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  1. @Odainsaker The Mall at the base of Dobie Tower was such an abject failure that they're now gutting and converting it into a Target. I remember it had a movie theater and a few good places in the food court, that's it. Once the movie theater left, the only thing left was three restaurants and a comic book store. The developers dropped the ball on a golden opportunity with that complex.
  2. Show Us What You're Working On

    I'm currently working on a mess of interchanges. I don't know why I thought that converging 3-4 different freeways in one area was a good idea Although there's still a few connectivity, weaving, and ramp placement issues, I've made some progress.
  3. Post your picture here II

    Recently got to see my cousin get married. It was a fun night! I'm the one with the pink shoes and horribly wrinkled pants....waiting for wrinkled chic to come in style.
  4. 520 Park Avenue, New York City Although not completed yet, I think this new residential highrise in NYC is worth a mention. I don't think it's getting much attention because it's not breaking any height records like 432 Park did. However, I think the architects did an amazing job with this building. The limestone facade and decorative crown pay homage to old NYC and makes a statement without overpowering nearby icons like The Sherry Netherland or The Pierre. Neither one of these are my photos, fist image: http://streeteasy.com/building/520-park-avenue-new_york Second image: nycconstructionphoto.com 2016, obtained from http://newyorkyimby.com/2017/01/robert-a-m-sterns-54-story-520-park-avenue-takes-place-on-skyline.html
  5. @Odainsaker I grew up in Austin and fortunately don't recall ever seeing that building in person; what good luck I must have! That is absolutely atrocious. It almost looks like a misshapen ninja star that infects it's victims with hideousness. Don't even get me started on those quasi-waffle lighting fixtures Unrelated, this is another one I stumbled upon, 111 West 57th NYC (the skinny tapered one on the right of the photo). Not my photo, I just thought this picture showed how out of place this heinous building looks in the Manhattan skyline. The proportions of the building are drastically different from the average building in Manhattan. I understand that space is scarce but this is not doing anything to alleviate the Manhattan housing market issue. This building will have only 60 units that cater to ultra-luxury buyers, most of which are not expected to be full time residents... so in addition to being hideous, it is also absolutely useless. Maybe I'm just being whiny because I'm a bigger fan of NYC's older wave of high-rises. 432 Park has slowly grown on me but I don't expect 11 W 57th to. I feel as if these skinny french fry buildings are compromising the integrity of NYC's architecture. Thoughts?
  6. It does kind of look like one I hadn't noticed! It also has that tacky reddish/pink carpet on the inside that a lot of department stores have. My school is definitely not known for its architectural prowess.
  7. Show Us Your Photos!

    I am by no means a photographer but I do enjoy taking pictures on my travels. It's all on my phone camera so it's nothing impressive, the sights are though! view of Coit Tower- San Francisco The Palace of Fine Arts....and an unfortunate bystander - San Francisco Here's a random townhouse that I thought looked nice. It looked very Belle Epoque to me Downtown Dallas from Reunion Tower I'm going to Boston and New York City this summer so I hope to post some more pictures!
  8. Albert Alkek Library, Texas State University-San Marcos This is the library on my college campus. I always felt it was lacking windows. It's really just a 7 story brutalist marble mass that is more well known for its killer stairs. *not my photo
  9. New Orleans, Louisiana I took this photo looking down Royal Street at the corner of Governor Nichols. It's so visually and spatially unique compared to most other Southern cities.
  10. Post your picture here II

    Just recently went on a trip to San Francisco. I got the obligatory Golden Gate picture of course. and this one just for fun,
  11. Show Us What You're Working On

    I started re-doing my university area today. I wasn't happy with my original configuration. It seemed too haphazard and disconnected. It took while to play around with the pathways and the nearby rail system. I had to compromise and not use the smooth rail curves due to space constraints. Now I just need to develop the surrounding neighborhood and possibly add a couple new highway access ramps.
  12. Show Us What You're Working On

    I've been playing around with the waterfronts in my city lately. I'm trying to blend the CBD with the river by using seawalls/piers/riprap and building small neighborhoods and parks. Here's an urban wetland preserve area on the other side of the CBD. Still a work in progress Lastly, here's a close up of some solid progress I've made in a small pocket of town.
  13. Show Us What You're Working On

    I love the way your waterfront looks! The mix of natural areas and that small harbor go well with the downtown area. Nice choice of buildings as well! You are on the right path indeed!
  14. President Donald Trump and his Administration

    He got his way - Betsy DeVos is the education secretary. This will be interesting
  15. Show Us Your Interchanges

    This is one of the better interchanges I've seen. I love how it works with the existing rail and street layout!