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City-building game(s)

Found 9 results

  1. Los Angeles.sc3

    Version 1.0.0


    Los Angeles in SimCity 3000. A large and flat urban area that continues way beyond the size of this map. Hollywood, Venice Beach, Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills and lots of highways and traffic. Population: 756.354 Created by SimCityHawk
  2. Not really sure where to post this but I did this video up for something different :).
  3. Southern San Andreas Map ( GTA V )



    Here's the map of Los Santos, with water system, ressource, and an outside connexion north of mount Chiliad
  4. Los Santos from GTA V

    Version v.1.0


    Fan of GTA V? Here's the completely built region of South San Andreas including the cities of Los Santos, Palomino, and Sandy Shores. Ever wanted to challenge and continue the vibrant metropolis of Rockstar Games? Now you could! You'll have to deal with multiple problem like employement, ecology, waste disposal, and water gestion. Hope you'll enjoy my creation! EDIT : Added an external link from workshop in order to let you install it manually. Original file is still available here : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=406684124 HOW TO INSTALL : Just put the file on your savegame folder in C:\Users\**Username**\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Saves Mod required to work : 2x4 parking lot which can be found on the link below : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=405879157 Please do not ask me for an external copy of the dependency, I do not own it, and you will to ask the authors of it for any question relating this dependency. Thanks! Also unlimited money because the town is in debt, it was expensive ^^ This content is free, but if you like it and/or want more content this type, feel free to donate at the below link. https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=75S6SEPXHVRMS All donations are greatly apreciated!
  5. In Part 1, continued along I-20 per our normal plan, but we took a slight detour to go into detail about San Andreas. Now we turn our eyes to the eastern coast of our main attraction, Andremore. This picture shows Kendallport which contains the main commercial ports for the entire metropolitan area, and Krystalport, the navy port. But before we go there, let's look at the neighborhood of Juanita Heights. Juanita Heights has a very walkable waterfront which features a mall, a shopping center, and several high-end stores on the lower floors of the small office towers. In the main square is a statue of Jenova...those who know her history know her history... those who don't........... don't... Anyway, she looks toward the north which can be seen even from the small office towers in Fairfax. Inside the statue is an elevator that tourists can take to the top and peek through her eyes to see the various cityscapes of Geminia. Moving over to Kendallport, here is the cruise ship port from which some international cruise liners leave. Andremore is not a popular spot from which cruises leave because it is so far from the tropical south, but demand has been increasing for more northern cruises (and even some longer term southern cruises), so there are plans to add many more cruise ports to meet the demand. The commercial ports of Kendallport look more like those to the left of the following picture with long docks, parking garages, and freight train stations to carry goods throughout the metropolitan area. Then there is Krystalport, the Navy Port. Not much to say about this except... it's a Navy Port... and good luck getting that big a** ship outta there! Leaving the main commercial ports to cross the bay are the Sapphire Bridge for cars and the Ruby Bridge for trains. The two bridges take you over to the minor ports---Tungsten Port, Port Pacifica, and Port Atlantica. The Sapphire and Ruby bridges empty out right into Port Tungsten, which isn't really a port so much as it is a pier. It used to be a port, but it was redesigned to be more of a park for the industrial workers in the area. It's not very popular... Port Pacifica however is a very thriving area with skyrise apartments, condos, and hotels. On the north side of Port Pacific (across from the actual port) is Pacifica Mall which has high-end shopping to match its high-end clientele in the neighborhood. Even the areas surrounding the mall are loaded with high-end shopping and restaurants. Here, nestled between two fancy residences is Riverwalk Park which is at the tip of the Riverwalk itself. Small bit of Trivia... there was actually a petition going around to get the name of Riverwalk changed to Baywalk since "Riverwalk" is a minomer (... it's not on a river). Because of its historical value, the name was never changed. The Riverwalk is loaded with small stores at the foot of the high rises on the hill. Traffic trying to get to Riverwalk. Between Port Pacifica and Port Atlantica are the Oceanic Marinas which sit along the Oceanic Inlet. There is sport fishing, Yacht clubs, and plazas with plenty of shopping, activities, clubs, and restaurants. The land value of the residences within walking distance of this area is astronomical. This exit of of I-5/405 is NOT the best idea if you are trying to get to Riverwalk... just an FYI. This IS the correct exit. Honestly, if I had to pick any place to live in this city, it would be here---easy access to the Interstate, within 3 miles of downtown (straight-line distance... not driving distance), great neighborhood with great schools and healthcare, walkable---unfortunately, it's expensive as all h***. Here are the actual Port Atlantica ports. Leaving Port Atlantica to the north takes you over the Diamond Gate Bridge into Geminia via San Andreas. Some locals really dread taking the bridge because the bridge provides a spectacular distant view of the Andremore skyline which is about 2.5 miles west, so they slow down to look at it... some even take pictures. There's a healthy amount of middle-fingerage going on when crossing this bridge, practically at any time of day. You will see why in the next journal which finally shows DOWNTOWN ANDREMORE... which is really what all this fuss is about. Here is a shot with all of the ports and piers in Grid E5. And now the obligatory clean overhead shots of Grid E5.
  6. There is a lot to cover in this particular grid (Grid E5) of the metropolitan area, so it will be broken up into two parts. We are continuing down I-20, and we leave the tiny slither of Dexington that we touched and finally hit the Tauria state line. We are now officially in the city of Andremore. We immediately hit the densely populated neighborhood of Juanita Heights which is directly east of downtown Andremore. Exit 67B takes you onto I-720 which goes west into financial center of the city. Exit 67A takes you across the Aquamarine Bridge to San Andreas and the Beltway. Exit 66 takes you down into the industrial core of Andremore and ultimately to center of nautical trade for the entire country. Here are the overview shots of this grid of the metropolitan area. Along I-5/405 are the rest of the San Andreas neighborhoods of Nikkisburg, Teachington, and Crystal Lakes. New neighborhoods include Oakcrest, Hondstadt, and of course, downtown San Andreas. Across the bay are tiny portions of Scopesville and Lensing in Dexington, and entering into Andremore, there are Juanita Heights and the industrial areas of Fox Hall, Kendallport, and Krystalport. Kendallport being the major seaport, and Krystalport being the expansive naval port. Across the bridge to the south is also Andremore, where the minor ports of Tungsten Port, Port Pacifica, and Port Atlantica are. In addition are portions of the industrial area of Carbidia and the residential neighborhood of Spryton. Finally, there is Port Atlantica. I am going to jump out of order from the course of the Interstate Tour and run down I-5/405 since this is on the same grid as our regular route. Exit 1E off of I-5/405 is the first downtown San Andreas exit if coming from the north. This exit also provides access to San Andreas mall and the big skating rink. Exit 1C leads into the heart of downtown San Andreas, while Exit 1D leads to Oakcrest and the western waterfront. Exit 1A used to be an additional exit into San Andreas, but it was reconstructed to filter highway traffic across the Aquamarine Bridge to downtown Andremore, where there was clearly more of a need. This made Andremore residents traveling from the south VERY happy because they no longer had to sit at a light off the highway and make a left to cross the bridge. This also made Andremore residents that worked in downtown San Andreas happy because they no longer had to get caught up in that downtown Andremore-bound traffic on their way to work. Crossing the Diamond Gate Bridge, we enter Andremore. Exit 105 empties travelers into Port Atlantica. Exit 104 off of I-5/405 takes travelers through Port Pacifica to cross the Sapphire Bridge. There is no direct route downtown using this road, so downtown-bound travelers coming from the south tend to take the DIamond Gate Bridge instead. Being in Andremore now, the overhead signs change to the next major and cities in the southern direction---Verona, a major suburb of Andremore, and Historia, the next major city much further south. So let's turn our focus to San Andreas. San Andreas underwent some MAJOR changes recently---one being the construction of the downtown loop that routed a lot of unnecessary traffic away from the inner city. The other was the construction of the waterfront which boosted commercial growth and tourism. San Andreas happens to look great at night. The construction of the downtown loop substantially eased the traffic woes of practically all travelers in the area. Traffic is still an issue for San Andreas-bound travelers as you can see, but this is NOTHING compared to what it was before. And traffic on Exit 1E is really not much better either. San Andreas has its own regional airport, and it deserves it. Here is the western portion of the waterfront. This portion of the waterfront has the illustrious Yacht Clubs for the San Andreas residents. The southwestern portion of the waterfront features sport fishing and several shops, sports bars, and restaurants, making this a very popular and walkable area. Some stores rely solely on foot-traffic for their business. Despite the presence of some indsturial buildings, the southern portion of the waterfront still has many shops and is an attraction. It features small marinas. That's all for now. Part 2 will be coming soon where I will be going into detail about the Ports of Andremore.
  7. Interstate Tour - Fairfax

    Moving down I-5, we solidly enter into San Andreas. We are getting so close now, but here is where we jump off of I-5 and head west on I-20 straight to downtown Andremore. If we were to keep going down I-5, we would hit downtown San Andreas, cross the Diamond Gate Bridge into residential Andremore and continue around the beltway to Verona. But, so that we can get downtown as soon as possible, we are going to get on I-20. Exit 2A off I-20 takes you north to Darrylton, while Exit 2B takes you south into the Kensington neighborhood of San Andreas. Exit 1E drops you into the Glenmont area, where the tallest hi-rises in San Andreas are located, overlooking downtown San Andreas and Andremore, not to mention Glenmont Country Club. Crossing the bridge, Dexington welcomes you right at the tip of Lensing Peninsula. Exit 1D, takes you along the length of the peninsula through Dexington and Sheldon all the way out into rural Geminia. Exits 1A and 1B take you to the Scopesville and Lensing neighborhoods respectfully. Here, we see even more Darrylton neighborhoods--the rest of Dasani, Fujimont, and Poland Springs; Breezewood, Waterton, Alba Woods, Aurora Hills, Deer Park, Perrier, Cherrywood, Aloe Park, Palda, and Halo Park. San Andreas neighborhoods include the rest of Rico Pines and Barbia, Harmony Hills. Additional Darrylton neighborhoods include Motorola, Sevengen, Cascadia, Dawn Park, Springhill, Lalane, and Whirlington. But the star in this picture is the city of Fairfax whose tiny downtown is visible with its satellite neighborhoods Tasford, Larington, Axelandria, Sorrlyn, Nicolnia, Chintally, Dela Park, Grinpsfields, and Rehndon. We can also see the Beaver Lodge neighborhood of San Andreas. Dexington neighborhoods visible in this grid include Scopesville and Lensing. The Glenmont neighborhood in San Andreas is also visible. And here is a bulk of the remaining San Andreas neighborhoods--White Oak, Kensington, Nikkisburg, Teachington, and the rest of Patricksburg and Crystal Lakes. As mentioned earlier, just south of I-20 is the Kensington neighborhood, which essentially is a commercial strip almost as large as downtown San Andreas itself. Here is another view of how I-20 wraps around the Kensington neighborhood. Kensington is only moderately dense, but it is a nice contrast to the bedroom neighborhoods to the north, providing a small strip of inner-city living style for those that want that big-city feel without the traffic. Glenmont provides an even bigger city feel for San Andreas residents with its tall water-side residential towers. The convenience of the ferry provides some relief to the Glenmont residents trying to leave their populace neighborhood. With the ferry, a direct highway exit, and its subway station, Glenmont has so many transit options. Glenmont Country Club is one of the more diverse clubs with golf, swiming, putt-putt, driving range, two resort hotels, and tennis in a very private, secluded area. San Andreas University and mall. Downtown Fairfax with its many mom-and-pop shops and restaurants. The Lincoln Center on the south end of downtown Fairfax. I-20 cutting through Lensing and Scopesville in Dexington. Townhouse apartments along the coast of Lensing Peninsula. Here are the obligatory clean shots of the grid:
  8. Interstate Tour - Michaelsville and Allentown Just after crossing Michael Bay, we enter the city of Michaelsville as we move further down I-5. To the west of I-5 is still Darrylton, and to the east is Michaelsville. Exit 3 is for Michaelsville Pike---3B takes you west through Darrylton and Fairfax, ending in Arbor View on the far east edge of Dexington; 3A takes you southeast past downtown Michaelsville, ending at I-20. Continuing down I-5, mile marker 3 marks the city line between Michaelsville and San Andreas. This is another view of a wide part of Michael Bay. On the east side we can see the rest of Serengeti, a residential neighborhood in Rayban Point, and more of Johnstown, a residential neighborhood in Juan Carlos. On this side of the bay, we see a bulk of Michaelsville and its many neighborhoods--Jones Point, Renaissance Park, April Estates, Casey, Katana, Nunchaku, Saisdale, Boville, Turtle Park, Leonardo Park, Splinter Heights, Michelangelo Park, Raphael Park, Donatello Point, and Shreddington. We can also see a few more neighborhoods in Darrylton---Dasai, Aquafina, Acadia, Fujimont, Purcelville, and Poland Springs. Here are a few neighborhoods in San Andreas---Rico Pines, Patricksburg, and Crystal Lakes. There is also one more neighborhood in Michaelsville we missed---O'Neill. We can also see the bulk of Donatello Point, a rich neighborhood that juts out into Turtle Bay. And finally, there is Allentown, the last city before crossing the Michael Bay Bridge into Juan Carlos. Allentown is one of many industrial powerhouses with industrial centers like Iverson and Debbington. It has very few residential neighborhoods--Marcus Manor, Payne Point, Woody Gardens, Joan Manor, Timsdale, and Stevesburg. This is Michaelsville's very modest downtown right off Michaelsville Pike. This is Splinter Heights, the most populous neighborhood in Michaelsville. Splinter Heights has its own commercial sector in the form of a strip of low-rise commercial buildings along I-20. Donatello Point Mall right off I-20 and due south of downtown Michaelsville. April Estates. Allentown does not really have a downtown, but if it did, this area would qualify. San Andreas Country Club, the eastmost point of San Andreas. The edge of the country club marks the city line between San Andreas and Michaelsville. And of course, here are some clean shots of the entire Grid F4. And we are now less than three miles from the Tauria State Line.
  9. Vice City map from GTA

    Version v1.0


    Converted from GTA Vice City, this mod brings the VC map to SimCity 4. Included in this region are new added islands, (with the rest of map being slightly different from the original one.) I worked really hard on it, trying to make it look exactly as original, but with new islands. You can either make as many cities as you want in the map or, recreate the whole original city. The region has really big city squares. Islands: The islands included in this region are: Hawaii, (near the 3 islands mentioned just below it, and just in the middle of Vice City) Oahu, Tampa, Crescent, Starfish Island, Ocean View (East Vice City) Donnel Island (West Vice City) Pete and Dete Islands (South Vice City) Portland (Near the Corner of East Vice City) HOW TO INSTALL: First, make a Vice City folder into you C:\Users\(username)\Documents\SimCity 4\Regions folder. If you have Windows XP, then follow this path: (C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\My Documents\SimCity 4\Regions). Then extract all files in this archive into the folder, then launch SimCity 4. In-game press ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+R and it should show a box. Depending on your version of Windows (etc. XP or 7), select the paths that were mentioned above, then go to the Vice City folder, and you should see "terrain.jpg" file. Click OK, and it should be busy generating the map. Note that generating may take some time, maybe a long time. It usually takes about 20-35 minutes, but that does depend on your computer. Enjoy!!

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