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City-building game(s)

Found 37 results

  1. "Two bridges"

    Hi all. I've had a hard days in game. Lot's of mistakes, tests and work. Finally I've made a second bridge near main trainstation. Also the Wyszynskiego street got a new life. Unfortunately this is not a final stage. There is a lot of thigs need to be rebuilt. I've placed a few buildings up on the old town. There is also a cathedral with high tower. A main street crossing with tram tracks in both ways. This is not a final version of it. On the right side you can see a first buildings of the old town part. There is a second church. In the background you can see train bridge with pipelines. That's it for now. It's not a lot but that was a huge work I've done. Best regards and see ya soon
  2. The Beginning

    Hi all! In the beggining i will introduce my home town called Szczecin WIKIPEDIA INFORMATIONS I'm Creating my town on overlayed map/image. I've made 15000pxx15000px fully sized map based on maps.google.com. The scale is changed ideal for normal in-game road. I've spend one week to set up i photoshop this underlay. This underlay looks like this one under. (this one under was the pre-alpha map for the original project) I've started to create a highway placed on Bukowe Hills. I'll place also the original highway signs with original Polish city names I've made a Hotel Panorama on the one of highway exits. This hotel has got a beautifull city site and river site view. I've started to crete a basement with all roads. The underlay map is very big and it's load few minutes. So i decided to do that. There is a lot of work with terraforming and creating river with all parts. One day i've woke up and I had a vision of city center bridge! So I've tryed to build it. This is pre-alpha version. A final version you will see soon - it will be perfect! Almost like original bridge! I know it's not too much but it's very hard to build something like original with lots of details See ya soon!
  3. Main Market Square, Cracow

    From the album Hall of Fame

    1st Place entry from Realistic Recreation (S3-08-M) Monthly 58 Rep 26 Bonus Points 55 TOTAL Points Challenge Results Data | Leaderboard Rankings 40.000m2 (430.000ft2) square meters of urban space in the heart of European city? Yes! Welcome to Poland, welcome to Cracow! This realistic recreation is inspired by the biggest medieval market square in Europe. More about Main Square: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Square,_Kraków Before you'll vote I recommend to take a look on this picture for small comparison. How many landmarks are you able to recognize?

    © 2016 Mańkowsky

  4. Stare domy



    Old townhouses for real-looking town from central and eastern Europe. This small set consists of 5 w2w BATs. Size : 4 BATs- 2x1, 1 BAT 3x1 Growth stage: 2 Version : Res$$(22 and 75), Landmark- cost 0€ No dependencies
  5. Domy z Blavy



    There are old ( 13th to 18th century) corner townhouse from Hlavne namestie stareho mesta Bratislava (Slovakia). Similar townhouses are found in bigger towns in Slovakia (Bratislava, Banska Stiavnica, Kosice), Czech republic (Prague, Ostrava, Brno, Plzen), Austria (Wien, Graz), Poland (Krakow, etc), mayby in Hungary (probably only in Budapest). Information about BAT Size: 2x4 or 2x2 Growth stage: Level 3 or 4 Version: Res$$, CS$$, Landmark- cost 0€ No dependencies If you have any problem please let me know. You can follow my thread here. Thank you.
  6. Version


    This small set (4 BATs) consists of several slovak w2w buildings mainly from medieval age ( 14th to 18th century). Examples of medieval slovak civil architecture are Town Conservation Reserves (slovak towns: Bardejov, Levoca, Poprad, Presov). Same medieval architecture are found in Czech republic, Transylvania (Romania) or Hungary and South Poland. Elementary info about BAT Size: 2x2, 2x3 Growth stage: level 3 Version: 45 Res$$, 45 CS$$, Landmark- cost 0€ No dependencies I hope you like it, please write comment... Exampe of slovak medieval townhouses (Poprad)
  7. New policy announcement to be made in Warsaw. Look, folks, most of you are not old enough to remember the annexation of the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia by Germany, but if you want an analogue, just look at the current situation in the Crimea. Vlad is playing from Hitler's playbook. Beware of the mouse that roars. Stephen Harper seems to be putting together a coalition to stop Tsar Vlad, in his tracks, hopefully. Meanwhile, Obama is starting to look like Neville Chamberlain more every day.
  8. Version


    Hi I am back(eastereuropan douchebag )→ firstly I thank for win in Trixie 2013 in the category-Greatest Variety of the Highest Quality( only one nominated- me ) secondly it is 1st anniversary of my first upload. It is old w2w corner townhouses in Rimavska Sobota (Lower Gemer, Slovakia). Similar townhouses are found in Czech republic, Hungary and Poland. Size: 1x2 Growth stage: level 3 Version: Res$$, CS$$, Landmark- cost 0€ No dependencies
  9. Rožnavská radnica



    This BAT is my old work, now I release it. It is townhouse from upper Gemer (Roznava, Slovakia). This house was townhall in past, now serve for commerce. Similar townhouses are found in Czech republic, Hungary and Poland. Size: 2x2 Growth stage: level 3 Version: Res$$, CS$$, Landmark- cost 0€ No dependencies
  10. City shots

    Second upload - old city and harbour area Main Railroad Station and St. Katherine Curch Virgin Mary Cathedral Harbour: High tech laboratories and power plant.
  11. Region Overview

    Sooo my first CJ, just a region overview for now And some introduction: Gdańsk (/ɡəˈdænsk/ or /ɡəˈdɑːnsk/; Polish: [ˈɡdaɲsk]; Kashubian: Gduńsk; German: Danzig, pronounced [ˈdantsɪç]) is a Polish city on the Baltic coast, the capital of the Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland's principal seaport and the center of the country's fourth-largest metropolitan area.[1] source: Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gda%C5%84sk Gdynia [ˈɡdɨɲa] (Kashubian: Gdiniô, German: Gdingen; 1939–1945 Gotenhafen) is a city in the Pomeranian Voivodeship of Poland and an important seaport of Gdańsk Bay on the south coast of the Baltic Sea. Located in Kashubia in Eastern Pomerania, Gdynia is part of a conurbation with the spa town of Sopot, the city of Gdańsk and suburban communities, which together form a metropolitan area called the Tricity (Trójmiasto), with a population of over a million people. source: Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gdynia I originally come from Gdynia and this is my little attempt to recreate (more or less accurately) the part of northern Poland which I can luckily live - to which I also invite you to visit Thanks for all the comments, new entry to be posted shortly
  12. MS WSP



    "WSP" stays for the "Warszawska Szkoła Pielęgniarstwa" ("Warsaw's Nursing School"), which originally resided in the bated building, designed by the architect Romuald Gutt and built in the years 1927-1928 with use of the fashionable at the time grey cement brick. After the WWII the building has been turned first into hospital and then into a medical clinic "CePeLek", which is there till today. BAT has some changes comapred to the real thing. There is also the mirror model included. This one has few features taken from the post-WWII reconstruction, like the side entrance style and the shortened chimney. In game as: - PLOP-Hospital, half diagonal - max capacity 3300. - PLOP-School, half diagonal - max capacity 1100. - PLOP-CS$$, half diagonal - 400 workers. (Same values for the original model and its mirror, diagonal lots come with white or sandstone pavement texture to choose.) - GROW-CS$$5, 5x5 lot - 740 workers (both models coupled together at one squared lot - can work as stand alone building or large W2W corner). NO DEPENDENCIES. The Renault Trafic ambulance prop (which you can see at the pics below) is part of the set. It is available in 0°, 5°, 20° and 45° settings.
  13. MS 6. Sierpnia 28



    This BAT is inspired by the functionalist apartament house known also as the "Dom Hoffmana", designed by the architect Juliusz Żórawski, and erected in Warsaw in the years 1933-1935 under the "6. Sierpnia 28" adress (now "Nowowiejska 4"). Unfortunately the building was heavy damaged during the WWII, in this case the reconstruction was possible, but during it, it received a completly different flat facade with rows of the "portes fenetres". BAT reconstructs the original - 1930s version, but with some changes at the back of the building, e.g. its depth has been cut in about 2/3, to place it at the 2x2 lot. The real building is placed at the "F"-letter plan. In game as: Grow - R$$$5, lots 2x2 and 2x3 (2 versions with garages and with small back shop), 120 residents. Grow - CO$$5, lot 2x2, 150 workers. Plop - CO$$, lot 2x2, 150 workers. Plop - diagonal CO$$, 1x1 (grey or sandstone pavement to choose), 150 workers. Dependencies: MS Al. Przyjaciół 3 - "version 2" or later one, to find here: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/28174-ms-al-przyjaciol-3/ or here: http://www.simcitypolska.pl/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=380
  14. Slovenské domy



    It is old w2w slovak townhouses. Similar townhouses are found in Czech republic, Hungary and Poland. Size: 2x2 Growth stage: level 2 Version: Res$$ 45, CS$$ 45 Landmark- cost 0€ No dependencies
  15. MS Dom Artysty Plastyka

    Version 2


    "Dom Artysty Plastyka" (~"House of Artist") - exhibition and office building from Warsaw, designed by the architect Jerzy Kumelowski and erected in the years 1963-66. Perhaps the most characteristic feature here, is the original 19th century gate (re)used in the role of fence/curtain, which separates the building and its small "cold-tone" minimalist courtyard from the street. As a kind of monument, the gate has been mostly saved in its post-WW2 condition with traces of fire and many holes made by the bullets. In game as: Plop - museum, lot 2x2, capacity 3000 Plop - school/college, lots 2x2 and 2x3, capacity 1000 Plop - diagonal college, 1x1, capacity 1000 (grey or brown/sandstone pavement to choose) Grow - CO$$$5, lots 2x2 and 2x3, 300 workers. This is generally a W2W building, but it has been bated in such way, that can be used also as a stand alone one (if someone really wants). Dependencies: "MS Al. Przyjaciół 3" - version 2 or later (needed for the diagonals only): http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/28174-ms-al-przyjaciol-3/
  16. Version 1.0.0


    It is medieval townhouses on the Master Pavol Square in Levoča. Similar townhouses are found in Slovakia, Czech republic, Poland, Austria, Hungary or Croatia and nearby countries(like Slovenia, Serbia, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia or Belerus and Western Ukraine). Size: 2x2 Style: Euro Version: Res$ 45, CS$ 80, Landmark- cost 0€ No dependencies
  17. Starý dom



    It is a corner house in my hometown. It is neoclassical house from 19 century. Neoclassical architecture is found in all parts of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. It is typical architecture for Slovakia, Czech republic or Hungary, common in Croatia and Poland and nearby countries. Size: 1x2 corner 2 versions: Res$ 45, CS$ 65 No dependencies
  18. MS Próchnika 8c

    Version 2


    Apartament building, built in the years 1937-38 in the Warsaw's Żoliborz district (as a part of the so called "Kolonia IX" quarter). For the project/architecture were responsible architects Barbara and Stanisław Brukalski. In game as: - Grow R$$3 - lots 2x4, 2x5 (x2), 3x4, 3x5 - 100 residents. - Plop CO$$ - lot 2x4 - 100 workers. (See the pic below.) Dependencies: BSC MEGA Props CP Vol01 (v1.0) - for the flora. http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1180
  19. Version


    5 automata models of the buses manufactured by the Polish company Solaris Bus & Coach. There are 1 white Solaris InterUrbino and 4 Solarises Vacanza in various colors (like you can see at the pics below). You can use all of them in the same time or choose only one. They don't replace any vehicle in game. Each model also has a prop counterpart, available in 3 versions: ortho., 20° and 45°. ... - Solaris Vacanza 12 is a tourist coach, introduced for the first time during the autumn of 2001. First serially made vehicles were delivered to customers around spring 2002. - Solaris InterUrbino 12 is a suburban/intercity bus (in some countries used also as the school bus) produced since 2009. The SC4 model represents the pre-facelifted version (2009-2012). ... Check the ReadMe file for more informations. NO DEPENDENCIES.
  20. MS Barges



    Two barges (restaurant/cafe/club style) to plop on water. Models are a bit inspired by the barges from the Polish town of Bydgoszcz. You will find them in the park menu. Lots: 2 x 3x1 Plop/bulldoze costs - 1$ Budget costs: 0$ NO DEPENDENCIES.
  21. MS Smulikowskiego 13

    Version 2


    Small modern apartament house designed by the Julian Lisiecki and Janusz Krauss and built in Warsaw in the years 1936-1937. Compared with the real building my BAT has some changes at the back wall, but the facade is an exact reproduction. Plugin consists of orthogonal and diagonal version. Models are avaiable in game as: - PLOP - CS$$ - ortho. (2x2) and diagonal one - 40 workers. - GROW - R$$4 - ortho. model (2x2 and 2x1 lots) - 60 residents. Diagonal model has two colors of the base/sidewalk texture to choose - grey (a la Maxis) and brown which fits to the Paeng's Sandstone Mod. DEPENDENCIES: There is one, but required only for the diagonal models, if you do not plan to use them, you do not have to download this: "MS Al. Przyjaciół 3" - in version 2 or later (important not the one from November 2012!) http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/28174-ms-al-przyjaciol-3/ The "Al. Przyjaciół 3" will be a dependency for most of my future similarly sized diagonal buildings.
  22. Warsaw, Capital of Poland.



    G'Day Simtropians, Today I am Presenting a map requested courtesy of Albertkuna, thanks mate, Warsaw is the largest city and capital of Poland. She is situated on the banks of the Vistula River. See me up CLOSE and personal. This terrain and scale accurate map was produced with dem and satellite data, it measures 65.536km x 65.536km and requires Wouanagaine's mapper or terraformer to import it into SC4. A readme is included containing instructions and links. That I think is about all. Cheers
  23. Kraków, Poland.



    G'Day Simtropians, Today I wish to present a map requested courtesy of Albertkuna, Thanks mate. Kraków is situated in the on the Vistula River and is the second largest city in Poland with a long and varied history. She was the capital of Poland for more than 500 years from 1038 until 1569. See me up CLOSE and personal. This is a real world map and measures 65.536km x 65.536km., It was produced with dem and satellite data and Wouanagaine's mapper or terraformer is required to import it into SC4. It is scale and terrain accurate. A readme is included with updated links to SC4Mapper. I think that is about all. Cheers
  24. MS Pensjonat Zgoda



    Guesthouse located in the centre of Warsaw under the Zgoda 2 adress. Building was designed in the 1960 by architects Z. Stępiński and A. Iłecki to replace the house destroyed during the WWII. Then it was erected in the years 1961-66 (but partly was finished and open already around 1963). Originally it was meant to offer rooms/apartaments(?) for lonely people and married couples w/o children. In game it is available as CS$$ PLOP (W2W half diagonal corner building). Mirror version is also included (orignal building is the one with the neon "Szwajcarska", what means "Swiss" and reffers to the "Swiss" restaurant located there since begining and for decades). There are two types of the lot - in triangular and trapezoidal shapes. Both lots are additionally available in 2 color variations of the pavement: 1. "Grey/Transit" - which generally uses the grey Maxis alike texture in default game settings. But I recommend to use this version also with texture mods (of any type), as with loaded custom textures it is able to create sort of "visual transition" between it and the standard grey Maxis texture. Well it is nothing extraordinary, but might be useful, since majority of the diagonal W2W buildings still have their pavements in bright, greyish or pinkish colors. Check the attached pictures to see how does it work. 2. "Sandstone" - with brown Paeng's sandstone texture to match his nice mod (thanks to him, he agreed to use it) You can install both or choose only one. NO DEPENDENCIES - all props are included.
  25. Gdańsk, Poland



    G'Day Simtropians, Today I wish to present a map requested courtesy of Albertkuna, thanks mate. Gdańsk is and old Hanseatic trading city and is the largest port in Poland See me up CLOSE and personal. This is a real world map and was produced with dem and satellite data. One will require Wouanagaine's mapper or terraformer to import it into SC4. It is terrain and scale accurate and measures 69.632km x 53.248km. A readme is included with links and instructions. That I think is about all. Cheers and Happy New Year.

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