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Tokyo japan.

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About this City Journal

My Rendition of Tokyo japan. Using Google earth/Maps.

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Hello, Neonsim here. 

 Alot of you may remember me, i think, to the new comers welcome to my Recreation of Tokyo Japan using Google Earth, I say recreation because i'm recreating all of it, The 23 major wards, Railways, Freeways, small cities and towns inside of the Metropolitan Area of Tokyo. all the Way to Tokyo Bay and the Haneda international Airport. this is going to take a long time to finish...years really, but i've got a great start...and lucky for me, the outskirts of Tokyo...are just Residentialarrow-10x10.png houses and schools... where as the center is the Grit and girth of office buildings...residential towers and etc.


So with out further ado, it has been quite awhile CJ readers and bloggers, i have not been on the CJ in some time, iv'e been so busy with other things in my life plus my sim city 4 not being able to load my regionarrow-10x10.png which was absolutely devastating as this CJ has taken so long to make and still is today and still have so long to go in the future, but now that i can finally access it, i am more excited then ever to bring you the most detailed and realistic recreation of the whole of Tokyo that i can possibly manage, from Shibuya...to Shinjuku and everything in between, i have already been ,mapping out roads, highways and rail ways around the map, as you will see in the Transportation overviewarrow-10x10.png, I have been working on separate areas rather then staying in one place only seeing as how the city is so large. In this updatearrow-10x10.png i will be showing updatesarrow-10x10.png on my Akihabara, Aka electricarrow-10x10.png town, Akihabara 秋葉原!Imperial Palace and Shidome,roppongi.

But first a Transportation and satailite overviewarrow-10x10.png.

tokyoregiontransportation_zps6ccril5j.jpHere you can see i have been connectingarrow-10x10.png the freeways and railways of the Tokyo regionarrow-10x10.png, Center is the imperial gardens which i am currently working on at the moment, The purple rail line you see is the Yamanote line that runs from the south of tokyo to the Akihabara Station and onwards, (Imperial gardens is the lastest Green land in Tokyo behind Yoyogi park and Shinjuku Gyoen International Gardens, The imperial grounds also feature Nippon Budokan, a collesium like Tokyo Dome.

I have to move the Ginza, as Ginza is right under the Main Yamanote Station in the Imperial palace area in Chiyoda.

A Satalite Image.


These two pictures are from late 2014, to keep you in suspense, I have finished alot more than what you see now :) it's a surprise though :)


Imperial Palace and Gardens. Tokyo Japan.



This is what i currently have for the Imperial Gardens area, i terraformed out the River system(still needs some smoothing work) but got the length and width correctarrow-10x10.png going by how large the actual avanues are in real life, at the top Left you can see the Yamanote line which will also feature the Yamanote Ginza Station. In the lower Center You can see the Green Nippon Budakon Collesium, This area is located in the ward of Chiyoda.

A close up of Budakon.


Nippon Budakon and the Innercular Toll Road, apartarrow-10x10.png of the C1 loop from shinjuku.

A close up of the palace and the inner grounds.


I tried to get these areas as close to possible on a real life scale, i find using Google Earth 3d view...is extremely helpful for this.

I still have to add gardens and a lake within the grounds, It's amazing how this massive oasis is nothing but a pebble in the urban chaos and concrete jungle of Tokyo.


Shidome Skyline, Tokyo Japan.



Here is small update of the Shibuya outter area which includes shidome, Roppongi and etc. the highway you see snaking through is the C2 outter toll road.




Downtown with the super cool ative shidome tower.(right)



Shinjuku Skyline, Tokyo Japan.





Some pictures of Shinjuku downtown(Skyline) just for good measure. The freeway you see by the Shinjuku park tower(the building with 3 towers together in the top left) is called C1 inner loop, which snakes it's way through shinjukugocomae, the massive station you see at the bottom middle is Shinjuku station. which takes millions of passengers a day. The complex to the left with the UI bubble is the Eastern Japan Railway HQ. Fun fact, there are over (Try counting all the buildings in this picture.) it's almost dizying how many there are, puts you in a mini culture shock.




Akihabara!! And a storm trooper, with a guitar.








AKIHABARA!!! My hands down favorite area of Tokyo, All of the Anime, Manga, Games, and just any kind of Electronic you can find in general can be found here.

Zoomed out.


 The Rail line you see is the Yamanote line, (coming from the middle down to the main Station in the right (Akihabara Station) The Three main towers you see are part of the Aki Cross feild Complex(Akihabara Crossfeild UDX) home to Many, many, many Animation studios, a animation university, and a high school. the massive Building in the back is the Akihabara Yodobashi akiba, the largest Electronics store in the world. On the main strip, you can see many familiar Akihabara buildings, such as LAOX, sega arcade, Taito game station, AOKI, Shonsen tower, Don Quijote, Animate and many many more.My otaku Sims love them very much. The buildings and streets are point and square where they are located in real life, Again...thanks to the 3d view on Google Earth(A life saver)

zoomed in.





Night :) I don't remember the name of the Lighting mod i used for Day and night, But it's amazing.














I'm telling you right now, working on this Recreation and CJ has just been an absolutely amazing and incredible experience, Recreating one of the largest cities on earth in fine detail is no Easy task not by any long shot. I could have aproached this with something that looks similar, but no, I want Tokyo down to fine details in different wards. 


Well that's all for now, thank you for reading, please be sure to rate and Follow, as i have Much more to show you. :)



So, this time i wanted to do something different, instead of taking pics for this entry, i decided to make a video, to show my recreation of Akihabara in motion, I tried my very best to capture the essence and energy of electric town. and get the map as close to the real thing as possible in the process. Enjoy!


I hope you enjoyed that, i will update with pics soon. thank you!

Thanks to all the people who have followed me through this project through out the years! and thank you STCJ!


Well, it's been awhile, again, not to long actually, i just wanted to share how the satellite and transportation view of the region is going. this will be a short entry, but a picture says a thousand words :)

Is one of of the transportation map,


And here is one of the satellite map. I have to say, i really like developing the Akihabara area the most, As it is my favorite area in tokyo.


Thanks for looking, and stay tuned for more :)


Hellow all and welcome back,

This is a pretty simple update, Just showing progress in my central tokyo area(the main area around the government center, etc)

Start off with some nice Ariel shots. So you can get a sense of the density. and otherwise urban chaos. that is tokyo japan.





And a night shot for good measure.


Moving on to focus on shinjuku, for now

shinjuku area around shinjuku station


Not to be confused with Akihabara this area is also a huge electronics spot, 2nd behind akihabara, you wont find in cosply or tons of anime shops though.




Moving on to Shibuya, if you know tokyo, then you know shibuya, is one of THE LARGEST hotspots for fashion, and amazingly beautiful women.



And hope you enjoyed this small update, thank you for stopping by and happy holidays!


Hellow i know it's been a very long time (2 years?) But i am back and got alot of new updates for you all, up now, my favorite spot in Tokyo, Akihabara If you love anime and electronics such as games, then akihabara is your one stop destination.

Hundreds of electronics shops, ranging from tiny one man stalls specializing in a particular electronic component to large electronics retailers, line the main Chuo Dori street and the crowded side streets around Akihabara. They offer everything from the newest computers, cameras, televisions, mobile phones, electronics parts and home appliances to second-hand goods and electronic junk.

A few chain stores, such as Sofmap, Ishimaru and Laox, each operate multiple specialized branches along the main roads, while small independent shops can be found in the side streets. The only mega sized store is the Yodobashi Camera complex on the east side of the station.

Note that some of the electronics on sale are only intended for use in Japan due to voltage and other technical differences, Japanese language documentation and limited warranties. However, several stores also feature a selection of international models intended for overseas use, and most also offer duty free shopping to foreign tourists on purchases of over 10,000 yen

So welcome to my akihabara recreation!! so glad to be back !!


First off is an overhead shot of akihabara work in progress if you have been here or looked it up then this should look very familiar to you, you have soto kanda road, filled with real life counter parts in the most accurate placements, such as Don quijote , taito game station AOKI akihabara and akihabara station, as well as akihabara crossfeild and UDX buildings in the back(3 towers) I tried to get the placements of bridges rails and roads as 100% as possible, it's a real challenge considering the overall complexity and chaos that makes up Tokyo's transportation network..

Next we move onto Electrictown GATE or LAOX a massive retail store that specializes in everything electronics also manga and anime.


And at night.


Next one of the most photogenic and recognizable spots of akihabara


Here you have don quijote, taito game station and toranoana manga/anime, and for refference ( these buildings will be avaible soon.)

A real life shot. Tokyo%252520-%252520Akihabara%2525203.jpg

Next is some random shots around my akihabara, including night :)




Over head nightshot


aki rail line snaking through the dense urban jungle.


another angle of soto kanda road,


Anime and otaku hub central heaven everything from DVD's to life sized figures, also a Gundam cafe next to radio akiba.


akihabara station. fun fact: getting out of it is a maze in real life, it can take a while if your not experienced. Just watch out for the otokonna(men dressed in wemon cosplay and even full body cosplay).


Theres a girl under this one, but you get the jist.


AOKI lit up at night, i made it slightly too bright. (availabe soon.)


SOFMAP ,ISHIMARU(largest anime store in the world, not counting UDX) and AOKI, this is a very famous intersection, also soto kanda road is often closed off in real life for foot trafic after certain hours, Just like chou dori road in giza and otome road in ikebukuro the (female akihabara).

And to finish up some akihabara outskirts including the michidori twin castle.


Akiba line snaking along side a river.


Michidori twin castle, day and night.


I hope you enjoyed this entry, please rate and leave a comment thank you :)

Also, BATS will be availabe soon, I am having a problem uploading them, but i will have them uploaded soon.

And as a finish,3 famous spot shots of the REAL akihabara.





So i took some time off from my CJ, to get back into making BATS, I'm pretty sure you all have never seen my BATS but On the low i have been making myself BATS for about 3 years, Mainly japanese BATS that i never got around to finishing,

Tokyo metropalitan Goverment build number "4

Located in Shinjuku finished it last night. took 56901 seconds to upload in High quality.


My first building was the

Shibuya Q front building.

just textures,

Recently i been working on Tokyo Mode Gauken.

And Shinjuku park tower.  


And a whole lot of other japanese buildings, that i will be showcasing into my city, Before uploading them to the Stex

Well just a little update of what i been up to recently.

Stay tuned for more!


update, shows some progress in shibuya, plus minami area(dence heaven.)


Eastern railway japan Complex.   Minami in the background.


Small update of shibuya, I moved 109 where is suposed to go,  two blocks from tokyu station.   And moved the qfont building in it's right place, Right across the road from 109(2)


Minami shinjuku, the pure definition of dence, as i was searching through street veiw, i found that there was not one single empty lot,  Home to shops, low wealth and high wealth apartment buildings, and crowed streets and car parks. *Cool fact* there is a whole bunch of houses scatered around hiding behind the buildings.




A neighborhood of mixed apartment buildings.


Chuon line snaking through upper minami.

End of update, stay tuned for more!



Mapping out some roads in lower shibuya, I had to tare down the intire highway to get it to fit right, Also i know the insenorator plant is not located there..Its sorta a place holder,   Wont be much longer before i connect Shibuya ward with the rest of the city.


I have had to tare down and rebuild alot of the city,


End of teaser :)



after spending all day trying to fix my game, i finally found the problem, a curupt tokyo map sitting in the Programs region, I am so happy, and thanks to all who showed your support, Expect major updates!!!

Thank you!!

some VITAL advice

ALWAYS BACK UP!!!!!!!!!!

how to back up your citys.

Go to my documents/simcity 4/ regions/ back up the whole region/ store it some where safe. you lose the regions... no way to get it back...

I myself now have 5 copys of tokyo, 2 on a sepperate usb discs, one on my sisters computer, and 2 more on my computer hidden in my pictures and my music.


Emergency back up.

I dont know if it will restore my city.

But i did save my region folder in, My documents and settings, where it had the japan folder and all the citys, region map and excettera.

As well as plugins, and my document plugins, basically everything from my documents...

So good news, Installed SC4 on different computer, restored my files, and walla, Tokyo appeared back, but, its not my computer... I dont know what could be causing my SC4 to crash at the loading screen...right when the EA circle pops up, it crashes to desktop..and this is on a fresh install.


Shuto Expressway


Shuto Expressway system shown in red, other interconnected expressways in green

Shuto Expressway (. Metropolitan Expressway) is a network of toll expressways in the Greater Tokyo Area of Japan. It is operated and maintained by the Metropolitan Expressway Co., Ltd. .

Most routes consist of elevated roadway above other roads or over water, and have many sharp curves which require caution to drive safely. Tunnels are also used on routes near the waterfront and Haneda airport.

The speed limit is 60 km/h on most routes, but 80 km/h on the Bayshore Route, and 50 km/h on the Inner Circular Route.

All trips on the expressway require a toll be paid, but unlike most expressways in Japan, though similar to the Hanshin Expressway system in Osaka, the toll is the same regardless of distance travelled. As of 2008, the toll for a standard-size car is ¥700 on Tokyo routes (both circular and radial), ¥600 on Kanagawa routes and ¥400 yen on Saitama routes. For large vehicles, the toll is doubled. There are plans to change from fixed tolls to distance tolls in the future.



There are 24 routes currently in operation:

Circular (loop) routes

The Shuto Expressway as it crosses Rainbow Bridge

[edit] Radial routes

Kanagawa routes

Saitama routes


Rainbow Bridge on the Daiba Route

The Metropolitan Expressway was first built between Kyobashi Exit in Ch??, Tokyo and Shibaura Exit in Minato, Tokyo in 1962 for the purpose of increasing traffic flow efficiency in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, thus optimizing and improving the functionality of the traffic system. Since then, 280 kilometres of highway network has been built in the Tokyo metropolitan area; 30 kilometres more of highway are either constructed or planned, making the Metropolitan Expressway a vast network of urban expressway in the Tokyo region.

Even though a legal amendment on 1 April 2005 generally allows a person aged at least 20 with a motorcycledriver license for at least 3 years to carry a passenger on a two-wheel motorcycle on a freeway, some segments including C1 line of the Shuto Expressway still prohibits passengers on two-wheel motorcycles. See also the map in Japanese. Motorcycles with passengers cannot pass through the Shuto Expressway from the Tomei Expressway to other expressways.

Street racing   :D

Shuto Expressway at night

Like all others expressways in Japan including the Tomei Expressway, the Shuto line has become a common street racing road. One of the line Bayshore Route (or known as the Wangan by hashiriyas) received worldwide notoriety during the 90's was the home course for the MidNight Club, one of the most notorious street racing clubs, who were known for their 300 km/h, sometimes 320 km/h exploits.

Due to this infamy, the Wangan is the setting for several entertainment properties, such as the manga and arcade game Wangan Midnight, video game Shutokou Battle and the movie series Shuto Kousoku Trial. Numerous car enthusiast magazines and DVDs, like Best Motoring, also highlight races and activities on the Wangan.[1][2][3]


  1. ^ Hot Version Vol. 87 (Wangan Midnight homage)
  2. ^ JDM Option International - Vol 6: 2004 D1 Grand Prix Ebisu (Chiba Footage from Tokyo WANGAN Scene)
  3. ^ JDM Option International - Vol. 7: Super High Speed Drift (Chiba Footage from Tokyo WANGAN Scene)

First up, Shinjuku route.







Some highway entrance marks on shinjuku route.



Shibuya route, Ground level highway.


A tunnel under a building on the shibuya route,


Shibuya route snaking its way through shibuya


Working on Shinjuku route, that leads to R246,


Had to tare down some buildings just to get this tunnel were it is suposed to be, as you can see, tokiwa complex and tokyo opera city tower were some of the victims, i also had to tare this whole area down just because the highway did not fit right, but i got that fixed as well.

Thank god i looked on the street view, on satilite view, this is still a few patches of bridges with alot of construction... guess that was back when there was no tunnel(Nice heads up tepodon, i wouldnt have ever looked if you hadent told me, Also this is called metropalitan expressway Central curcular loop.

Metropalitin Bay shore, Day and Night.

Starting with day.


Running through the Heart if henada Airport.    




At night, Ignore the apartment building on the Right. its temporary.


W.I.P night shot, still alot more to go.


So i thought ide post up a new shibuya update, i have stopped working on the shinjuku area for a while, and now focused more on shibuya, and getting it connected to the rest of my city, So i took some pics, i hope you enjoy, the pics include faumous land mark spots, real dedicated recreations, traffic(lots of it) and transportation systems. enjoy!


When talking about shibuya, you have to mention Shibuya 109,109 opened in April 1979. The architect was Minoru Takeyama. Tokyu, the building's operator, designed the building as a "Fashion Community" containing small retail stores targeting the early-30s female consumer. Tokyu intended the store to compete with seibu department stores, which was making inroads into the Shibuya area..


Spider man on the Q-Front build, just south of 109...   Q- front also houses the largest starbucks in the world, with of 3 stories...must smell very good there, when i visited japan...i never went to shibuya sadly.   Love the colors in this picture also!.

tokyo24mar1144126815926.png The Q-Front building again, at a different angle,  Two tv's ....thats pretty cool.    




Very backed up traffic in front of 109.....ironic that the sign says use public transport lol...


More buildings again, love the lighting. :D


A industrial pedestrian walkway.  the real one located in this spot, looks alot like this one...though its got more stairs..i guess i could open up bat and add another set.


A smaller pedestrian walkway, located on the east side of tokyu station.


An avanue passing over Metropalitin expressway No. 3 shibuya route.


One final Shibuya night areal shot.

Let's ..................

move onto to the Shibuya financial district.

Shibuya financial **teaser**


Here we have a Elavated rail(Ometo sando line) to subway, running under a overpass,  north east of shibuya cross tower. 

end of update,  :D

tokyo10nov1143126815857.png Metropalitin expressway No.3 shibuya route, running through the middle of shibuya financial district.

tokyo29oct1143126815843.pngShibuya crosstower over looking shibuya route 3.


Ometo sendo line running west of Tokyu station, Some office buildings and tenents,   as well as the Chuo line passing over shibuya route 3 expressway.


Chuo line running from Tokyu station, as well as a red Diahatsu coupen :D




Here you will find all the hustle and bustle inside the Inner city, Practically the core, This is were all the small buisnesses and shops greet the day, sun up to sun down, From 5 story glistening  apartments and commercial buildings to dirty tenents galore, This is were you get the Grit of shinjuku, Jam packed streets, Small banks, wall to wall Grit, It's easy to get lost here as well. It borders shinjuku,  it is the mamoth mase of wall to wall buildings, Packed shops, jam packed roads, neon signs billboards, car horns, cell phones ringing, busy bustling streets and sidewalks... This is Shinjukusanchomae. Enjoy. There will be night updates later on.


Shinjukusanchomae zoomed out areal veiw. (Daytime)


Shinjukusanchomae (Night)

Time for some street views.


Some avanues and lots of Wall to wall action,


A shopping complex and some Dirty tenents, With lots of lovely roof junk.


This captures the Realistic charecter, of a Real tokyo, i honestly love this picture,  You can just hear the car horn and city sounds, This view is also fun to just to just look at in motion.


One last areal view of shinjusanchomae

End of this update, That is all for now. thanks for looking!


I have been going about this the wrong way for quite some time now, and i have now seen were my Tokyo is true to life, And were it leads me astray, Take for instance the following.


This is the correct Path of shinjuku Route 4,


Where as mine, i have it set as a complete straight path, Meaning no cerving at the Meiji Jungo shrine, And since this is a Dedicated Recreation, That just wont do.

Anyway, Here is a Region Veiw.


As you can see, i am not using the Tokyo map pack, i have just been terrorforming the map to fit the real life map Traits, Moo mapper does not work on my computer, Even though its vistas version -_-,   Well, As you can see, not alot to show as of yet, Still work on the Tokyo transit map, I have some accurate roads(Main ones) But as for the little roads, i just through down realistic looking grids,  Also, i have not maneged to Get the trains running as of yet.. Sorry for the picture, its a print screen gone horribly wrong, i apoligies..

And as you will see in the next picture,  I have to Resize Meiji junjo shrine/harajuku gardens, As it is substantially bigger then as i have it.


The Area in Blue(Shinjuku) Yellow (Shinjuku route 4) Violet(Chuo Line) Are almost But not true to my Recreation, I plan to fix that, But the Blue Is Spot on, I just wanted to get the main roads Spot on, As for the little Grid roads, theres just far to many that do not show up on the Transit map, Mainly because there so small.

Also, the Area circuled in Red is what i'm working on mainly at the moment,  I'm Also Working on Shibuya and Ginza but at the moment The "Shinjuku" area has a 96.9% of my full attention.

And finally, A updated Region satilite view.


As you can see, Tokyo henda Airport has been worked on alittle more, Even though i dont have the 2nd terminal and other runways put down yet, I plan to get to that soon enough. I have started mapping out the Roads in Shibuya, Along with the Highway system... Which is a headache.... I Was working on Ginza station..But the Game crashed before i could save... So back to the Drawing board..

End of this update for now, Keep posted.





Meiji Shrine (????, Meiji Jing??), located in Shibuya, Tokyo, is the Shinto shrine that is dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Sh?ken.[1] When Emperor Meiji died in 1912 and Empress Sh?ken in 1914, the Japanese people wished to pay their respects to the two influential Japanese figures. It was for this reason that Meiji Shrine was constructed and their souls enshrined on N



After the emperor's death in 1912, the Japanese Diet passed a resolution to commemorate his role in the Meiji Restoration. An iris garden in an area of Tokyo where Emperor Meiji and Empress Sh?ken had been known to visit was chosen as the building's location.

Construction began in 1915, and the shrine was built in the traditional Nagarezukuri style and is made up primarily of Japanese cypress and copper. It was formally dedicated in 1920, completed in 1921, and its grounds officially finished by 1926.[3] Until 1946, the Meiji Shrine was officially designated one of the Kanpei-taisha (????), meaning that it stood in the first rank of government supported shrines. [4]

The original building was destroyed during the Tokyo air raids of World War II. The present iteration of the shrine was funded through a public fund raising effort and completed in October, 1958.[5]

Meiji Shrine was brought into the flow of current events with the 2009 visit of United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. After arriving in Tokyo on her first foreign trip representing the newly elected President Barack Obama, she made her way to this shrine in advance of meetings with Japan's leaders to show her "respect toward history and the culture of Japan." [6]


 Shrine complex

Meiji Shrine is located in a forest that covers an area of 700,000 square-meters (about 175 acres). This area is covered by an evergreen forest that consists of 120,000 trees of 365 different species, which were donated by people from all parts of Japan when the shrine was established. The forest is visited by many people both as a spiritual home of the people and as a recreation and relaxation area in the center of Tokyo.[2] The shrine itself is composed of two major areas:


The Naien is the inner precinct, which is centered on the shrine buildings and includes a treasure museum that houses articles of the Emperor and Empress. The treasure museum is built in the Azekurazukuri style.


The Gaien is the outer precinct, which includes the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery that houses a collection of 80 large murals illustrative of the events in the lives of the Emperor and his consort. It also includes a variety of sports facilities, including the National Stadium, and is seen as the center of Japanese sports. It also includes the Meiji Memorial Hall, which was originally used for governmental meetings, including discussions surrounding the drafting of the Meiji Constitution in the late 19th century. Today it is used for Shinto weddings.



The central sanctuary where the Meiji emperor is enshrined.


Barrels of sake (nihonshu) donated to the Meiji Shrine.


Another view of the torii at the entrance to Meiji-jingu.


Priests and maidens wear traditional dress in preparation for a wedding at the Meiji Shrine.


The shrine itself.


Prayers left by visitors.


Women signing prayers in main yard.


Meiji Shrine main yard panorama.



My pictures




The Main trail entrance to Harajuku gardens.




Harajuku "South bound" line, Along with a Secondary Trail leading to the Meiji Shrine. **Watch for thoughs fallen tree trunks** Also, some small $ tenent buildings,  Mostly for shops and resterants, Shop owners say they love the smell of Elm in the morning it also atracts major consumers (Food is power)!



Duel entry way main gates, Gates open from 8:00am and stay open till 20:00pm, Gates were installed due to conjestion problems, The gardens main source for comutting around the vacenaty are Dirt trails and Small roads, Plans were in order for a Avenue, But the citys Enviormentalist enforcers beileve that a Avanue may upset the balance of nature, So the idea was scrapped, Thus "Pay" Gates were installed.  When closed: Kanji sign reads: No visitors at these hours, law is High priority. 


Here are some wonderful land scape shots posted by Google earth.


A small scenic route, Shows the gardens many atractions.



Kurakaru Castle.





End of update, Thanks for visiting, Check back for more soon.





After tons of messages i decided to make a Japanese Bat request page...

Just describe of put a picture of the bat you want, And i'll give you the link..

For example, So and so may want shibuya 109...

They then either put a picture, or they describe how the buiding looks in detail..

Or i just google the name in images and see if i have it.




A huge problem, ...:(

"Que worlds smallest violen..."

To my fans, sorry for the delay in updating my city, i had to deal with a huge problem. That took up over "10" days..

So, i was working on my city, and i was working on shinjuku, and decided i would make it look more realistic by using the NAM

Padestrian tiles, so i planted them around the buildings, and then i saved,

But when i got back to the game, it froze then the game completely shut down....

So...after i cooled off, i restarted the game, loaded up the city again, got there with out a hitch

Then when i went into night, half of my BATS did not have night lighting, So im thinking it must be a low desirability problem, But when i quaried the non functioning buildings, the land value was high, and it had worker, So then at that point i noticed their was a major problem with my game,

So i just let it be and continued to add on to my city, so about after 1 hour, i started thinking the problem was fixed, but then 1 hour later, my game had froze(I didnt save) it went back to desktop, i started freaking out, but i noticed driverdetector had started up, and i saw the sc4 tab on the toolbar, so im like ok, Next thing i notice it dissapears, So i just give up for about a day, thinking there is no hope, and that i'll just have to obliterate my city :( and start all over again...

two days later,

I fire up SC4 Determined to find the cause of this problem.

i cant bring my self to obliterate my city.....

So then i start to think... What if i demolish my whole city and see what building stands...

Seeing as i started remembering something like this happened before, when i added NAM tiles to the parimeters of tokyo metropalitin tower, and the building became "Permanent"....would not demolish no matter what.

So i demolished my city, and to my amazement, the Chogo 71 tower was standing there all by it's self...

So i got to work...

First i tried setting it on fire... it burned then when out,

I tried shooting with a meteorite, the building was sitting on top of the whole in the ground...

I tried digging a lake, Sure enough the building tuned into a bardge...just floating there, mocking me.

So then i finally decided to delete it from my plugins folder, Fire up SC4 thinking the problem was fixed,

Got to the regieon view, i shouted in joy when i noticed the building was not present,

.....Got to the sc4 city screen.... sure enough, there was the building...

i just basicly sat there like... -_-.. turned off sc4, left it for another two days... started back on Granturismo 4 instead.

....4 days later.

I went on simprolis to look at my CJ...even honestly shedding a tear because i love it that much.

So i went to the forums, typed in...

"building in simcity will not demolish.

Got alot of searches......aparently this problem was a huge nusence..

Found a thread called..

"Can demolish, query, or delete building"

So after reading...and reading... sleeping... then reading the next day.

I found somthing very "weird" but very helpfull..

Aparently if i put three of the same buildings around the tainted building, and do a huge destructive sweep... it will delete the building...

I said out loud "Yea right..."

So...the following day, fired up SC4...with the plugin back installed...

Demolished 3/4 of the surrounding area of the building(the sims were outraged...)

put 3 buildings around the tainted building, in a cross formation... did a sweep..

And weaped with tears of joy as i seen the building crumble into the ground...

...so now, SC4 works perfectly, its been on for 4 days(testing) with out crashing...and still on.


I am so happy i found that thread,

Thank you simtropolis...now i can get back to my city.


Follow this information if you have a stubborn tainted building.

Bye for now.


Tokyo International Airport (??????, T?ky? Kokusai K?k??) (IATA: HNDICAO: RJTT), located in ?ta, Tokyo, 14 km (8.7 mi) south of Tokyo Station,[1]Japan, is one of the two primary airports serving the Greater Tokyo Area. It is commonly known as Haneda Airport (????, Haneda K?k??).

Although Haneda was originally the primary airport for the Tokyo region, it now shares that role with Narita International Airport. Haneda handles almost all domestic flights to and from Tokyo while Narita handles almost all international flights. In recent years, however, international service from Haneda has expanded significantly with the addition of "scheduled charter" flights to Seoul (S. Korea), Shanghai (PRC) and Hong Kong. The Japanese government plans to expand Haneda's international role in the future with more regional flights and off-peak charter services.

Haneda handled 66,735,587 passengers in 2008.[2] By passenger throughput, it was the busiest airport in Asia and the fourth busiest in the world, after Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, Chicago's O'Hare Airport and London Heathrow.[2] It is the primary base of Japan's two major domestic airlines, Japan Airlines (Terminal 1) and All Nippon Airways (Terminal 2), as well as low-cost carriers Hokkaido International Airlines, Skymark Airlines, Skynet Asia Airways, and StarFlyer. Haneda is expected to be able to handle 90 million passengers after its expansion in 2010.


World War II

Haneda Airfield (?????, Haneda Hik?j??) first opened in 1931 on a small piece of bayfront land at the south end of today's airport complex. It was Japan's largest civil airport at the time it was constructed, and took over from the army air base at Tachikawa as the main operating base of Japan Air Transport, then the country's flag carrier. During the 1930s, Haneda handled flights to destinations in Japan, Korea and Manchuria. In 1939, the airport's first runway was extended to 800m and a second 800m runway was completed.[4]

US occupation

In 1945, U.S. occupation forces took over the airport and renamed it Haneda Army Air Base. The Army evicted many nearby residents to make room for various construction projects, including extending one runway to 1,650m and the other to 2,100m. US military personnel based at Haneda were generally housed at the Washington Heights residential complex in central Tokyo (now Yoyogi Park).

During the Korean War, Haneda was the main regional base for United States Navy flight nurses, who evacuated patients from Korea to Haneda for treatment at military hospitals in Tokyo and Yokosuka.[5]

The U.S. military gave part of the base back to Japan in 1952; this portion became known as Tokyo International Airport. The US military maintained a base at Haneda until 1958 when the remainder of the property was returned to the Japanese government.

International era

Haneda Air Force Base received its first international passenger flights in 1947 when Northwest Orient Airlines began scheduled service to the United States, China, South Korea, and the Philippines. Japan Airlines began its first domestic operations from Haneda in 1951.

During its first years of postwar civil operations, Tokyo International Airport did not have a passenger terminal building. The Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd. TYO: 9706 was founded in 1953 in order to develop the airport's first passenger terminal, which opened in 1955. An extension for international flights opened in 1963.[6]

European carriers began service to Haneda in the 1950s, with BOAC operating de Havilland Comet flights to London via the southern route in 1952, and SAS operating DC-7 flights to Copenhagen via Anchorage beginning in 1957. JAL and Aeroflot began cooperative service from Haneda to Moscow in 1967. Both Pan Am and Northwest Orient used Haneda as an Asian regional hub.

The Tokyo Monorail began service between Haneda and central Tokyo in 1964, in time for the Tokyo Olympics. During 1964, Japan also lifted travel restrictions on its citizens, causing passenger traffic at the airport to swell. A new runway and international terminal was completed in 1970, but demand continued to outpace expansion.[6]

The government anticipated this growth in the early 1960s. The government believed that further expansion of Haneda would be impractical due to the cost and technical issues inherent in a large-scale landfill project in Tokyo Bay. Instead, a plan was put forward to build a new airport to handle Tokyo's international flights. In 1978, New Tokyo International Airport (now Narita Airport) opened, taking over almost all international service in the Greater Tokyo Area, and Haneda became a domestic airport.

Domestic era

ANA aircraft at Terminal 2
Terminal 2, completed in 2004, now houses ANA, StarFlyer, and Air Do.

While most international flights moved from Haneda to Narita in 1978, airlines based on Taiwan continued to use Haneda Airport for many years due to the ongoing political conflict between the Republic of China and the People's Republic of China. China Airlines served Taipei and Honolulu from Haneda; Taiwan's second major airline, EVA Air, joined CAL at Haneda in 1989.

All Taiwan flights were moved to Narita in 2002, and Haneda-Honolulu services ceased. In 2003, JAL, ANA, KAL and Asiana began service to Gimpo Airport near Seoul, providing a "scheduled charter" city-to-city service.

Despite the Transport Ministry's initial reservations about expanding Haneda Airport onto new landfill in Tokyo Bay, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government began using the adjacent bay area as a waste dumping site, thus creating a large amount of landfill upon which the airport could expand. In July 1988, a new runway opened on the landfill area. In September 1993, the old airport terminal was replaced by a new West Passenger Terminal, nicknamed "Big Bird," which was built farther out on the landfill. Two new runways were completed in March 1997 and March 2000. In 2004, Terminal 2 opened at Haneda for ANA and Air Do; the 1993 terminal, now known as Terminal 1, became the base for JAL, Skymark and Skynet Asia Airways.[7]

In October 2006, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao reached an informal agreement to launch bilateral talks regarding an additional city-to-city service between Haneda and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport.[8] On 25 June 2007, the two governments concluded an agreement allowing for the Haneda-Hongqiao service to commence from October 2007.[9]

In June 2007 Haneda gained the right to host international flights that depart between 8:30 PM and 11:00 PM and arrive between 6 AM and 8:30 AM. The airport allows departures and arrivals between 11 PM and 6 AM (as Narita Airport is closed during these hours[10]).[11]

Macquarie Bank and Macquarie Airports owned a 19.9% stake in Japan Airport Terminal until 2009, when they sold their stake back to the company.[12]


Stay tuned for more!.




So i finally got started on shaping out the map using google earth, (Moo mapper wont run on my computer, Eventhough i downloaded the vista version..  So i think it came out pretty well..


Im surpised i found terminal puzzel peices so close to the real thing.


Small update for the terminal.


Thankyou Bri pizza for your wonderful Henada Airport puzzel peices, so anyway, i got the Terminal down...now to get to the Notorius "WANGAN" freeway, " dont worry no silver nissan skyline R32, Black Porsche 911 turbo,"Blue nissan 280Z" cough cough will fly screaming past doing 200+Mph(thats only at Midnight >:D) Anyway,,, The nam is really coming in handy,   Also the NAM puzzel peices are highly coming in handy.

End of update. thanks for visitiing. Now im going to get back to work :D.

2nd ***Update***.



Working on the west side runway.


 Alot more expressway and overpasses to go... Not mention the 2nd terminal and North runway. (The hydrogen plant is temporary)


End of 2nd update, Stay tuned for me.


2/28/2010 **UPDATE**

So i finally got time to work on the airport, i can tell you...its been a huge headache..Seriously.. so many overpasses...anyway enjoy!!


Main terminal **2nd terminal** this terminal was actually built a few short years ago, ( I love the Lighting)


Some airplanes getting ready to be loaded up,  As you can see, the halls of the terminal 3B are always filled to the brim with people,


Underground parking under terminal 3A. The middle entry is not actually a parking area, it actually is a onramp to the C1 expressway, Alot of people Get this mixed up, My guess they either dont read the signs, or they are just to busy or in a hurry to even care.


Just a open parking area,


Just some small jet liners, Carrying mostly buisness men in black suites.  Oh the irony~


Some runways lights and signs,

End of update thanks for stopping by!!


How far i have come.

I started my tokyo project back in 2007, since then my computer has crashed 3 times, (Before i knew i could back up my citys) i started again in earlly 2008, But i demolished it all to start my all new tokyo project, Mainly because i love tokyo japan, And that tenpedons CJ inspired me,

I have to say,  this is one of the Hardest cities i have ever tried to recreate from scratch, Some of the hidden roads and rail systems are not very google maps friendly,   During the last 2 months i have not had the internet, So i had to work on 5(Print screen google earth images) i saved from the library. ,,,its been a rocky road but i love every minute of it, This city truly is special to me,

mid 2008.

In the beggining.

planning and laying out for roads and freeways, as well as moving some buildings around, Shinjuku 15% done.    i have yet to find eastern japan railway station, But i found the tower...isent that a bit ironic.

I tore down the nam bridge avenues and added freeways instead, Maily because the nam freeway puzzel peices have awesome crazy "Y" changes found on mainly all japanese freeways.    although i wish it was two lanes, instead of three....and i wish i could find the black freeway texture mod.


So far for 2010.  Very far from done. But looking good.


Shimjuku 93%,   So far, all i have been focusing on is finishing shinjuku, While partially working on Shibuya on and off.  I had measured the distance between shinjuku and shibuya, But it seems like they are still alittle to close, or it just might be that way from this veiwpoint,

Right now i can say i am very happy with it, Although i can no longer find the files for the "Black assphault freeway texture mod"  if any one could help i would apreciate it very much.    Also i am awear Shinjuku expressway route 4 does not lead to an avenue, i apoligies for that

---Night shot.---tokyo2jun10111264107310.png

*update* Day shot.


Major wards, Shinjuku and shibuya

I have yet to start on Shinjukugyoenmae, nor Shinjukusanchome.

End of update, look forward for more to come, Please comment with Constructive critisism


*Hatsudai, is alot different from Nishishinjuku, it is made up of a "No zoning" residential, as well as  "No zoning" commercial lots, Meaning you can have a tall office building next to a school,club,apartment, or house, Minami is also a outter ward to Shinjuku, With Shinjuku metropalitin expressway running right through the center, it's also next door neighbors with the yoyogi ward. Minami also has such land marks as tokiwa shopping complex and Tokyo opera city tower. It also has it's own network of advanced cannal systems, they are mostly known for their green railing.

Hatsudai skyline boardering Nishishinjuku.  Along with tokyo metropalitin freeway

( High way I20)   Tokyo city opera tower lower left, and tokiwa shopping complex center.


Just some office building, tenents and apartments. *Note* i love thoughs trees if you have not noticed.


Another view of the Hatsudai skyline.


Back alley canal system.


More apartments. Somy does excelent work. Hands down.


Density is bliss.



End of update, stay tuned for more :), thanks for dropping by, Feed back and constructive critism are more then welcome.


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