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      For those who opted for physical discs -- if you donated between April - June and you received the WRONG discs or NO discs in the mail, please email stexcd@simtropolis.com and include your donation info such as Paypal transaction ID and we will get this rectified!
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      We are also having trouble with the Contact Us thinger. I do receive them (and they come to me as an email), but now when I reply they immediately bounce back. This could be due to peeps providing invalid email addresses or it could be an actual problem. I do reply to all of them so if you don't get a response within 24 hours you might consider sending me a private message here on ST instead. -Cori (PM me here.)

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City-building game(s)

Found 20 results

  1. Nexis Mega Dairy Farm

    Hello all, I would like to add "Nexis Mega Dairy Farm" but I can't find these dependencies. PropPak_mjb_Industrial_Vol01.dat PropPak_mjb_TreesShrubsAndFlowers02a.dat Vehicle_Props-V3.dat NXS_SiloGrainMed.1_prop-0x6534284a.SC4Desc nxs_Firewood_prop-0x6534284a.SC4Desc Hope I can get some help or sent in the right direction to find them. Thank You
  2. SuperSHK+ FA3 Parking Textures

    Version 1.0.0


    KOSC presents: SuperSHK+ FA3 Parking Textures Introduction Happy New Year! Need some irregularity in your lotting? SuperSHK is back with a plus and a whole assortment of FA3-aligned textures for you to play with. Overview This set contains at total of 482 new overlay textures. SuperSHK+ takes the original set and adds quite a bit of additional support for FA3 angled pathways. Additionally, there are a host of extra textures included meant to patch some missing areas from the first set. Details These textures are broken into 4 DATs. The included resource guide offers a slightly more detailed look at the different texture options offered here. DAT 1 - Curbs: Contains an assortment of FA3 aligned curb pieces and connectors. DAT 2 - Parking Transitions: Contains transitions and intersections between different parking types with FA3 curbs. DAT 3 - Pseudo-FA3 (PFA3): Contains a set of FA3 aligned orthogonal parking spaces and a few basic transitions. DAT 4 - Extras: Adds medians and additional support for S-Curves from the original set. Install Instructions Drop the files in your My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins folder. These should show up under the overlay texture section in the lot editor and PIM-X. Dependencies NONE. This set is a dependency. Lotters that want to take full advantage of this set will need the SHK Parking Pack and base set: Credit to shokthrpy for the original SHK set. Additional thanks goes out to rsc204 & rivit for their invaluable work with GoFSH (and Bender) and texture replacement - this set would not be possible without their tools.
  3. Version 1.2


    Banks: - Added HSBC For XL - Added CIBC For XL Civic: - Added Jam's Art School For XL - Added Jam's Music School For XL - Added Battleground Eye Care For XL - Added Chiness Protector For XL - Added Pond Park For XL Retail: - Added Future Shop For XL - Added MasterMind Toys For XL - Added Sport Check For XL - Added London Drugs For XL - Added Payless For XL - Added Rona For XL - Added Family Dollar For XL - Added Party City For XL - Added Apc Auto Parts For XL - Added Shopper Drug Mart For XL - Added Petco For XL - Added Dulux Paint For XL - Added Gap For XL - Added AutoZone For XL - Added Disney Store For XL - Added Dollarama For XL - Added Pet Smart For XL - Added Mini Mall For XL - Added Maple Leaf Mall For XL - Added Toy'R'Us For XL - Added The Source For XL - Added Exellent Store For XL - Added Shopper Drug Mart For XL Fast Food: - Added A&W For XL - Added Subway For XL - Added Burger King For XL - Added Rudy's Taco For XL - Added Steak In Shake For XL - Added Starbucks For XL Utilities: - Added Water Tower For XL - Added Water Lab For XL Mobile: - Added At&t For XL - Added Telus For XL - Added Rogers For XL - Added Dr Phone Fix For XL - Added Verizon Wireless For XL - Added Cell Phone Central For XL Industry: - Added Auto Glass For XL
  4. SuperSHK MEGA Parking Textures

    Version 1.0.1


    KOSC presents: SuperSHK MEGA Parking Textures Introduction Take parking lots to the next level! SuperSHK MEGA Textures is the backbone of my Superparking Project, and combines the original Volume 1 alongside the newly complete Volume 2 set. This MEGA set combines both for the ultimate parking lot texture resource for SC4. Overview This combined set contains at total of 1281 overlay textures (352 from Vol 1). Volume 2 contains a mind-boggling 929 new overlay textures. This set focus on expanding the core aspects of Volume 1 while adding some rather ridiculous new options. As with before, many of the new textures influences were found primarily from around North America's tech centers including Overland Park, Denver Tech Corridor, Silicon Valley, and Irvine. Additionally, some other inspiration came from various locations around the UK, including Portsmouth - these were largely responsible for my designing of a bunch of UK-style road markings. As it is now officially part of this combined set, SuperSHK Parking Textures Vol. 1 is now obsolete! This set retains every single texture from volume 1 and provides some overall enhancements to a large amount of them, including the following: Smoother curves Alignment fixes Smoothing and resizing of existing road markings to maintain consistency Furthermore, the "Extra" textures included with both modular sets are also no longer necessary. To aid you in cleaning any leftover old stuff, there is a Cleanitol file included. You may also refer to it for manual deletion as well. Details These textures are broken into 8 DATs. The included resource guide offers more detailed explanations. DAT 1 - Ortho: Combines a ton of new pieces with the original Ortho set. Deals mostly with orthogonal parking and associated transitions. DAT 2 - Islands, Paths & Curbs: Combines the original set of Islands & Curbs with Paths (excluding markings). Adds many brand new curb pieces and transitions from various different parking types. DAT 3 - Diagonals: Combines the original set of Diagonal with new ones. Adds islands, offset diagonals and more orthogonal transitions. DAT 4 - Markings: Contains road marking goodness! Highlights include more block-end stop markings, pathing, and an entire section of UK-specific ones. Also comes with a way to transform standard parking spaces into "boxed" ones. DAT 5 - D-Types: Contains significant support of the original SHK diagonal-oriented spaces. Includes a full complement of transitions, curbs and some bonus special pieces including handicapped spots and an alternate style. DAT 6 - Combo Pieces: Adds an enhanced set of standard parking and curb textures with sidewalks and grass. DAT 7 - Miscellaneous: Includes some additional pieces that didn't quite belong elsewhere like parking-to-path transitions and S-curves. DAT 8 - Alternate Style: Adds an alternate orthogonal parking style in two colors. For Lotters Included is a resource guide containing a general breakdown of the set as well as a sample lot (found in the parks menu) and layout examples. There are also PIM-X groups included, for better organization and some time saving while digging through this massive set! Install Instructions Drop the files in your My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins folder. These should show up under the overlay texture section in the lot editor and PIM-X. Lotters, copy the contents of PIMXGroups.txt into your groups.ini file located in the PIM-X install directory. Dependencies None. This set will serve as a future dependency for my lots. While it is technically a standalone texture pack, SHK Parking Pack is very, very highly recommended to take full advantage. Credit to shokthrpy for the original set, which served as the template for me. It wouldn’t have been possible to create this without it! Additional thanks goes out to rsc204 & rivit for granting me tools to refine this development process, nos.17, Belfastsocrates, MushyMushy, T Wrecks for various texture tweaks and suggestions, and everyone that left a like/commented on any of my parking posts! Enjoy!
  5. ITS Office Parks - Trafalgar Complexes

    Version 1.1


    KOSC presents: Trafalgar Complexes Introduction This is the fourth set of lots in my ITS Office Park series. I was originally going to release this around 2 months ago, but the beast that was Skylines took me out of my SC4 mood . In a slight departure from previous releases of the series, this lot is multi-purposed for not only offices, but also residential and services. Originally there were supposed to be more lot variants, but due to the nature of the building and the age of it, I decided not to proceed forward. Therefore, this is in a sense, a TIOLI (take it or leave it) lot. Package Overview Trafalgar Complexes is a reinmagination of Ill Tonkso's original Trafalgar Hall BAT, which was a small, standalone midrise. There are two distinct variants, but all of them share the same layout. The office version is marked by the concrete pavement, while the hotel and condominium versions have dark asphalt pavement with brickwork in the main driveway. Included in the following package are a total of 3 growables versions (1 for CO, CS and R). There are no ploppable versions this time around. However, you can use the BuildingPlop cheat from Extra Cheats to plop them if you wish (all the lot exemplars are prefixed with KOSC ITS _buildingname_ ). As always, a custom prop exemplar for the building is included in order to simulate multi-building lots. General Stats Lot Size: 8x8 (Right Corner) Growth: Medium/High Density Only Trafalgar Offices Growth Stage: 5 Capacity: 1073 CO$$$, 1532 CO$$ when dilapidated Power/Water: 43/474 Pollution at Center A/W/G/R: 6/6/4/0 Trafalgar Condos Growth Stage: 5 Capacity: 671 R$$$, 1532 R$$ and 2773 R$ when dilapidated Power/Water: 85/114 Pollution at Center A/W/G/R: 6/6/4/0 Trafalgar Hotel Towers Growth Stage: 3 Capacity: 347 CS$$$, 863 CS$$ and 3444 CS$ when dilapidated Power/Water: 97/867 Pollution at Center A/W/G/R: 23/15/30/0 All buildings will grow on the Houston and Euro tilesets. Dependencies Main Building(s) Trafalgar Hall Textures/Prop Resources SHK Parking Pack BSC Textures Vol. 1 BSC Textures Vol. 2 BSC MEGA Props CP Vol. 1 If you've downloaded any of my previous ITS Office Park lots, you should have most if not all of the required texture/prop dependencies. All credit goes to Ill Tonkso for the great BAT! Enjoy!
  6. Other parts of Downs 8

    THe 2nd largest part, with the Liberty Tower of Sim nation.
  7. Other parts of Downs 7

    one of the newest parts of the city
  8. Other parts of Downs 6

    The poorer parts of the City
  9. Other parts of Downs 5

    Sim nation largest School, Sim national University
  10. Other parts of Downs 4

    Central Park
  11. Other parts of Downs 3

    National Capital and Parliament...
  12. Other parts of Downs 2

    City Hall
  13. Other parts of Downs

    The downtown Church...
  14. Night

    Night time in Downs...
  15. The OLAFA

    The Area around Downs... The Region has 26 cities with over 100K Pop, 24 cities over 200K Pop, 5 cities over 500K Pop, and downs with over 1 million....
  16. DownTown Downs

    Downtown Downs, The heart and capital of Sim nation and the OLAFA Zone, with a population over 1.0 million, it connected with other larger cities beside it, and the skylines of all the cities connected into kilometers of buildings...
  17. Version 01


    This file is obselete! Please refer here:
  18. Grand Freight Train Station

    Version 3.1.01


    This station is a high capacity (20000), street/rail enabled lot for freight trains. Passenger trains can pass through on one of the double lines, and freighters often stop on the end lines. Freight may also pass through. DO NOT TOUCH THIS LOT WITH A PUZZLE PIECE OF ANY KIND, THIS WILL CAUSE AN INSTANT CRASH TO DESKTOP (CTD). If you need to edit this lot, feel free, but please contact me before uploading on an exchange. Dependencies: BSC MEGA Props - DAE Vol01 Network Addon Mod http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/14023-underworlds-industrial-prop-pack/ (NEW DEPENDENCY) Murimk Prop Pack Vol03 - Industrials v1.0 (NEW DEPENDENCY) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh, and er...the monthly cost is 60, the plop is 5,000, and the bulldoze is 1,000. Have fun! Please comment on what should be in V.3.2!
  19. Regional Airport V.1 (Road Enabled)



    Hello Simtropians, Today I Present you my first file. Tired of always wanting to have an realistic and detailed airport but you need to built it piece by piece in which takes a long time. Therefore I created a pre-made airport than consists of 8 parts instead of lots of pieces to build an airport. All lots that I have used are Bats, Lots, and Textures from Voltaire and ace_bovenopdeberg and Tabi in which I give credit for creating all those amazing and realistic lots and bats. Installation: Just put it in SimCity 4\Plugins Dependencies: SW77 Train Generators AC MEGA Textures Vol01 AC MEGA Textures Vol02 AC MEGA Props Vol02 AC MEGA Props Vol03 AC MEGA Props Vol05 AC MEGA Props Vol06 AC Cargo Planes Vol01 BSC Textures Vol03 BSCMegaProps jestarr Vol02 BSCBATProps RT SNM Vol01 BSCBATProps RT SNM Vol02 SFBT Essentials (Dec 2015) SFBT Street Tree Mod WMP Props.dat Buildings as Props Uniform Street Lighting Mod OR Light Replacement Mod (LRM) v4.0 Mega Pack Bus Prop Pack SimPeg Agricultural Mod (SPAM) (From this only the PEG-SPAM_TEXTURES_RESOURCE_b200.dat file what you can find: c:\Users\.......\Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins\PEGPROD\SPAM\SPAM_Super_Resource_Pack\SPAM_Textures\) Dirty Industry Freight Station Large Functional Freight Yard (From this you only need the TrainCar_Props_Families_E-V1.dat) WideRadius Curves T21 Mod ---------- Lots Location: Rail Menu Plopping instructions: See the map Lot History: One rainy day I was playing SC4 and I reached to the point where an airport was needed, therefore I had two decisions either to pick the original Maxis airport (unrealistic) or to make one custom airport by myself (Time Consuming), even though I am an expert building customs airports I noticed that building an airport takes a long time. So then I wondered what if there was already a pre-made airport so you can just plop it and done. Furthermore, with this idea I went to lot editor to build this pre made airport, next when I was in lot editor the first thing I noticed that the base textures and overlay textures where all around in a ocean of textures. It took ages to find every single texture but it was worth it. Later on after finishing the first part of the airport I checked if it was working in SC4 and I got a lot with blank textures and missing props. Therefore I came back to lot editor and re created the airport. Soon I found out that I had to made a decision to divide the airport in parts due to limitations of lot editor and also I dint noticed that I built the airport with a blank train generator building and I was already almost done, therefore I just keep train generator as a building to my airport. Meanwhile, after 10 attempts of creating this airport I finally finished it and test it in SC4 I put it straight here since many of you people may find it useful. Functional Airport? Yes you can actually make this airport or any custom airport a functional airport, use this file that makes functional airports. Note: Check for the last icon of this file in SimCity and read the description of it, In which would tell you that works as an airport with a capacity of 100 000 in a 1x1 lot. Any concern just PM me and I would try my best of what I can do. Mod edit: August 10, 2017 - Updated list of dependencies. A huge thanks to @Tyberius06 for providing it.
  20. Bionic Fusion Power Plant



    The Bionic Fusion power plant has now been rebuilt to improve its core structure! In version 2, there is many new technology and enhancements to power your cities! The Bionic Fusion Power Plant is a highly detailed futuristic style power plant, using revolutionary new Bionic technology to produce clean and reliable electrical energy. The Power Plant combines Bionic Fuel with high intensity invisible radiation to generate a high amount of energy. Four powerful radiation Source Generators transfer high intensity invisible radiation energy into the Bionic Pile, which in turn feeds it into the core. Highly powerful but explosive Bionic Fuel is transferred from the fuel pipelines and then exposed to the radiation of the Bionic Core. The resulting fusion reaction produces a huge amount of energy, making the core glow white hot inside. This heat produces steam which drives the turbines. The electricity produced is enough to power a medium to large city. With a maximum capacity of 123,750 megawatt hours generated per month. In version 2 there are many new enhancements to my original Bionic Fusion Power Plant. I have replaced some of the maxis industrial buildings and added some other more exiting ones. I have changed the core layout and made a more realistic fuel depot. The basic layout and stats are the same as version 1, but there are many differences and more detail added in this version. I have also updated the in game description to match the layout of the Maxis power plants more accurately. I hope you enjoy version 2 of the Bionic Fusion Power Plant! Features: The Bionic Core and main source generators. The new fuel depot and pipes to transfer bionic fuel. The new core and reactor building at night. A sub station has also been constructed. Stats are in the readme. Dependencies: There are 9 dependencies, but because of the detail and realism they create, I think it is worth it! For the files marked (LEX), you will need to register at the SC4 Devotion Lot Exchange. Since it is no longer online, the link to the “SOMY Industry 01” dependency is a direct download link originally from SOMY's website, now archived by the Wayback Machine. (STEX) = Available to download here at Simtropolis. (LEX) = You will need to register at the SC4 Devotion Lot Exchange if you have not already done so. Ionic Fusor - by ralphaelninja (STEX) PEG Security Fencing Kit - Pegasus (STEX) SOMY Prop Pack Vol06 - somy (LEX) BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol01 - couchpotato (LEX) BSC MEGA Props - Gascooker Vol01 - gascooker (LEX) BSC Mega Props - JES Vol08 - jestarr (LEX) SOMY Industry 01 - somy (Direct download link, saved by the Wayback Machine.) Rush Hour Building as Props - Maxis (bldgprop_vol2.dat) SimCity 4 Building as Props - Maxis (bldgprop_vol1.dat) I assume you may already have these two Maxis files above, but if you don't, you can download them above from SC4 Devotion. All dependencies are to be placed in your My Documents, SimCity 4, Plugins folder. Installation: To install, extract the LOT file to your SimCity 4 Plugins folder. This is required for the lot to appear in game (Located in My Documents, SimCity 4, Plugins) Note: Pictures are not required. View my Lot Thread to see my latest projects in development! Click here to view my other uploads. "Bionic Fusion Power Plant - V2" Made by hittwice99 31 May 2010

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