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  1. 2012 FORD E-250 VANS

  2. SFBT Essentials

  3. Dalles I OR

  4. Frex_Ceafus Hummer Pack

    aww yeah!
  5. Nelson Tower

    i absolutely adore mid century excellent work :)
  6. IDS Generic Office Pack #1

    i love mid century modern can u make one story offices i love those too
  7. L'Aquila Apartments

    i just love the contemporary arcutecture 
  8. No job zot killer

    this makes it easier to plop neighborhoods
  9. United Central Bank

    i just love this style of building i think theres one like this in New Orleans
  10. Kerrytown Apartments

    post modern is my favorite  type of  archutechture 
  11. Aqua

    a great new addition to the city life in my city
  12. CVFD Rural Firestation

    hey how about a rural police station next?
  13. starting off with: port diamond (the sea city)part 2

    part 2 city boroughs ____________________________ brookley brookley is port diamond's main industrial district warehouses and factories are a common sight here the area was annexed for industrial use in the 1940's by 1950 several factories where set up here. in 1985 construction for a new port began. In 1989 the port opened which put port diamond on the map for ships. _________________________________________________________ river city brooks st going into Brookley _______________________________________________________________________________________________ 7th street bridge going into canal park river city is the ghetto area of port diamond high crime and drunk driving is a big problem here. in 1930 this part of the city was developed.by 1940 this area was completed ______________________________________uptown/downtown downtown/uptown are the two main central buisness districts in port diamond many high tech companies have built facilites here uptown has many upscale stores and boutiques while downtown has many financial buildings and company franchises in 1947 the city hall was constructed here and finished in 1950 __________________________________________________________pine plains/north point a recently annexed part of north point pine plains/north point are the richest districts in port diamond they are filled with upscale houses and rich neighborhoods in 1990 this part of the city was annexed for residential zoning and is still being constructed today this district has the lowest crime rate in the city _______________________________________________________________________________________________
  14. starting off with: port diamond (the sea city)part 1

    uh yeah il work on that