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About this City Journal

This is my first ever city journal. I've been playing SimCity 4 again for about a year now, and just started to work on my first full-on region. Ocean's Edge is a terribly creative name, I know. I hope you'll enjoy following me build it!

Here's a list of the mods I have installed.

Entries in this City Journal



Hello again! Here is another update from Ocean's Edge. North of Midland Plains, there is an area called downing, which consists of farmland and a small-ish community.

1. Rural Three-Way Interchange


2. Farmland


Small farming community west of the three-way interchange.

3. Village At the Foot of a Mountain


4. Isolated Rural Getaway


5. Countryside Infrastructure


6. The Town of Downing


7. T Junction East of Town


8. Overview



Thanks for stopping by! Next on the agenda is expanding the town, the farmland, and the forest. I also plan to connect the railway here as well as on other city tiles.


Too Many Roads

Hello everyone! Sorry for not posting for a while. I've been busy working and visiting Las Vegas. It was a blast, but now I'm back to SimCity, which is also fun :-) This time I've done mostly road work. I like working with the RHW mod and I'm generally interested in road infrastructure, so you're going to see much of that.

1. South Junction Beautification (East Edge)


I added a forest and a small lake around this interchange, as well as some stone walls. I think it looks pretty neat.

2. Northern Additions (East Edge)


As you can see from this overview, a regional freeway now passes through the industrial area, and through East Edge. I'm a bit worried about the Eternal Commuters bug, so I haven't hooked up this. Although I've never encountered it, I'm trying to avoid it by building my regional road networks as a tree. In the right corner, you can see a new medium-density commercial district.

3. Regional Highway Crosses Local Expressway


4. East Edge Outlet


A close-up of the small shopping district. I think the ped malls look a little weird with a lamp on every tile... maybe there's some mod to fix this?

5. Midland Plains Expansion


I've rebuilt parts of the Midland Plains interchange (west of Southrode and East Edge) to increase capacity. Now every direction of travel has at least one dedicated lane, and two lanes travelling south-to-north. Another addition is the small folded diamond interchange south of the freeway exchange. I plan to fill the land with farms and forest.

6. Downing Exchange


Directly north of Midland Plains lies the Downing Exchange, which is a junction between the two main regional freeways in Ocean's Edge. Built with economy in mind, it is a simple two-level interchange, a bit bigger than a cloverleaf, but with only two points of weaving instead of four. The downside is that the weaving occurs on a curve, which might make it more dangerous, though at the same time, it forces vehicles to slow down, which is good.

An inexpensive interchange with only two bridges, but less dangerous than a cloverleaf. I think it's a pretty good design.


That's all from me this time. Please give me all the feedback you've got! :-) Also, if you can answer any of these questions, I would be grateful:

  1. How can you best avoid the Eternal Commuters bug?
  2. Is there any alternative ped mall, that doesn't have a lamp on every tile?



Traffic Management

Hello there, everybody! Here comes another update from East Edge.

1. Southern Residential Area


I haven't done too much easily discernible work on the city apart from developing this new medium-density area. I raised taxes so that I wouldn't get too much high-wealth development. I want this area to be mainly medium-wealth medium-density.

The road network is pretty good. Mostly a grid, but with some grid-breaking elements. TuLePs almost everywhere, as traffic has gotten quite bad.

2. Roundabout Junction


For a long time, this four-lane avenue passing under the highway was the only connection between the southern residential area and the rest of the city. In an attempt to curb the following traffic issues, the old signal-controlled intersection was replaced by a roundabout, for right and left turns, and an underpass for those who wish to stay on. The results look promising so far.

3. New Interchanges



One half-diamond interchange as well as a half-trumpet were built to accommodate the growing pressure of traffic.

4. Retrofitted Tunnel Expressway (entrance and exit)



Desperate times call for desperate measures, but luckily, the East Edge budget is practically unlimited, and as such, it allows for crazy infrastructure projects, such as this underpass, which from the southern residential area digs under the university and country club, emerging at the roundabout in the central medium-density area. An expensive project for sure (I had to demolish everything above in order to drag the tunnel...), but the results speak for themselves.

5. Highway Overpasses



Traffic isn't just bad in the new residential area, but also in the older parts of town. Previously, the central medium-density area and the high-density downtown had a mere two connections between each other, which is why these two additional overpasses were added. The first is a low-capacity two-lane, whereas the second one is a high-capacity eight-lane overpass, which partially intersects the highway as well, to accommodate for morning commuters.

6. Downtown Development


Finally, the before empty area next to the highway and the eight-lane overpass has been developed, and mostly consists of high-density low-wealth residential, but also some commercial. Traffic is quite bad, as it lies directly next to the overpass.


That's all for now. I hope you enjoyed following the development of East Edge! I have plans for other cities around this one, but for now my primary focus is getting this one done. As always, I love suggestions and criticism. Thanks for viewing!


Highway Construction

Hello everyone! Here I am again with an update on the progress. I've founded a new city in the region, solely containing an interchange - but probably some farms as well in the future. I've built two new interchanges and decorated the old windmill in East Edge. So without further ado, here are some pictures.

1. Interchanges of Southern East Edge


2. Downtown Underground Plaza


3. Overall East Edge Progress


4. Midland Plains Interchange (west of Southrode, here photographed from the east)


I'm fairly proud of the fractional angle work on this one. Although, capacity may have to be expanded in the future. To get from the right corner of the picture to the left, there is only one lane, which has to merge with another, on top of that.

5. Midland Plains Interchange At Night (using traffic generators to fake traffic)



That's that! If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments below! Hopefully you're enjoying this city journal, but I'd love tips on how to make it better.

Thanks for tuning in!


Hello again! Here's another quick update from East Edge, having just passed the 99 year mark.

1. Avenue Expansion


Previously, as you can see in this picture, this road was a simple four-lane avenue, but as the city grew, more and more cars started using it and I was forced to upgrade it to a turning-lane avenue. It wasn't easy, but I eventually did it, and traffic is much better now.

2. Hill Lake


A low-density area at the edge of town, with a lake and a film studio serving as buffers to the industrial area.

3. Inner City "Suburbs"


To mix things up a little, I added some low-density housing next to a natural lake.

4. City Center Highway Approach


5. Traffic


6. Turning Lane Heaven/Hell


Once you start plopping turning lanes, you can't stop.


That is all for the time being! I'll continue to work on the city. Next up is another highway interchange, so stick around if you're interested in that :-)


East Edge at Night

Hello again! It's been a few days since the last update, and it's because I've been a bit stressed with work and other things. I have gotten some work done on the city, however, such as expanding the industrial zone and continuing with a high-density area on the other side of the highway. Anyway, I haven't really shared any nighttime pictures, so I thought I'd do that.

So here's another mosaic. The PNG version was well over half a gigabyte, so... yeah, it's pretty big. Hopefully you'll be able to handle it. If not, here is a low (read: sane) resolution version.

East Edge at Night (7421 x 6432)



Industrial Grunge

Welcome back to East Edge, which now sports a brand-new industrial area! Apart from the addition of two small interchanges, it's nothing too impressive, but I hope you enjoy the pictures and leave some criticism in the comments :-)

1. Industrial Area (3715 x 3376)


A gritty, griddy industrial zone. Some grid busting going on, but not too much. I'm quite proud of the two new interchanges. I think they look very nice. The fact that they're not fully connected allowed me to give them a very compact, urban feel.

2. Too Much Development


I've let some time go by, and these central residential/commercial areas have developed quite a bit. I actually don't want too many tall buildings here, especially not near the suburbs at the top of the picture. However, I have been thinking about making the lower commercial area, near the SPUI, high-density and have the center there.

Bonus Picture: Automata Traffic Jam


This traffic jam was caused by automata vehicles going 'round and 'round in the two roundabouts you see in the picture, creating a sort of gridlock, or roundlock, I suppose.


I hope you enjoyed the pictures! I'd love some constructive criticism on my industrial area, as I'm not too experienced with industry in this game. I do use the Industrial Revolution mod. Thanks!


Highway to Nowhere

I know I'm might be updating this city journal far too often, but at this point I generally have a lot of time on my hands, and furthermore, these are quite short updates - a format I prefer over the typical entries with a dozen pictures.

Once again, I bring you two mosaics - I really enjoy making them. Beware, though, one of them is 14 MB... Imgur even made me do a CAPTCHA to ensure I was human, and then I couldn't upload it anyway. It currently resides on my personal website, which might go down sometime in the future, so please inform me if that happens. :-)

As always, click for full size.

1. Highway to Nowhere (5079 x 4530)


As I planned for the city to get more dense the further it gets from the suburbs, I laid down a new, sunken RHW-6C highway, but I've actually zoned industrial (manufacturing & high tech) around it, as you can see at the bottom of the picture. On the one hand, I think the highway walls fit very well with the industrial area, but on the other hand, I don't want high density closer to the suburbs - so, then, where? What a dilemma...

2. Addition to the Suburbs (2968 x 1489)


To fill the space between the low-density suburban area and the interchange, I created this organic part of the suburbs, which I think looks quite nice. Ignore the missing road connection, for now... :-)


Again, not a huge update, but hopefully with some nice pictures to look at. If you've got any suggestions as to where to zone high-density and industrial, please let me know!

Thanks for tuning in!


New Development

A small update this time, with only two pictures - but they're mosaics! Click for full size :-)

1. New Suburban Area in Southrode


First is a picture of the new suburban development in Southrode, next to, but isolated from, the commercial zone. I'm pretty happy with the roads here. I especially like the curves and the cul-de-sacs.

2. Newly Zoned Area in East Edge


This second, huge, picture is of the newly built residential and commercial medium-density buildings in East Edge. I definitely want medium density here, but some of the buildings are pretty tall... I might bulldoze those and make the shorter ones historical. I wish there was some sort of no-skyscrapers-for-medium-density policy.

Bonus Picture: Diamond Interchange at Night



As I've said before, I don't have any particular plan for this region. I'm just drawing roads and zoning as I'm going along. I plan for the medium-density area in East Edge to eventually culminate in high density further down. Again, all tips are hugely appreciated, especially as to what I should do the closer I get to the coastline - I'm have virtually no experience with coastlines.

Hope you liked the mosaics, and thanks for tuning in again!


I'm not done with Southrode yet, but I decided to start working on the adjacent city: East Edge. I don't think I need to explain the name. It's pretty simple.

1. Mosaic of Windmill-ish Interchange (3303 x 2046 pixels, beware)


When entering East Edge from Southrode, one is greeted with this monster. It hasn't undergone any cosmetic work yet and isn't fully connected. I may add the missing connections in the future, depending on what the rest of the city will look like. On another note, I think windmill interchanges are the some of the best looking ones, though they're huge.

2. Mosaic of Suburban Diamond Interchange (1920 x 2359)


A simple diamond interchange using the fractional angle intersections, which look very nice. I barely fit the TULEPs in there, but they're there! The suburbs are a continuation of those in Southrode. Also note the small weaving area between the windmill interchange and this one. Unideal, but such is real life!

3. Close-Up of Suburban Avenue


4. "Reverse" Diamond Interchange


This interchange is some sort of weird version of a single point urban interchange. It was originally just going to be a normal intersection between the avenue and the six-lane expressway, but I decided to let one lane on every side pass without intersecting.

5. Future Development


More grids, but I do want grids here. This is going to be a medium-density area, mostly residential but with some commercial along the avenues. I tried to bust up the grid slightly with some diagonal roads, but it's still pretty griddy.

6. Full View of Current Progress



This is, of course, by no means finished. I've just gotten started and would love suggestions, as I have little to no idea what I'll be doing in the future. Also, if anybody knows about a different random forest lot (with oak, maple, preferably not pine...), please lead me to it! I'm tired of the repetition!

Anyway, thanks for tuning in!



Today, I founded the first city in Ocean's Edge, and called it Southrode. Divided by a four lane rural highway, most of it will consist of farmland, but also some suburbs leaking from the future adjacent city East Edge.

Believe it or not, I do care about the names of my cities. Southrode comes from "south" and Old Saxon "rodan," which means "to clear." I got the inspiration from the common Swedish suffix for city names "-ryd." It doesn't make much sense basing the city name on a Saxon word, seeing as how I imagine this fictional region to be located in America, but it's a nice name nonetheless.

1. Rural interchange:


This is the folded diamond interchange that brings traffic from and onto the regional freeway. Unfortunately, as you can see on the right, one turning lane piece didn't fit. I might move the interchange one tile down, or simply remove all turning lanes - it's not supposed to be a densely populated area.

2. Farmland, windmills, and a pond


In the heart of the Southrode farms stands the small wind farm powering the local area. I made heavy use of the draggable fractional angle roads here - they work like a charm!

3. Irrigation canals:


Some discreet irrigation canals. I'm not entirely happy with the way the trees around the canal conflict with the darker forest parks. I might replace those with farmland.

4. Satellite view of the farms:


Here you can see the entirity of the farmland, with a huge state fair and small farmer's market in the middle. I intend for the farms to follow the highway, potentially on the other side as well.

4. Leaking suburbs:


At the edge of the map, you can see some low-density suburbs terminate. I intend for these to be a continuation of the much greater suburbs of the adjacent city, East Edge.

5. Commerical area


At the end of the suburbs, there is a small, isolated commerical area, with the main attraction being the gigantic Target store, which will undoubtedly bring in traffic from the suburbs as well as from the regional freeway.

6. Full view of Southrode



So, that was my first ever city journal entry. I'd really appreciate constructive criticism, as well as suggestions on what to put in the empty area above the commercial zone. Thanks for tuning in!



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