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  1. BAT Request Thread

    I'm back with more suggestions of Southern w2w small town and small city buildings, and other stuff: Hibernia Tower, New Orleans LA. Biloxi City Hall, Biloxi MS. Row of buildings in Slidell Louisiana Corner Building, New Orleans LA Corner Building, Downtown Gulfport MS. Hotel Markham, Gulfport MS. Downtown Crowley, Louisiana Abbeville Louisiana That is just a few more suggestions as I still feel we always need more southern US and small town/small city stuff in general.
  2. I want to hopefully get a moderator in by to night due to the situation going on with the death of my Grandmother it's still extremely, extremely hectic going on at the moment.
  3. That's great, I myself am pretty strong in history and maybe a bit in English, so I can help in that department.
  4. We all had this issue, we had something that was so challenging we couldn't figure it out! I hope that this thread can help us out more, if you have any trouble with an assignment, simply ask here & hopefully one of us can figure out what the heck your professor/teacher/whatever is asking to be completed, rather its confusing directions or a confusing question.
  5. Noggin Thinker of the week question: What are you going to school for? Like degree, studies, etc.?
  6. Ask a forumer anything...

    Oh my gosh, it would have to be Sharknado, I watched it with my Girlfriend and why is it so insanely popular? It has the dumbest concept, a extremely weak story, and overall, it's to me just a dumb filler movie for the people who have nothing in their lives to do, except watch Sharknado, or any of its sequels, it just induces people in the fear of sharks that does not actually exist, as it's actually really rare for a human-shark contact incident to occur, it just creates a fear factor that does not exist in real life. The extremely weak narrative, horrible visuals, bad acting, and causing sharks to have a even worse reputation then they already do (thanks to movies like Jaws which still is actually pretty good!). A lot of the times the visuals don't make sense, like in some scenes the time of day can switch BACK AND FORTH in a scene in the movie. I will give it a positive note, the movie was so bad, I was laughing the entire way through with how bad the entire movie is. What is the worst car you ever drove, either cause it broke down so much, it was uncomfortable, or whatever, it's your answer not mine?
  7. Hey, right now I'm planning out how Moderators and Leaders will work in the club, for right now this is how the structure will work, according to the amount of members in the club, Five Members - 1 Moderator, 1 Leader Ten Members - 2 Moderators, 1 Leader Twenty Members -4 Moderators, 2 Leaders As members amount increase, I will assign more moderators. If you are interested in being a Moderator or Leader, send me a notification.
  8. Very simple, this is when the Noggin Thinker's thread is locked, and a new one is prepared for Monday!
  9. Very simple, every Monday is when you'll find the newest Noggin Thinker released
  10. Your first challenge is here; Introduce Yourself to the Club!, such a hard challenge, you can do it any format, etc. This first challenge was meant to be easy due to, well it is the first challenge!
  11. Build a highway game

    [5 mile stretch of billboards] Exit 381 The DMV Office; (hint the line is often backed up 2 miles before the exit)
  12. BAT Request Thread

    Do not know about you guys, but am I the only one who would like New Orleans French Quarter buildings, parks, etc. As well as other iconic New Orleans-Cajun architecture? Just some random inner-French quarter houses. Bourbon Street. The St. Louis Cathederal and Cabildo (left) and state museum to the right. As well as outside of New Orleans other Louisiana cities like Houma, Napoleonville, etc. has interesting southern architecture of the past and present that would be a interesting thing, especially things like the old Houma Courthouse, before FDR's WPA tore it down for the current one. I personally would love to see this, as you can see it's my profile picture. Southdown Plantation in Houma would be a nice museum piece. Old City Hall, which could be modeled as a theater or a government reward building. St. Francis de Sales Cathedral . Hotel L'Acadian (could be not in disrepair) I have a flock of historic photos that the community has collected over the years if you need the borrow references if you want to take the request, just DM me.
  13. 1900 AD - A New Century!

    Welcome back to Winton, ready to begin the new 20th century? I can't wait to see the technological ideals arising, and to rise. Maybe more trains, and transportation, heck even maybe horses made of gears! It'll help out at the corral that's for sure. We do as the new year begins for us, have a new landmark for our little town. Welcome back, we see the general store and such at night lit up along Goodwin St. People gathering at the courthouse for a New Years celebration. Inside a band will be playing, food, and all in the first floor! Square Dancing, and so much more. All is welcomed! Free of charge! The neighborhoods are quiet, people are gathering at the courthouse, to see the quiet small streets like Broadmoor street here in its fine beauty. The school is also planting a small community garden, wish them luck in our climate; but it teaches the kids about real outdoorsy skills, and them not stuck inside on their washboards and guitars. This is the future, all of us outside, having a fun time! Now for the big landmark we were talking about! Which is named the, Alan Coleman Gazebo, after Doctor Alan Coleman, who was the town doctor till 1899 when he died at the age of 74. A great doctor he was, we miss him much in our town. We'll see you all in 1903.
  14. 1898 AD - Introduction of Winton

    @kschmidt, My mistake, my railroad history is not that grand. I'll just fix it quietly.
  15. 1898 AD - Introduction of Winton

    Welcome to the town of Winton, Arizona! The county seat of Buchanan County, home of our marshal, a doctor, and even a general store all connected by the Union Pacific! Such a lot of things thanks to our growing town of 893 people! This small town home to our colorful citizens and more is a great adventure as much as riding horse back down the valleys and mountains just east of our little settlement of home. Established in 1865, we welcome you into our little pocket of home, and come by Hickman's Saloon for yourself a drink and a piano show! We look first at the end of main street, where our little courthouse sits at the corner, home of Judge David Puckett, our judge since 1892, and around it sits little shops and a hotel at the corner of it, a height of building we say, it can't get better then this! I do say, from his time as judge, we seen only 65 hangings of them outlaws! Oh no! Looks like some of em' horses got our the corral, the men are probably to wasted back at a saloon to give a hoot! Hopefully the corral men and livery stablemen, will take care of them escapees! Here is the blacksmith and livery building now, now is it me, or is not a good idea to have a old fire casually just lite up in the middle of town? n The railroad stop of the Southern Pacific, one of the most isolated stops of the track. We see a train stop every month or so, and tickets are sold rather quickly if you want to get out of our town, then again who would want to get out of our little patch of heaven? Now, this is Hickman's and a beaut she is, she is a popular spot for the frontiersmen to stop by, and Mr. Hickman himself enjoys his little place. While there may be a shoot outs occasionally and the marshal comes and puts it down while the law and order, it's usually quiet when one of em' don't occur. Just don't tell the marshal about the sometimes illegal poker games going down, might get a bit nitpick with the bartender and playsmen! Now, for them children's education, we got ourselves a school house, state of the art I tell you what! Mr. Wilcox is the best teacher in the whole county, and he's the only one as well! Now to end it all, a picture of a horse stable by the corral for all them horses who like to escape! Now, we'll see y'all real soon in 1900, to celebrate the beginning of the 20th century!