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  1. Crash When Instaling Regions

    I recently updated to OSX mavericks and have been running the game using the Universal Binary Patch. However, the other day i tried installing a new region and it crashed half way through the instal. Oddly enough it installed some of the cities in the region but not all. It also crashes at different points during the installation. I tried a few times because each time it loaded more but on the fourth time it loaded less and i'd lost the previously installed cities. If anyone has any ideas please help me out. I'm really missing this game right now.
  2. Large Freight Train Station

    Idk why but for me the capacity is only 6. There are also some weird textures that show the background grid. Is there anyway to fix this?
  3. SimCity 4 Buddy

    sounds awesome once its working, will it work for mac?
  4. This sounds amazing. Would this in anyway help with maintaining organization in game? For example I have a modular zoo mod, would I be able to make a folder in the parks tab for just zoo stuff? I have no idea if anything like that is doable, but its a thought i've always had
  5. Darsingborough || One Side of a City

    nice! where do you get the non devided avenues? RHW?
  6. TTC Tram (Ontario Creation Team)

    Absolutely awesome. I'd love to see one that resembles the green line trams in boston. Old style http://dubsism.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/boston-mbta-green-line.jpg new style http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/0d/MBTA_Green_Line_B.jpg