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  1. Battery Park, NY

    Amazing work!!!!!!!! What custom-road models are those? They looks so amazing a relistic!!
  2. Tribute to A Nonny Moose

    Only just heard the news today. I am very sadderend to hear of John's passing. He was such an asset to this website and the SimCity community. He made such great assets, a brilliant City Journal and had a strong pressense on the community forums. His absense will be felt by many, no doubt leaving sush a gap in the community, knowing he will not be putting in his two cents with regards to a post on the forums, or just popping in saying hello to us fellow fans. However, I know his legacy will live on, trhough all his wonderful posts and amazing assets. A true legend trough and through, which I am sure we will never forget. Props to Simtropolis for giving him a tribute on the frontpage of the website; an appropriate send-off to such awonderful individul. My thoughts are with his family, hoping that John's passing was a peaceful one. To a legend of Simtropolis, A Nonny Moose. ~mpkio2~
  3. Northern Valethorn Area WIP

    OH MY GOSH! This looks amazing!!!!
  4. SC4Fix: third-party patches for SC4

    Amazing!!!!! This changes everything!! Thank you so much!!!
  5. Tokyo recreation CJ is back!! Very big update.

    This is so AMazing!!!! (Sugoi!!!) I've been to Tokyo and by god this is a really accuate recreating using SC4!! Well done my friend and keep up the brilliant work!
  6. London Townhouse Pack

    These London Townhouse buildings will look lovely in my cities. Just a couple of questions: what tileset do these grow on? I'm assuming "Euro"...? And what density do these grow own? Medium? Thank yous. ~mpkio2~
  7. Some amazing work there, my friend!! Absolutley stunning! Keep up the great wrok!! (10/10 + Subbed)
  8. Chapter 7: Time Lapse, Gifs and Stats

    I'm so happy you started I'm updating once more! I was getting a little worried there. Hope you feel much better! Loving the progression and development so far; its really coming along nicely. Welll done, mate! :)
  9. Like most mentioned here already, I tend to veer towards a "realistic and aesthetic" approach while playing - I llive in the UK so I tend to make my cities look as "British" as possible. I do plan to upload my very own first "City Jourrnal" here on Simtropolis (Been playing the game for years now,), so I hope I impress you all
  10. Chapter 4 Part 1: More Growth and a Neighborly Visit

    This is probably my fav City Journal to read. It's almost like reading a novel. You take great pictures, illustrating your cities progress, blending it together with story-teeling techniques and hilirious dialogue.   Keep it up dude! Can't wait till you reach 1 mill!! :D
  11. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Greetiings SimCity builders! Does anyone know where I can find the houses in this pic? Alos, the yellow mid-res building to the right? I think they look stunning: Also, does anyone know where I can find the mid-res brown building which is located right next to the tallyellow building in this pic? Replies would be most appreciated.
  12. 53. Inner Suburbia

    Where did you get that RHW bridge?
  13. I would set out your city differently if I were you. I would put res, com, and ind into one city and plan it out. For a very good plan, watch this SimCity4 Tutorial Vid from YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFedr7-WTK4 Hope it helps!