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Dat comeback tho.



Yeah. Hey.

Well, as you noticed, I was'nt active for a long time (happy St Patrick's Day btw.). The reason behind this is simple: I have problems with mod input, a lack of creativity and way too much other nice games to play (I play the heck out of CS:GO for example :3). I'm sorry for this. But if you are still interested in my CJ, you can keep it alive with suggestions of what I could do next in upcoming entries^^. Since I saw the first gameplays of Cities: Skylines (Although I don't own it) I gained new interest and a bit of inspiration in City planning and building. Because of this, and the fact that easter vacation begins in the schools of my state (Saxony [>Sachsen<]) I really wanted to play SC4 again. I hope I can keep alive this moral state. ^^ So let me show what I build the last...hour...yeah it isn't much, but hey, I started to play again, so who cares?

I actually tried to create another german-styled village, but this doesn't really worked well because I just have a lack of european BATs. So if you can suggest me some, I'd be very happy.

Here's the village in general:


I tried to at least save the style of a 'classical' road network of eastern german villages and settlements. So it's circled around a crossing of bigger streets (in this case a roundabout was included). In the center are some aids and shops. The outer circle consists of the residential zones and a newly built supermarket ('Aldi' in this case). There's just an elementary school and a small soccer field. Further there is a fire department an a small clinic (which isn't considered as normal in villages, but I needed to rise the attractivity for medium wealth; in fact, there's a lack of doctors in the country[FYI]).



Trees make people happy.

I also tried to build a small church, but I didn't found a fancy olace for it in the settlement (which is, retrospectively seen, just an example of dumb playing), so I built it in the middle of an field. Because of this and because of the model itself it looked more like a small bohemian or polish curch/monastery (first I forgot the english word, then I remembered it and forgot the german word for it. wtf.), which is actually kinda nice. So I got a village with german styled layout, american houses and a eastern-european temple. Well, my brain seems to take interntaionalism very seriously.


I hope you like it.

Well, that's all. The comeback wasn't really impressing, but it was fun to play again. So please, let me know if you have any suggestions for new projects and/or good mods and BATs to realize them :3. Well, have a good night and a happy easter (or Pesach, whatever, have a nice week)!


47ply: Dikes or 'Deiche' have the purpose to save the land (marshes; 'Marsch') that is lower than the attidude of the sea to just drown. So yeah....it's kinda important for living near the north sea :3

Ln X: I know there's a lack of close ups in the recent updates, the simple reason is, that I was too lazy to actually put details in the cities...sorry^^. But this has to change anyway from now on, so get excited for less sloppy work in the fucture! (I could start to actually work on older projects again....I mean, I really should do this!)

SylvioJ: Thank you, although I still didn't completely understood in which different ways I can use the FAR^^

dlsni: i really have a problem with my endurance ._. Yeah, I used the hole diggers and then I used the soften-tool so it doesn't look like too stupid. Can't really notice the effect from that far tho.

Mymyjp: Thank you! But I really could need some more fillers for that tile^^

jmsepe: That's nice :D But better use it with another terrain mod, the one I currently use is just not green enough for the northern german meadows. Also you should make them a bit smoother than I did. Just google 'Deich' and you get an optical vision of what I mean^^

TekindusT: How could I forget all the Supermarkets and Discounters?._. Per person there are approximateley 5 of them in every city^^

JP Schriefer: Thanks Schriefer! :)


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Looks great!

Yeah, quite recently people had been looking at Urban Planning theory to do their cities :P

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