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  1. There is also an open source program called greenshot which is a snipping tool that has a variety of functions like controlling which part of the screen is grabbed and many other features. the functions can be initiated by the print screen button on your keyboard when in game. Other than that print screen can be used as aforementioned by @Cyclone Boom -eggman121
  2. Ohh that is an excellent reference for the Mod. Although there won't be zigzagging of the wire due to implementation complexity but the rest is excellent information that will come in handy for technical composing. Thanks for getting this to my attention. -eggman121
  3. I must say @matias93 that the poles shown are very similar to those in Australia especially in Sydney. @rivit may be able to give an opinion here. This exercise is very useful in the way that I can group some localities and make some standard sets. The poles look quite plain in geometry as well making them easier to model. Thanks for the input. This will go really well with my understanding of rail systems from around the world -eggman121 (NAM Team Member)
  4. Thanks for the reply @rsc204 Yes indeed the solution is a T21 method. I only have lots lined up to hide the centenaries by using the spaceport property so there can be electrified and un-electrified sections if desired. Lots will also be made for stations but apart from that This Mod is completely T21 based. I have already done the mechanics that you set out (I have a feeling you where reading my mind ) and Having true 3d Sprites removes the need to rotate and re-BAT models. The wires are also on two 3d Planes and that removes the complexity of the wires which is why this project has been shelved for some time. This post was more to get opinions of different poles that are in certain localities. I the mechanics are all set up for new pole types and All I need to do is provide the IIDs. I think I am in the position to handle the T21s and If you have some poles that you would like included I would be delighted to add them. -eggman121 (NAM Team member)
  5. Hello everyone. As a side project, (one of the Many) Some of you may know that I am working on a catenary mod for the Real Railway or RRW. This mod will be a substantial upgrade to the existing catenary mods out there and I plan to unify all the various sets into one Mod. Now what I am wondering and asking from the community is to post or lend me co-ordinates on google maps the various types of catenary pole styles out in Particular Europe and Japan. Here are some of the workings I have done so far... So as you can see there are a variety of poles that I have worked on with Uki Sim providing some of the pole textures. I have however had to make the poles from scratch. You will also note that there is actual wire above the track. This is still very much a work in progress and I will try to make the poles but as a community this is what I need from you to provide examples of. STR and DTR ortho Poles. End of track poles. Turnout poles for various turnouts like... DTR to STR DTR with STR branch off DTR with DTR Branch off Complex Turnouts The wire is basically a 3D flat plane with the wire texture attached. I was keeping this project private but alas I need some examples of poles to get the project moving forward. That is even if the project has too be put in the public domain. -eggman121 (NAM Team Member).
  6. Love your work @rivit and @rsc204 This is an outstanding achievement! I wonder how the other secret project is going along with @Simmer2 ? Anyway. Keep up the good work! I can't wait for the final product of our work. -eggman121 (NAM Team Member)
  7. Show Us What You're Working On

    Great work Simmer2 This reminds me of some of the Steel work Trains that go through Melbourne. -eggman121
  8. Freeway Interchanges

    Great work on the interchanges You have certainly put the flex fly piece too good use! eggman121 (NAM team member)
  9. Show Us What You're Working On

    Hello @Tyberius06 and @Haljackey I was silently looking at this on my phone but could not answer till now. Thanks @Tyberius06 for the tutorial! I am planning on making flex Pieces for NAM 37 for the RRW so no more complicated patterns will be required. Indeed the whole Real Railway system can move away from Static Puzzle Pieces once NAM 37 comes out. I do have some good news for NAM 36 however... I have fixed up the INRULs so such a setup will be possible once NAM 36 comes out. Hope that answers some questions. -eggman121 (NAM Team Member)
  10. NAM: Requests - 2nd Edition

    Hello There are plans to make shorter transitions using Flex FA Real Highway Eventually. The HSR you have also mentioned is up for a major transformation. Alas all of this work will take time. We only have 3 main active developers and with so many projects on the list things will take their time. The current build of the NAM is slowly taking shape. We hope to get it out as soon as we can but we need to test it thoroughly to make sure it has no major problems. -eggman121 (NAM Team Member)
  11. Arrandale - Update 3 - Station area

    Excellent work with the FlexTrack turnouts. You will be pleased to know that new possibilities are in the works. Thanks for showcasing -eggman121 (NAM Team Member)
  12. Show Us What You're Working On

    Just draw the road network in a circle It is a small roundabout and has existed since the early era of the NAM -eggman121 (NAM Team member)
  13. SimCity 4 Is Still Great

    While the NAM has been a cornerstone it is by no means the only activity that has kept SC4 alive. Just look at the variety of buildings and textures not to mention the tools created to make new content. SC4 Represents to me a blank canvas that you can do virtually anything with given enough time -eggman121 (NAM Team member)
  14. It seems that I am unaffected by the recent changes too PB.... For the moment. It is such a shame as to why a ransom of $400.00 US is being applied to keep your account active. I know the cost of the image hosting is steep but $400.00 US... No thanks! I switched to imgur a while ago and am quite impressed. But as a web host who do we trust? Since alot of users show images for showing creations in addition too making MD's and telling stories, I am just wondering if something could be done by the community? I do know that Simtropolis and the team have alot too deal with in terms of servicing costs but if things improved maybe there could be a community solution. I will leave others like Admins to fill in the blanks. For now I think users should keep backups if possible of important images. That is my spill for now. -eggman121
  15. It appears that the exploit for ransomware has been activated again! ransomware-microsoft-vulnerability-june-2017 Please patch up if you have not done so. It has been reported on multiple news sites and that it seems that the patch aforementioned for Wannacry has been effective in stopping the spread of the ransomware. So... Please Patch up if you have not done so. You don't want to be left in the dark. -eggman121