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  1. Industrial - intro

    Take into account, even with the NAM, grey streets are meant for low density residents - The Suburbs. You may notice, that traffic slows way down, when it enters a grey street area. This means, those high rise apartments need a black road, or even a four lane, black avenue. Your city is way too small to actually need a highway. It's those grey suburbian streets, with high rise condos and apartments attached, that is killing your city.
  2. The Haqathaville Files

    Love your cities and also, your commentary to go along with the videos. Please keep this going
  3. If the publishing houses don't "bite", you could always go digital print and direct marketing for yourself. Just a suggestion, as it will cost you to get started.
  4. Well everyone, I got "elite". Probably because of my publicist and journalist backgrounds - I must mingle and network in artistic circles, on a regular basis. I work 60 to 70 hours a week and own three homes, if that helps put it in perspective.
  5. Yep, most of us are the creative types. I am a writer/journalist/publicist/graphic artist, working with musicians for near 25 years now. @westy177: Thanks for letting us brag about ourselves =)
  6. SparkleMars

    P.S. A much better concept for modding the entire game, would have been to create a "Future Earth" - You could easily turn every lot into something brand new and have lots, that were just like the Arcologies in SimCity 2000. Look that up folks. I still have SC 2000 on CD and can play anytime I like
  7. SparkleMars

    UrbanFoxx already knows; I helped develop some of the lots for SimMars and I also did the roads, but I wasn't happy with the way the rest of the mod was going. Realistically speaking, nearly all of the buildings should be domes or airtight sub-communities and roads would not really work as well as hover crafts. The problem with realism on planet Mars, is this would actually take away from the aesthetics in the SC4 game and SimMars mod, so we sort of came to an impasse with the project.
  8. SimCity 4: Minderia

    @UrbanFoxx: Hey girl! What's up? I love your stuff on YouTube, so I found you here at Simtrop also. Please update here at Simtrop, as well. I am a HUGE SC4 fan and I will follow you here. If you want me?
  9. DANG! Pretty sweet looking project! Not sure I like the ploppable concept in 'Skylines', but this video was really great to watch and the music was even better! Thanks for posting
  10. How do I build a big metropolis?

    @AprilAero @kim026 : I know I said I would think out of the grid, but the grid is the reason for total success, so I attempted to build realistic cities, while retaining some gridded and some meandering, but directional or purposeful routes. I do not use traffic mods of any kind, that will change the algorithms of sims travel directions or travel times, since these mods mess up Maxis' original intent. I have a region going currently, with a central large city, surrounded by smaller industrial cities. My central city reached one million simizens in less than 30 years of game play. My large, central city, still contains about 35% green trees and parks, etc. and has no industry whatsoever. Mayor rating is 100% loved. Mods I do use: Lots that create better efficiency for utilities, education and health services, that is all - Basically, I use Shmails stuff.
  11. How do I build a big metropolis?

    @kim026: I love your post(above), which is my reason for apologizing for my original post(above). I need to quit thinking inside the grid, haha.
  12. How do I build a big metropolis?

    Exactly true Corina. That is why we have all of these mods/plug-ins, that create such diverse beauty and let us be more original, think out of the 'grid' and explore multiple universes If we accept the vanilla simulation at its base, my viewpoint is correct for all simulations. but definitely not the only goal, so my original post was a bit 'off'. I apologize for that.
  13. How do I build a big metropolis?

    Yes, you are correct and at the same time, maybe not so correct. The explanation for this statement, requires a short novel of about 20 forum pages, in order to see the 'big picture'. No worries; I am not going to post 20 forum pages Maximum population entails a broader definition, than just the population of 'sims' or 'plebs' or 'trains' or 'carnival rides', etc. My stance is based on math, algorithms and a fixed science of numerical values, that must always be followed. Simulations are all the same at their core and that means, the answer is always the same - Maximize everything in the most efficient manner and you solve the simulation.
  14. How do I build a big metropolis?

    Not at all true. I have made dozens of cities without mods, that reach 1.5 million sims. These same cities, even have lots of green places, full of trees and parks. Yes, they are generic and ugly, but the goal of the game is to reach one million sims in a large city, while maintaining all the pleasant things those sims want in a city and I know 100%, it can be done and it is actually real easy.
  15. Downloaded region not rendering

    Love your tutorial! Clouds make excellent landscapes. I am a licensed Adobe artist and DAZ Studios, so I may eventually figure this out. Might need to delve into the games graphic mechanics a bit. Maybe 8 bit grey scales can be modified to 16 bit, for better accuracy. The game is in 32 bit, so why not go up to that?