used to be the slowest-growing cities in the metro, most likely because of their wealth. But that has all changed when Adams Development built a master planned community in Provo. This attracted approx. 8,600 residents to Provo, which boosted Provo's population from 13,492 before construction to 22,144 after construction! Even Salt Lake City is supposed to see the construction of a new master planned community that will boost its population from 24,000 to 29,000! But can the two wealthiest cities handle this sudden surge of growth?

"Woodin" subdivision of "Woodward"


Woodward, a master planned community sitting on top of what used to be the Salt River, which does pose a flooding threat, but the planners have that covered. Anyway, the biggest and 2nd most populated subdivision is supposed to be "Woodin", which is shown above.


Here is what "Woodin" looks like at this moment, currently everyone is at work, but in rush hour, traffic on S. Greenway Ave. is just horrendous. Adams Development even added another entrance to "Woodin", but traffic is still horrible!


This is S. Greenway Ave. in "School Hour", which is when all the kids and teens return from school. To the right of the pic you have "Woodin", and to the left you have the "Branch" subdivision, which is smaller yet slightly more populated than "Woodin" due to the appearance of 2 small apartments.


This is Woodward Elementary, the only elementary school in the West Valley that isn't overcrowded, and is currently reporting some of the best grades in the metro area. This is likely due to the schools area (Woodward) have a density relatively low compared to the surrounding area.


This is the eastern part of "Branch", in which the "Salt Forest" is visible in this picture. The "Salt Forest" is basically a renaming of the Salt River, which is now dry and covered in trees. The Metropolitan Planning Committee allowed developers to build in the "Salt Forest", but said they can only build planned and master planned communities, only so the density of the "Salt Forest" can stay low.


This is the "Woodward Town Center", which is located on N. Greenway Ave. and is the main commercial/job center of the community. Around 55% of all "Woodward" residents work here, the rest are forced to work elsewhere since residents of Salt Lake City and Lakeview are "stealing" their jobs. Provo has also become victim to traffic congestion, on both the roads, trains, and buses as new Salt Lake City residents continue to commute into other cities.


This is the eastern end of both the "Woodward Town Center" and "Woodward" itself. As you can tell, people just got off of work, and are eating dinner, because the roads are almost completely empty. In the picture you can also see the smallest subdivision, "Leef". "Leef" only consists of 1 road, yet has some of the most expensive houses in "Woodward"



NOTE- Please tell me if I put too much "Burn" on the pics...And tell me how I did with the words....

EDIT: I meant to put Semi-Interactive, not Semi-Accurate

Replies from Update 12

Sylvio Jorge- Thanks!

Forthwall- Thanks! And Lakeview is in todays update!

thesurveyor- Thanks! I used paint, it took 6 days (about 7 hours total), and ask

sim_link for the colors, I don't know if I can give that out...

jdbknpchi- Thanks!

Replies from the Teaser

Huston- Thanks!

Forthwall- Thanks!

newyorka- You mean Chandler? If you do, Chandler doesn't have enough space for any big projects, only small ones....

ggamgus- Thanks!

Fox- Thanks! And Portland has the best economy I ever made!

Geometry- Look at the bottom (don't forget to look at the update), and the storm surge was 19 feet, its not included down there....


Tuesday, January 15th, 2013. Today's high is 56, much higher than the January average of 29. The low for today is 37, much higher than the average 18. Conditions are partly cloudy, 70% chance of rain, with 20 MPH winds. You and your friend will be taking the bus, and the West Valley Railed, one of the biggest light rail projects in the state. Here is your schedule: Lakeview, Salt River City, Provo, and Mesa. And don't be afraid to leave your jacket at home, it won't snow, we haven't gotten any in 2 winters, so......

2:02-First City-Lakeview


Hurry up the train is almost here (top right corner). We will have to stop at the food courts another time. And I am not waiting for the next train because when those kids get out of school and get on the train, I'll get kicked off for profanity.


That was the most peaceful train ride ever, this bus ride will be even more peaceful. I love the ones like this where they go straight through the housing neighborhoods. Hey how about we stop by the theme park real quick, there is no kids.


Wow, that was fun! Too bad I used up all the $700 on my husband's credit card. Oh well, I guess he'll have to wait till next Christmas for another bonus. LOOK! There's the train, we have to make a run for it!

You: Hey! Wait! I know where you live!

4:38-Second City-Salt River City


Look at all these farms, too bad they are going to be destroyed for that stupid "Jackson Ranch" project.

You: What's the "Jackson Ranch" project.

It's a master planned community that Salt River City is building, still no apartments though. That's why Provo and Salt River City 100% Homeownership rates, and are full of rich snobs, with their freaking $100,000+ incomes and all that (look at the census/Update 12). At least the train doesn't go through Salt River City.

You: Wow, don't get all mad, that is what therapy is for (laughing).

4:41-Third City-Provo


Hey, wake up, we're in Provo now, at least they don't keep trying to destroy farms all the time.

You: We should go stop by my brother's house, its right by the park.

It's not your brother Billy right? He lives in the even richer part of Provo, and if I hate rich people, I know I'll hate the super rich.

You: No it's my brother Dennis, he lives in the less-richer part of Provo, you'll like him though....


OMG! Do you see that! Provo has constructed their first apartment! Maybe smartphones aren't making people turn stupid after all...

You: (Laugh) Oh stop, now lets go to his house before he takes his nap, its that white one with the brick fireplace across the street from the soccer field.


Know what, I have to say, Provo does have a pretty nice downtown.

You: Lets stop by the gas station over there and get something to drink, its hot out here.

If you weren't from here, 56 degrees will be considered cold.

5:23-Last City-Mesa


When are they gonna extend the light rail into Mesa? The rest of the West Valley has it, and this bus has a lot of guys starring at me....

You: You complain an awful lot, makes me feel sad for your husband. (Laugh) Just kidding.


Downtown Mesa, the best looking downtown I've seen outside of Lakeview.

You: Yeah, first time I have actually agreed with you. Oh my god, maybe the world is about to end!

Oh stop, I know you don't mean that, do you?


It's 5:41, and for some reason the docks are closed. You mean we came all the way here to apply for a job and now I can't even apply!

​You: No there not closed, it's just that no more ships are coming through, it was something about some bay cleanup or something. Oh look, there is the job application guy right there. Hey! Hey you! We would like to apply for a job.....

In case you don't read, this CJ is paused, including the census, since my son broke my computer i just brought yesterday (jan. 15), and I'm not gonna update the cj on my phone, its hard enough typing these words on it...


Replies will be covered in Update 13

People have gotten too happy in an economic boom, for Americans, the first thing that comes up on your mind in The Great Depression and/or The Roaring Twenties, and The Great Recession, which for the U.S. lasted Dec. 2007- Mid-2009. Here in Portland, the city is currently going through an economic and population boom, and home ownership rates are going up at a record pace. The City of Portland's economy is growing so fast that it got out of debt, caused by "Storm" Rollo, in just 2 months. Cities like Chandler, shown below, are seeing ever-growing economies, in which Chandler is expected to pass Portland's economy in February/March 2013.


City of Chandler, expected to have the largest economy in the metro.


The Agriculture Industry is suffering a small downturn in the West Valley as residential demand is at an all-time high.




raynev1- Thanks

Fox- Thanks! And soon I have to give them snow since the Pacific NW just got some snow.

powergirlie15- Thanks! And lol!


I've fixed some bugs from the last census, like how it said Texas has 34,000 people when it only had 8,000. I've also changed the format so it could be friendlier, easier to read, all while looking nicer. I also can't show a clean region pic nor the other 2 regional data sets since, as of this moment, the region looks too different now. And the "Homeownership Rate" and "Income" data on the first regional data sets are miss calculations.

Regional Income Scale

$0-$39,000= Lower Class

$40,000-$84,000= Middle Class

$85,000 And Up= Upper Class

Individual City Data Sets- Ordered from Largest to Smallest























Regional Data Sets





Replies (Heads up, in this updates some of the pictures have mistakes, and look smaller...)

raynev1- Thanks!

burnzie_16- Thanks!

joshgross- Saving that for the Dec. Census (Next Update). And somewhere in Simtropolis, I have released the new population and region pic already (don't worry, it's not in this update, I would've seen it)

The Portland Strip (Even though the article below was made 3 weeks ago, the pics still agree with it, it should be snowing not raining.

The Portland Strip is the result of a LARGE population boom that mysteriously and surprisingly occurred after "Storm" Rollo. The Portland Strip is a region of development that enters a flat part of land in a mountain range and stretches from one side to another, in which both sides are bordered by rivers (look at the last region pic). The population boom has caused the entire region to start expanding, break new milestones, and double it's pop! And before we start, here is a little hint to the "milestone" riddle, what's the population of Philadelphia? (It's more like Phoenix but closer to Philadelphia)



This is Kaleb C. Parker Middle School, constructed in December 2012 and is overcrowded by nearly 430 students, and located in the Eastern part of The Portland Strip.. PMC (Parker Middle School, the student given name) is located in the eastern, and densest, part of the Portland Strip. The Mayor of Portland decided that The Portland Strip and all of Portland's development west of it will be part of the West Valley's Transport Network, which means all of it is served by bus on the main avenue/ Regional Road (shown in the pic above), and the western part is served by rail.


We are now in the Central part of The Portland Strip.This is the intersection of Regional Road and Happy Valley Road. Regional Road comes down and continues to go West towards the other side of the mountain range and into the West Valley. The Eastern Portland Strip always sees about 2 inches more rainfall than the rest of the region, on average that is. Homes in this part of The Portland Strip have to follow a building code that allows the home to withstand large flows of water, since this side is much steeper than the Western Portland Strip. Speaking of building codes, the entire Portland Strip has another building code that allows them to withstand up to 1 foot of water, since the mountains can generate heavy snow melt in the spring.


We are now in the "Leon" Business District of The Portland Strip, which is the West part of The Portland Strip. The Portland Strip has 2 other business districts, which both also have at least 1 mid-rise skyscraper, and goes by the names Verrardo and Pennyworth. About 75% of residents of The Portland Strip work in either Leon, Verrardo, or Pennyworth, while 10% work outside The Portland Strip, and the remaining 5% work in businesses located on Regional Road.


As we keep traveling down Regional Road, the rain lets up and we encounter heavy, heavy traffic, probably because The Portland Strip lacks freeways, and because there is a lot of apartments over here. After about 10 minutes we exit the bridge, which is only about 2 or 3 blocks long, we see flat land, trees, houses, offices, 2 skyscrapers, and just beautiful urban-ness. Maybe we should walk, its faster, and everyone over here does it, since most of the West Valley is both younger and poorer than the rest of the region.


Walking is much faster, we are at those 2 skyscrapers we just saw. Lets take a picture on our smartphone, (click). Bad picture though, its all foggy and your screen is wet, and people and yelling at you because their hate of tourists. Don't worry about them, plus we can just run away in the fog. Can you believe that all the ? residents of the Portland Metro hate tourists. ? people is way too many to be hating just 1 person. At least the traffic let up, so it doesn't smell like a pool of gasoline anymore...




Replies are at the bottom



The West, North, and South Valley


Unlike the other valleys, the West Valley wants to develop in a more urban way, where their aren't all those trees between each city. If the WV's plan suceeds, it can become very dense, but face heavy traffic and many other urban problems.

The 3 Largest Cities


Lakeview- The Newest and 3rd Largest City


Welcome to Lakeview, the city that has something for everyone. With a lot of low density housing, medium density housing, and high density housing, this city can suit anyone and everyone. Right on the shore of Falcon Lake (which is connected to the Valerie River, which connects to the coast), Lakeview also provides many water leisure opportunities, along with many other types of leisure.


As one of Lakeview's three planned communities, Navaho Ranch is the perfect place to settle. 5 minutes away from downtown, and walking distance away from both a shopping center and transit center, this place can fit everyone's needs.


Baxter Avenue, the most crowded road in the PMA (and one of the most crowded I've ever made), sees stop, not stop-and-go, but stop traffic everyday. Despite Lakeview's circular shape, Baxter Avenue wraps around Falcon Lake and connects to the Loop 303. 60% of the people who travel to work using Baxter Ave. work in Lakeview, while the other 40% work outside of Lakeview and use the Loop 303 for their commute.


This is Coasters n' Castles, opened in 2003, which is the PMA's second amusement park and most visited. CNC was visited by nearly 5.7 million people in 2011. As of December 2nd, 2012, CNC was visited by 2.9 million people. The record year for CNC was 2006, when it was visited by nearly 4.3 million people.

Provo- The city of Planning (97% live in planned communities)


This is Downtown Provo, which is considered the smallest CBD in the PMA, despite the fact it's not the smallest city.


This is Marshall Ranch, which is the richest planned community in the West Valley, at an average income $68,000 (still middle class) and is also the largest in the WV.


This is Pottery Vista Ranch, which is at the southern border of Provo. As you can see, the Loop 303 is very empty after morning rush hour.

Metro Growth



Replies will be covered in the next update


Before we start the Mayor of Portland will like to send out a flyer to attract more residents and construction companies to ensure that the storm doesn't halt the metro area's growth.


Downtown Dion, current pop 61,982, survived the storm and the 21 foot storm surge/10 foot flood. There are reports of flooding in buildings and in the Dion Swim Arena. Nexus Electronics, a maker of high-end android phones and a partner of Google, Samsung, LG, Asus, and HTC, has their headquarters in Downtown Dion, and they are reporting nearly 47 million dollars in damage. Other companies whose global headquarters are in Downtown Dion, have reported a combined total of approx. 280 million dollars.


This neighborhood of Dion was one of the unlucky ones. Rollo has displaced nearly 34,000 out of all the 61,000 Dion residents. Dion was the worst devastated, since it is also the lowest location in the PMA within a 5 mile radius of water.


This neighborhood in Gulliman's Creek survived the huge "river-nami" that traveled down Gulliman's Creek, which is now more like a river. Most of Gulliman's Creek survived, which isn't surprising considering it's the 4th richest city in the PMA. Gulliman's Creek, which used to be an actual creek, was expected to overflow its banks in Mid-December, but Rollo made that speed up and flood the cities of Pine Valley and Gulliman's Creek.


This is a neighborhood in Erosion, which surprisingly survived Rollo. Erosion's growth, like many other devastated cities, is now halted. All across the metro construction sites are either damaged or destroyed. In Downtown Portland, the construction site for a new 640 ft. building/ 50 floor building named Poppins Plaza, was completely destroyed by Rollo's storm surge and winds. Poppins Plaza was at 27 floors upon destruction, and the debris from it was found as far as N.W. Portland.

As for Downtown Gulliman's Creek, all but 1 buildings where completely flooded by the 18 ft. "river-nami". The damages for the entire metro are calculated at nearly 19 billion U.S dollars, a jump from 14 billion on Sunday. Most believe that it should stop at 19 billion, since powerful infrastructure and city planning proved effective. Can Portland get it's boom back up? Find out in SEASON 2!!!

Season 2? Did you just say Season 2?

Yes, I did say Season 2. Updates will resume in about a week (Most likely two), so basically I am just doing this to reset the mood. I have a whole lot in store for you guys, which is why I am giving you a teaser below.


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Mastof- Thanks! And just wait to part 4 (the final)

lovemax- Yes I know, I just do that for decoration...

Homeland Design- It was pretty hard to find, I just googled it, so here is the link to the page that lists the ones I've found:


raynev1- Thanks!

daybreak- Look up there...

November 23rd, 2012- The storm hits


This is a neighborhood, or was a neighborhood, in upscale Dion. Dion is located on an island, and it's elevation is only 9 feet. This picture shows the large, 14 foot storm surge, which is just now hitting the PMA. The rain only has 15 minutes to hit, and the storm surge is just now coming. All across the PMA coastal cities are feeling the wrath of this horrible storm surge. Peoria, which was thought to not need evacuations is now regretting that they didn't...


This is an area of the "Erosion Strip" that is about to be flooded by the epic storm surge. The City of Erosion has already been evacuated and all of the 19,000 residents are taking shelter in the City of Portland. By the way things are going now, some are estimating the damage could be anywhere from 30-55 billion dollars in damage when the storm is done.

November 24th, 2012- The storm gets apocalyptic


As many think the storm can't get any worse, the storm surge rises to 21 feet and is now about to flood the City of Portland, this surge can and will also cause water to pour into the North Valley, just not as much since it is almost completely by mountains. This raises HUGE problems since 75% of evacuees were sent to storm shelters in Portland, Peoria, and Hemsworth.


Deep in the Cascades, Rollo has caused a huge chunk of snow to cause a avalanche in Gulliman's Lake. Witnesses say the lake now looks like it's literally empty. This has also caused a huge 11 foot "rivernami" to travel down Gulliman's Creek and completely flood the North Valley, adding on to the epic storm surge. The picture above is Downtown Gulliman's Creek being hammered by the terrible tsunami. Luckily, Gulliman's Creek and Pine Valley were both evacuated.

In Eaton, witness living in tall condos report seeing large neighborhoods of houses being swept away. In Texas, the second richest city in the PMA, one resident reports seeing a storm shelter being swept away. This same thing is happening everywhere across the PMA. Some are now projected the death toll to be anywhere from 5,000 to 20,000 and injuries to be anywhere from 28,000 to 41,000.


As for Akon, rains heavy, but not picture-taking heavy. Akon residents thought they were safe, since the storm surge only rose the river up a few inches, and the "rivernami" was only 2 feet in Akon. But Akon was put under a tornado warning. The people kept shopping Black Friday deals that haven't ended, but then sirens went off. 2 minutes later, an F3 tornado hit the small town, and caused apocalyptic damage, since many houses in the city can't even handle an EF1 tornado struck the city...

Upcoming (This is a new feature)

  • Next Big Storm Update: Portland, Eaton, Akon, and Randall Ridge under tornado warning.
  • Last Big Storm Update: Storm eases up, cleanup expected to go on for decades.
  • Update 11: Dec. census shows huge population drop, PMA continuous sprawl is over
  • Update 12: Population recovers by a tiny, tiny bit. PMA economic outlook gloomy...


Heads Up: My photo editing is a bit "shabby" in some of the pics since I haven't did it in so long...


raynev1- Thanks! And yeah, it is a challenge considering its all large tiles...

wcraig- I only used those roads since its an expressway, which is more like a road than a freeway, and I have RHW.



Today's Focus



2012 has already been an strange year, the first half was around average, and the second half is highly above average. October brings an average of 1.99 inches, but this year October has brought 4.76 inches of rain. As many Portlandiers think this is bad, they don't even know what is about to come...

November 18th, 2012: "Rollo" Forms


After a very wet September and October, rain continues to pour into the PMA. In the picture above, rain has halted construction of a new subdivision in Portland. Meteorologists in California have discovered a storm that is supposed to head towards the Pacific Northwest (hint hint). The group of meteorologists have named it "Rollo" and say it can dump anywhere from 7 to 13 inches of rain in just 4 days. Cities such as Seattle, Vancouver, and Portland (Oregon, not my Portland) are taking precautions as this storm heads straight for the Pacific Northwest. In the PMA, Gulliman's Creek, Pine Valley, Erosion, and Dion have had to order evacuations as the storm is expected to dump 11 inches in the PMA.

November 20th, 2012: Horrible Evacuation Conditions


In this picture, construction has halted construction of a soon-to-be master planned community in Gulliman's Creek. As you can see, evacuees are driving to Eaton, or at least trying to. Gulliman's Creek has been evacuated since the actual Gulliman's Creek is supposed to permanently fill by Mid-December, and this storm might speed that up. 18 days of continuous rainfall has already put the city under a flood-warning and caused the evacuation of 3,400 people. This and the other evacuation are the first full-city evacuations to ever occur in the PMA.


By now, you can tell how fast the metro is growing by looking at all the construction pics, don't worry, this is the last. This picture shows suburban development in Pine Valley, the smallest city in the PMA and the only other city that lies on Gulliman's Creek. Pine Valley is also one of the richest cities in the PMA, as stated in the Census Update. Pine Valley, is a few feet higher than the City of Gulliman's Creek, and has completed it's portion of the "Gulliman's Creek Canalization Project", so it hasn't been under a flood warning from recent rains. But "Rollo" is expected to flood every single structure in Pine Valley, which scared so many people that many evacuated before they had to.

November 21st, 2012: Coastal Cities Evacuate


We are now in Erosion, a city next to the City of Portal, the ending for the Loop 305, and voted the city with the worst zoning in the state for 11 years in a row. In this picture, the rain has taken a break, and evacuees can now easily evacuate into Portland using the Loop 305, well, besides traffic that is. Erosion has been picked for evacuation since most of the city's elevation hardly rises from the coast. Which means a small 5 ft. tsunami will flood the whole city, if there ever was one.


This is another part of the "Erosion Strip", which is also visible on the map at the top of the page. This area has been cut off from it's neighbor, Portal, from previous storms. Now that the residents must evacuate, they have to drive 4 hours just to get to Beaverton (Portland's neighboring city). This November, the PMA has already seen 4.09 inches of rain, and "Rollo" will dump 11 inches and bring 95 MPH winds with 115 MPH gusts.

November 22nd, 2012: Evacuations Are Almost Done


In this you can see the Loop 305 Light Rail (non-freeway section), Brickside Elementary School, which serves all the 8,000 residents of the "Erosion Strip", and no cars. Almost all residents of the Erosion Strip have evacuated. Residents that chose to stay behind say the roads were never this empty, even when Erosion was just a bunch of farmland. Many people have confused this for a hurricane, which is why so many evacuated early, but it's a regular storm, it doesn't even look like a hurricane. As for Gulliman's Creek, residents are having a harder time evacuating. With the added pressure of Pine Valley evacuees, all this does is add to Eaton's already terrible rush hour traffic.

November 23rd, 2012: The storm hits

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Kruness- The condo boom is like an apartment boom but with middle and upper class apartments

xuanhieu- Just get the SimFox Tree Replacement Mod, and the SAM, when installed it should give you the option for the other 2

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Adjieberotot- Thanks! The South Valley still has one but not as much...

westy177- Yeah...I've been working on an Interstate 5 Light Rail and a Columbia River Ferry.

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Mid October-Mid November Metropolitan Census (Listed Big to Small, City names are also located below pictures)

The Portland Metropolitan Area, population 700,000 is a region of cities and towns that all rely and are located around the cities of Portland, population 253,000, and Eaton, population 121,000. The PMA is a region that has seen all the ups and downs, the lefts and rights, just to get to where it is now....


Portland Metropolitan Area


City of Portland


City of Eaton


City of Randall Ridge


City of Dion


City of Gullimans Creek


City of Texas (Yes it is in fact VERY dense, one of the densest I've made)


City of Peoria


City of Hemsworth


City of Pepper


City of Akon


City of Beaverton


City of Whale


City of Portal


City of Pine Valley

Top 5 Biggest Business Proposals (During Census Period)

1. Foothills Mall- 2.4 Million Square Feet- Confirmed

2. Phase 3 of Midtown Portland Revival Project- Proposed

3. Interstate 5 Light Rail (Mountain Metro)- Confirmed

4. Phase 2 of Downtown Dion Revival Project- Approved

5. New Portland Waters (Football)- 28,000 Seats- Confirmed

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Today's Focus: North Valley


Randall Ridge, the richest city in the Portland Metropolitan Area. With a thriving downtown, and a booming population of 27,194, Randall Ridge was voted one of the best places to live by Korbes for 4 years in a row. But this year, it went from being the best to the worst. In 2012, this thriving city was kicked off the Korbes Top Ten all the way down to the Top 75. Many people wonder why, and how, this could happen so sudden. Well, you could be the first to find out....


In this picture, people are entering Eaton, the 2nd largest city in the PMA. You probably think their commute is over, well, its not. In a poll conducted by all cities north of Eaton. 57% of all the "pollies" said they work outside the North Valley, which means 57% of them have a commute anywhere from 1-4 hours. Commute Satisfaction in the North Valley has went from 78% in 1990 to 35% in 2011.


Here is the scary thing that caused this "Coummutageddon". In 1990, the North Valley had a population of 87,215 with 101,326 jobs. In 2011, the North Valley's pop. skyrocketed to 254,021 with only 105,679 jobs. The PMA only had 694,203 jobs, and and total population of approx. 609,000. The South Valley, which is all the cities that weren't named on the map above, were boasting thriving population growth, extraordinary job growth, and strong economic stability.


In June 2012 the South Valley was attacked by the "Upper Dogs", a group of approx. 8,500 people. At first, the government thought they were "Home Terrorists", but later classified them as "High-Threat Rioters". Anyway, the Upper Dogs mainly attacked Beaverton, Northwest Portland, and Hemsworth. They caused an estimated 53 million dollars, killed 12 people, and injured 54. The riots lasted for 2 weeks, and 78 buildings were damaged. The riots occurred as a response to a series of bills/laws passed by the Metropolitan Government that further limited job growth in the North Valley. 2 more bills/laws were also about to be passed, one required businesses to have a location in Portland and Peoria first before developing in the North Valley. When the riots were over, the State Government decided to review these bills/laws. A week later the State Government demanded the MG to void all but one of these bills/laws.


This is a traffic jam on Interstate 5 in Beaverton. If you go all the way to where Interstate 5 enters Portland, you'll find out that this traffic jam is caused by people commuting from the North Valley to Portland. The Metropolitan Government wants to expand the Interstate 5, but this will displace all Beaverton residents that work outside the city, unless the city starts a ferry system. It will also displace 34% of North Valley workers. This could have been alright, but it's not due to the fact that it will take 3 weeks to complete.

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City of Gulliman's Creek


This is Downtown Gulliman's Creek, the city center of a rapidly growing city home to over 35,000 people, and also a average household income of over $62,000 USD. Gulliman's Creek has a 12% annual budget surplus and a unemployment rate of 2.8%. Many tourist and new residents of the metro. area confuse one of these avenue-looking highways and usually avoid it. The mayor of Pepper proposed that the avenue will be converted into a 5-lane highway since the highway passes through Pepper. The idea was rejected since it will lead to the demolition of sidewalks and interference of over 39,000 jobs. Gulliman's Creek is now the richest city in the metro due to large income shifts across the metro from a surprise apartment boom.


Believe it or not, this is one of poorest zip code of Gulliman's Creek, this zip code has an average income of $57,290 USD. Gulliman's Creek also has the best education in the nation. Almost 60% of residents have at least a Bachelors Degree, and 71% of residents below 18 have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. How would you like to live here?


This is a Phase I of a master planned community named Tahoe Vista. It is planned to house over 12,000 people and when finished have a average income of at least $65,000 USD. The community is also going to be divided into 5 smaller communities, this one is named Miami. The others are Fiona, Sister, Patrick, an Balloon.


This is Gulliman's prime industry area, which provides 18,921 jobs. With it's size and job supply that makes it the 3rd largest industrial zip code in the metro, considering there are only 5 currently existing.


This is Perry Avenue crossing Gulliman's Creek, a river that used to be an actual creek 65 years ago. After the biggest city in the nation, Cambridge, built a levee system on Gulliman's Lake, sediment build up, causing the lake to back up, and then it got started getting smaller. The creek then turned into a river as flowing towards Portland was and is it's only outlet. Gulliman's Creek continues to fill up since Gulliman's Lake is located in a climate that receives 53 inches of rain from March to August. The city of Gulliman's Lake is proposing to build a levee around the lake and the "river". If not, it is estimated Gulliman's Creek could spill it's riverbanks by December 2013, if precipitation stays around average.....


This is a group of condos that "spawned" during the surprise apartment boom. People call it that because suddenly, in the same 3 day period, over 2,765 construction-related vehicles arrived and started constructing nearly 642 apartments and condos. They all are housing an estimated 7,293. This also encouraged the suburban housing boom to go lower class. This added nearly 67,921 people to the metropolitan population. And finally, this caused huge income shifts in a lot of the cities known for having upper-middle class people.


This is the Mirage neighborhood located on Interstate 30. This is also the area that is in danger of the "Gulliman is a Fulliman" event (the Gulliman's Creek flood). This area also boasts a thriving industrial community and agricultural community.


This is the only ramp of Interstate 30 outside of Eaton and Gilbert, and commuter-wise it is only used by 218 cars daily, most are tourists. Now when it comes to freight-wise it is used over 2,563 daily.

Metro. Population passes 600k, highways call for improvement




IMPORTANT UPDATE ON THE "BIG STORM UPDATE": So all I wanna' say is that it's going to be in about 3-4 updates, as for I am working with another CJ (possibly 2) for something....And also this might not be my best update so I won't be surprised if this gets a 3 or 4 rating...

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City of Portal: Population 10,233


Now I know this isn't the best city I've made, but...it's supposed to have a lot of commercial, its the only port in Portland. Anyway, Portal is a "commercial port city" across the mouth of the Dejay River. Portal was ranked the biggest self-sustaining city that isn't a core-city of a metropolitan area.


This is the football stadium for the Portland Hyenas, Portland's secondary football team, like how Los Angeles's secondary football team is the Clippers. Portland's main football team, the Portland Rapids (named after the metro's population growth) used to play here, but as Portal started losing population, they moved to the Nissan Stadium in Downtown Portland. The Hyena's moved here as the team was craving for a stadium with more seats and since Portal is now growing faster than Portland itself.


This is Foothills Middle School, which serves grades 6-8 and has an enrollment of 836. FMS is known as the nations highest scoring middle/junior high school. In the 2011-2012 school year, FMS 8th Grades scored an average of 901/1010 on the National Standards Assessment But FMS is also subject to overcrowding due to massive population growth. The average class size has went from 19 to 35 in just 7 years.

City of Whale: Population 11,983


Now...this also isn't the best city I've made but, it's the same as Portal so....yeah. Anyway, Whale's population grew by nearly 911% in 10 years, but it is now only growing at 4.3% as there is hardly any room to develop. Whale is also the only of 3 cities in the PMA to have lower-class low density housing.


This is the city center, which employs 32% of city residents, the other 68% works in either West Whale, Portal, or Portland. The city center use to have traffic jams, but then massive job growth in Portland led to people working outside of both Whale and Portal. Whale also houses the other side of the world's longest "Raised Avenue" bridge.


This is the common lower-class neighborhood in Whale, as you could see it's pretty nice compared to whats out there in other parts of the world. This neighborhood surprisingly has the 3rd lowest crime rate in the PMA and the highest quality-of-life rating for any city in the nation below 25,000 people.

2nd Teaser, 2 more left! And view in full res., especially for the 1st pic!





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westy177: Thanks! The region is actually completed now! That is a first for me...

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AshPikachu: Nah, I named after Portland since I think that is the best-looking american city under one million...

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JGellock- Thanks! I really focus on making my cities look and feel american, as for mass transit there is a Interstate 5 bus route I am working on...



Today we are going to the nations first master-planned island (it's still a city), Dion. Dion has a population of 18,000 people. It also has one of the most modern downtown areas in the nation, as well as the most efficient mass transit in the nation. Dion is connected to the outside world by one, lonely bridge that leads to another island, which has a bridge that leads to Peoria, the nearest suburb to Dion. Dion has an average income of $102,872 and has some of the nation's most expensive houses, and the nations most expensive condominiums.


This is city hall, which is the metro area's largest, not tallest, office building outside of Portland. As you can see by this picture Dion doesn't really have traffic while people are at work, since 21% of Dion residents work in a different city, most work in Eaton, which is a pretty far drive...


This is one of Dion's 3 public pools. This pool has been expanded and renovated 7 times, most of which were expansions to allow more visitors. In the Great Portland Spring Heat Wave of 2011, temperatures in Dion hit a record of 119, and this public pool was so crowded that visitors were handed out wristbands and were only allowed to stay for 30 minutes. 97% of Dion residents also experienced rolling blackouts.


This is the Crystal Shores neighborhood of Dion. Here the home prices start at $443,266. Nearby schools, hospitals, shopping and recreation make this the perfect neighborhood to live in and you get your moneys worth. Crystal Shore High School is the only A+ high school in the metro area. Now wouldn't you want to live in a city like this?

Portland Metro. Population Growth


As you can see its kinda obvious Portland is in the mist of a population boom...


Sorry its so messy! And Dion is at the bottom right.

And now for the teaser...




Welcome to Portland. Portland is a fast growing city nearing 200,000 people, with a metro nearing 300,000 people. The picture you see above is an old picture of downtown, but not much has changed though. Portland has been known as the most populated "Forest City" in the nation. Besides traffic on the I-15, also shown above, Portland's air is pretty clean compared to other big cities.


This Holiday Inn Express was the first "brand name" hotel to open in Portland that wasn't a skyscraper. It is rumored that this hotel might be turned into another skyscraper. Another tourist attraction in this pic is Portland Pond, which used to be a small lake that was about 9 blocks wide and 6 blocks long. The pond was shrunk to what you see here after being polluted and abused by fellow Portland residents.


This is Midtown Portland, also referred to as the Rivers End Business District. Midtown is located right by the end of the Portland River and provides many jobs for residents living in the Hemsworth Valley (shown in the regional pic below).


Inside Midtown's technical borders is numerous middle class house, many above $400,000. Midtown is only considered a business district due to its mid-rise buildings. This picture also proves how you can't escape trees here in Portland.


These are some apartments located on the Portland river. In Portland the lower class are treated with nice, upper class looking apartments, while the middle class prefers to live in houses.

Census Data and other facts...


Click for full size!


This is the custom made Quality of Life survey for the Portland Regional Census. And please take note that personal wealth satisfaction shows people who are happy with the current wealth, including the lower class, and its not a measure of wealth.


This is the Portland Metro, you can see the area I am currently working on. And P.S., the city limits for Hemsworth goes over the mountains and into the valley.


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