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City-building game(s)

Found 5 results

  1. Let me start by saying: I'm not an architect, I don't know anything about architecture, but I like to see different kinds of buildings and architecture, I hope this is not offensive to someone but which do you think it's the worst building in the world?, the one you don't want to be place in your city, Mine is Torre Agbar, I don't like this building. I live in Mexico, we don't have a lot of skyscrapers here.
  2. I've been on Simtropolis for a few months now, and I have seen so many beautiful cities, that I'd love to live in... All that really inspired me - to do the opposite! I have tried to make a city that I wouldn't want to live in no matter what. But let's not wait too long, let's d(r)ive into my dystopia! Somewhere next to the highway from Hansardia to Senbattsil lies a place that most people drive past as fast as possible. That place is Skirton. Although it is vital for the region's infrastructure, it's not a place you'd want to live in. The uglyness already starts a while before the actual town. These abandoned factories were built about fifty years ago, when mr. Skir, one of the richest and most important businessmen in the country, wanted to build his own city, where he could do whatever he wanted. Altough, when built, these factories were hypermodern, they have never produced anything; short after the construction mr. Skir died, and due to mismanagement his commercial empire died with him soon after. However, the settlement where the factory workers would have lived is still called Skirton. This is the intersection between the A34 and the A66, the two highways that enclose the town of Skirton like a cage. In the background you can see the chimneys of the coal power plant and the incineration plant. These two polluting abominations maybe aren't very nice neighbours, but they provide power to the whole region. As you can see on the right, Skirton has recently also invested in clean power. It's just a pity for the neighbours that those wind turbines have been placed there. Here we have the coal power plant again. It's actually the most important landmark of Skirton. Not only can you see it from anywhere in town, but you can also smell it everywhere . A map of the town. Normally I would end with this, but for Skirton, the surrendings are everything. As you can see, the city center is surrounded by highways, that cut off the beautiful nature around the city (most Americans probably wouldn't even notice, but I wouldn't like living next to a highway). The landfill and incinerator cover Skirton all year round with their foul smell. The coal Power plant (together with the industrial district), only worsens this, and pollute the whole area. On the right of the picture you can see the prison, that houses criminals from all over the country. A long story short: Skirton isn't a place where you'd go willingly (at least not me). A shot from the landfill site; the locals call this place the 'Stinky hills'. The harbor and industrial district. This place is actually perfect to start a factory: the ground is quite cheap, there are enough badly educated workers nearby, and most importantly: the local government doesn't really enforce the environmental laws too strictly. This is also why Skirton has the most pollution of the whole country. The oil refinery. This behemoth is also here because the people here like money more than clean air and ground. This is the prison; the worst criminals of the country are locked up here. Security isn't too good, so every once in a while a prisoner escapes and the whole town is searched. The local police station; it's actually rather big for such a small town, but a rather big percentage of the town doesn't take the law too seriously... by the way, we'll see what those tourists are looking at in a giffy. This is the central square of the town, with in the background the station and in the front the place where all those tourists were looking at: the 'Sparkly Unicorn Statue'. This statue has won several prizes, such as for the ugliest statue and the most random statue. Rumor has it that the mayor has hired a family member to design this and embezzle some money in the progress. Well, that's it for today, stay tuned for more. Oh, and before I forget; enjoy this picture that's been made by the local government to promote Skirton: (Gotta love the Comic Sans MS )
  3. http://jalopnik.com/qatars-first-ever-sports-car-is-unveiled-but-maybe-tha-1755694206?rev=1454004286348 Looks like someone turned a hotwheels car into a real life car doesn't it? Still ugly though.
  4. So you've installed your shiny new terrain mod, a nice water mod for that tropical island (or whatever) look you're trying to re-create, and lo and behold! Beaches just SUCK! Sound familiar? That happened to me recently and I've spend the past week fixing it. Read on to discover how to make your shores look like a postcard from the Bahamas (or whatever). = Ugly. = EWw. Ok enough pictures. Lets do this. Difficulty: Medium to high Tools needed: 1. Ilives reader. Several versions out there, google and get the latest. Here's a link to a tutorial that sort of explains the basics http://goo.gl/zFrvcV 2. Basic knowledge of plugins, where to find them etc, which you should have anyway if you're reading this. Intro: This set of values I'm about to show you how to set will give you the result from the images at the end of the post, with varying colors and textures depending on your terrain and water mods, of course. You can achieve different results by tweaking the values once you get the hang of whats what. For the record I am using Columbus Terrain Snowcapped and RVT Costal Mod 2009 with yellow sand, dark cyan offshore and emerald inshore. You may want to make a quick backup copy of your terrain file to save you having to re-download it if we break something. Step one: modifying Texture39 (beach). Notice in the picture how the "before" image has ugly jagged edges in the sand at the point where it meets the grass. This happens where it blends with the water too, although it's not so evident in the image. Here we are going to modify the way the beach sand texture blends in with the other textures, this will get rid of the pointy corners in the sand, where it mixes with the shallow water texture as well as with the grass. a. Locate your terrain parameters file and open it with iLives reader. (This is the file you installed to change the look of your terrain. Mine is called CP_ColumbusPlayTerrainParameters.dat) b. Click on exemplar analyser then click "tree" in the toolbar. c. Now find the terrain exemplar called Texture39. d. Set TextureBlendStrength to 12. e. Copy paste this next line of numbers and paste it into all five TextureSpreadCurve values. 0.000000,1.000000,0.000000,1.000000,16.000000,0.950000,32.000000,0.400000,48.000000,0.100000,64.000000,0.050000,80.000000,0.000000 f. Open simcity and check your progress. I'd like to take a moment here to give credit and to thank Indiana Joe for teaching me how to do this part. However, to get the best possible values I had to do some tinkering around, and eventually ended up remembering how the normal maxis terrain beach was decent enough. I copied the curve values from the SimCity_1.dat Texture39 exemplar and bam, done. Except for blend strength, which I doubled to 12. Step two: Fixing the water in Terrain Properties. So now that our sand is nice, we will work on the water. (Note: these parameters I'm giving you will achieve a similar look to the image below, to get your own look you'll have to play around with these values) Notice how it runs right up against the edges of the beach and you can see the hard edged border of the water. The waves stop a bit before that edge so it looks ugly. Additionally we have a flat deep-sea color throughout. Blegh. Lets remedy. Exit simcity and open your terrain parameters file as above, but this time find the exemplar called Terrain Properties, you'll notice this has many more entries. We are going to modify a few working down the list. a. Set WaterDepthForMaxAlpha to 75 We want to be able to see the sand on the seafloor when the water is shallow to create a nice realistic shore, which will also allow us to see underwater cliffs near the shore, and any flora/props etc you may add. b. WaterMinAlpha to 0x05 This controls the transparency of the water surface, note that these are written in Hexadecimal so if you want to set this higher than 0x09 you need to check the ascii table for your desired number. 1 to 9 are 0x0 to 0x09, after that 10 is 0xa i think and all weird codes. More on this in the comment by A Nonny Moose below. I suggest to keep this low because this will get rid of that ugly hard edge of the water. c. MaxNormalYForCliff to 0.77 Warning: This is basically the diagonal edges mod fix, most people keep it around 0.675, increasing this will increase the amount of "cliffs" or "rocks" that show, as well as other stuff, leave this as it is if you prefer, I like it at 0.77 because it makes the shore rockier. d. MinWaterDepthForDeepSeaBedTexture to 100 At this point, water will take on the darker hues, this value you can play around until you are satisfied, I like to see the clear seafloor until the sea gets really deep, so I keep this value above 75. In my experience, for best effect it is usually better to have this value always be above your WaterDepthForMaxAlpha from substep A above. e. MaxBeachWidth to 0x02 This is same as WaterMinAlpha in that its not an integer, so if you desire more than 9 check the asci table. That said, I keep this value below 4 most of the time, unless you need REALLY wide beaches. f. MaxBeachAltitude to 8 Important: If you bring this below 8 with this setup of values I'm giving you you will get ugly green smudge stuff on rocks and grass when they meet water that's too far below, it seems to be related to the MaxNormalYForCliff. In fact you may still get it on some spots but they can be removed by a touch of terraforming. Please check back, I will update the article if I find a definitive fix for this. DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for anything that might happen to anything or anyone as a result of you following this tutorial, it is your responsibility to take due care to backup your files before attempting to modify them. Also, I did my best to accurately reflect the steps I took to reproduce the look from the image, but as I am a human being I am liable to error, so, if for any reason you follow these steps and it doesn't work, please post a reply and I will try to remedy. Ok. One more picture. Finished! EDIT: Lets face it, the above final result image still leaves a lot to be desired, even though it is a MASSIVE improvement from the initial photo, it is still far from perfect. You can easily see three different transparency zones in the sand.. so with that in mind I've continued tweaking the curves further. I also discovered that Z0 - Z4 prefixes in the TextureSpreadCurve stand for the different zoom levels, this allows us to tweak the blending curve for each zoom, which is providential seeing as the same setting wont give good results at all zooms. I didn't show you guys in the previous section, but those settings are kinda wonky at the furthest away zoom levels, the three layers are too evident. This process is quite tedious and time-consuming, so my results so far are still pretty bad but improving. In this image I'm using curves of 0,1,8,1,16,0.95,24,0.7,32,0.1,40,0.03,64,0 for Z0_TextureSpreadCurve and Z1_TextureSpreadCurve (furthest out zoom levels). and 0,1,8,1,16,0.95,24,0.7,32,0.3,48,0.1,64,0.05,80,0 for the other three. (Z2, Z3, Z4). It's a bit grainier than reality due to jpeg or something, but anyway, the only one I'm fairly happy with is Z2. Z3 and Z4 are showing geometrical patterns too much. Z0 and Z1 need more work on the edge, still too jagged. I just though I'd share my progress, have a nice day.
  5. Episode 2: Roads and ugly farms

    Second episode of my SimCity 4 Let's play, this time we work on a new road and getting rid of some ugly-looking farms

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