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  1. mipro

    Wow, this is gonna be epic, Jason
  2. Show Us What You're Working On

    Believe it or not, I'm still working on the city of Coos Bay! Hope I can catch up and bring more to you
  3. 345 California Center

    five star, but there's still space to improve though...the nightlight needs a bit more contrast to look darker in game
  4. IDS's (mostly) Minnesota BATs

    It looks pretty good
  5. Sydney

    I guess they must be gorgeous, but I still can't see even one picture at all due to the block by Chinese Great Firewall....Could you change the picture source, kover?
  6. Small forward

    I thought it was something about Cities Skylines at first glimpse, then I realized it's about SC4! Amazing project indeed!
  7. Olsènes - Unfinished stuff

    I'm longing for a megatropolis like this! Great job!
  8. On001222 Thailand Bat Thread

    Wow, I really love the shape of the building, such an elegant curve
  9. Burj Khalifa

    Even a glimpse of this beauty makes me excited
  10. Show Us What You're Working On

    Definitely love it! It's one great addition to our seashores!
  11. 6 Paternoster Square

    My only question is, how to use this file...
  12. JP Schriefer's BATs

    It's such a surprise Schriefer! Thank you so much.
  13. Ngpillow BAT thread

    Great upload there! Looking forward to your next project
  14. JP Schriefer's BATs

    Yeah, I love this baby. It looks horribly beautiful!
  15. Mushy's Random BATs

    Oh my gosh! You did an unbelievable job making those pipes magically real!