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  1. NAM: Requests - 2nd Edition

    I'm sure that can be arranged. -eggman121 (NAM team member)
  2. Hey Kotcity. I have been lurking in the shadows as I work on NAM 37 (Which will take priority) but am still keen on lending a hand to Kotcity. Thinking about the grid situation I think the best implementation is that grids can be drawn onto the map at various angles. That way you can have most of what has been previously made ported over to the new setup. Those are my thoughts for now. I am really keen to see the progress and I am glad kotcity is progressing quite well. Once NAM 37 is done I think I should have some breathing space for Kotcity. -eggman121 (NAM Team Member)
  3. Thanks for the notification @CorinaMarie You could do something in that space with Flex Technology @Googlefluff The up and coming REW will have that fuctionality for most of the mod. A transport fever style thing would work. I really should play with my copy to see if any concepts can be ported over -eggman121 (NAM Team Member)
  4. The roadmap is looking really promising. I really appreciate how much time you have invested in this. Thinking about the structure of the grid I am thinking of adjustable grids. I think it would be cool if you could place down grids on various angles and then it would almost be like a gridless environment. This I think would allow for easier implementation to a gridless Kotcity 2.0 Thinking about the NAM aspects of the project I think I could sort out a solution for the transport side of things. Would you be willing to let me know the programming languages for Kotcity so I can sort out some of the implementation for the transport network? Sorry if I have asked this before. I am thinking to make things simple for the transport side of things, Intersections would rely on a grid while curves could be free flowing morph curves. Really keen to see where this project goes. -eggman121 (NAM team member)
  5. Hey KotCity. I am on board and am an active NAM team member. I am just wondering how you are going to implement the transport stuff. Here are my thoughts... You could do a hybrid between how we do things in the NAM and make curves like in C:SL. The NAM relies on the use of static pieces tied together to make a whole piece by either Puzzle, Draggable or flex. Cities Skylines uses on the fly morph models for making curves as far as I can tell. So my thinking is that you could use static pieces for Road intersections and Railway turnouts since the geometry is very hard to change on the fly. Morph models would be desirable and I have an old spreadsheet and a Surveying book on how to make these curves in terms of code. So I would need to at least learn a little bit about the coding for Kotcity. That way we have the best way of making an awesome out of the box transport system. On Idea that would help. Have you thought of a grid that can change size? For instance, You could set the grid from 16 meters to 8 or 4 meters and that would allow you to place content based on the size of the grid. I have used one of the alpha versions and am quite impressed. I know it is still elementary but the fundamentals have to be done right. I'm sure you know that already -eggman121 (NAM Team member)
  6. Show Us What You're Working On

    Slowly starting work 'again' on the wires. I have started fresh to make sure the fundamentals are right. All the content is true 3d and the models can have different textures to emulate different styles of the various catenary poles found around the world. I am starting with the Minicurves and will cover other items as I progress. -eggman121 (NAM team member)/ (Contributor to the RRW reskin Project)
  7. Hi KotCity As a modder for SimCity4 and a part of the NAM team I am just wondering if I could be of assistance. Depending on how you plan to impliment you traffic network I could help you out on that part. I am working now so I will give a more detailed response after work. -eggman121 (NAM team member)
  8. NAM: Development

    Too true. Just don't get burnt out. NAM 37 is going to have a few neat features. I am currently working on some stuff to enhance the RHW as well as the up and coming REW -eggman121 (NAM Team Member)
  9. Entry 5 - Railyard and Roundhouse

    Lovely work here If you would like the unconverted rail yard to come up to RRW specifications you should get the NCD Texture pack found on this link... Anyway. I hope you are enjoying the RealRailway experience. Very good entry to your CJ -eggman121
  10. RRW Bug in railway station

    I have just looked at the repository and I suggest you find the Piece with the IID of 0x26392004 That is the texture instance of the piece. Try looking for that piece and if there are any more difficulties please let me know. IIRC there may be some updated textures missing in the Base textures file for the RRW. -eggman121 (NAM Team member/ RRW main developer)
  11. Revisiting Prop Pox and Prop Theory

    @simmaster07 This will go down in history as the best cure for SimCity 4! I would be surprised if anyone can rival this work. This definitely outranks any of the work I have done being an active developer of the NAM team and all. I think the whole community appreciates the effort you have put into these finds for SC4. I use to dread CTD's and Pox but you have definitely saved heartache of many people. We really can't thank you enough to bring us a solution for this pox problem -eggman121 (NAM Team Member)
  12. Show Us What You're Working On

    A new piece coming to the RHW in the not too distant future @Tyberius06 Thanks for the comments The RRW is a real beast now and there is no stopping the continuation. Am so glad you enjoy its flexibility! -eggman121
  13. [Ended] SimCity 4 on sale at GOG.com

    I think it all depends on the exchange rate since the price quoted is in US DOLLARS. As for linux the GOG version has no issues running on WINE. In fact it is one of the better versions to run on Linux. -eggman121
  14. Show Us What You're Working On

    The setup you are trying to make has some pieces as 3 levels on the same tile. I would try something more simplistic for the RHW. We (The NAM Team) are considering the prospect of making such situations possible but that is a while away in a future NAM edition. -eggman121 (NAM Team Member)
  15. Triple Track Rail (TTR) is Coming!

    If TTR was to come into development it would be a 2 tile network with Diagonals using the dual diagonal Piece. As @Tarkus mentioned above the pathing issue is really the sticking point here. I have tried my best to try to mitigate path jumping but to do that one has to make sure exits and entrances of the paths exit on dedicated tile sides and that is not an easy feat. -eggman121 (NAM Team Member)