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  1. The Reflectoblob

    Great work! I like it!
    Well done! I like your Southamerican buildings!
  2. MS W2W Storey Car Park

    Great work! Thank you!
  3. Grand View Apartment

    Awesome! I like it! You work great art!
  4. ITF Silom Palace By Thailand Design Team

    Fantastic highrises R$$!
    Well done! I like it! The texture is a little bit hard white, but I like this style! Great!
    Awesome Building! I love your works! Well done!
  5. Urban School

    I love this building and education centre! It's awesome. My urbanism is wonderfull with your Buildings. Thank you much MattB!
  6. Port de Caravella: Hotels, a Mall and a Beach

    I need word, WORD! I need an poet!
  7. Port de Caravella: Ferry Passenger Terminal

    Great MD Update! I love your ferry harbour!
  8. Port de Caravella: Abelia suburb

    Your public space, the street and tram is the best I ever see!
  9. I want travel to this famous city!
  10. An wonderful historic city center! Krismantic! Your style is unique and very beautyful !
  11. Port de Caravella: Nouvelle

    I need an english book, one moment... ... *seach-better-word-for-fantastic-the.best-great-awesome* Oh I build an new word: This is krismantic! I like your waterfront city! The LotEditor work ist so... ...krismantic! Can I ask you where you get the twin tower one base building in Picture No 7 ? I live your love for details! The diagonal plaza is wonderful and funny with the little restuarant tishes!