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  1. My SC4 CJ Scrapbook | News

    OMG I love all about it! Where can I get that Stoffley Station ??
  2. New Development

    everything looks fantastic. i loved that last picture one thing i don't understand is the use of soundwalls, i think it would be cool for the highway drivers to have a view of the city and not endless walls
  3. Did someone mention a SC4 return?

    yes! I'm so glad to read that . cool airport!
  4. Remembering the Regal Theater

    pretty interesting
  5. A Growing City: From 543 to 2,015 in two months (ingame months)

    we all want to see images here
  6. Hakata Ward, Kaijo

    i would love to ride those trains! flawless image
  7. Prospect Island

    i like the fact there are only maxis buildings
  8. E2-1000 Series Shinkansen

    From the album Weekly Challenge #18 - City Life

    Shinkansen E2-1000 passing Solpara Station at full speed
  9. Alpha City part 2

    looks interesting! i love cities with visual pollution
  10. Flying over Queenbee

    i like those farms very much, they make the city look warm and cosy
  11. Weekly Challenge #18 - City Life

    as I am not having time to work on new images lately, is it possible to post pictures from past CJs?
  12. 8. East Downtown

    So, after some modifications this is what east downtown looks like now. I hope you like it Thank you for your comment!
  13. Countryside Peninsula Galore !

    That's a very nice countryside, though it would look more realistic if you used water and terrain mods. Looking forward to see more
  14. JB Wolfram Continued...

    I like it a lot. Where can I get that field in the last picure?
  15. Another Lazy Day

    great work on that beach, keep it up! By the way, are those umbrellas MMP's? where can I find them?