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True Earth

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Sights From London


Today, we're returning to London to take a look at a number of iconic sights from across this amazing city. Our first stop is Piccadilly Circus - first constructed back in 1819, its become one of the world's most famous intersections over the years. Today it connects five different streets - Regent Street, Shaftesbury Avenue, The Haymarket, Coventry Street and Glasshouse Street - and is an important meeting place and one of London's most popular attractions.


The Palace of Westminster is another one of the city's most iconic Landmarks. Sitting on the edge of the River Thames, it's hard to miss - and its famed Big Ben clock tower is one of the world's most recognizable buildings. The entire structure has been expanded, rebuilt, and renovated a number of times since its original construction back in 1016 - and now is home to the House of Commons and House of Lords.




The suburbs of London are filled for as far as the eye can see with terrace lined streets.


Park Crescent has been one of London's most recognizable estates since its completion in the early 1800s. Complete with a private garden, these curved terraces are well known for their elegance.


A view of iconic St. Paul's Cathedral at nighttime with a couple of the City's other landmarks - including the Millennium Bridge and the London Stock Exchange.




A nighttime rainfall in Canary Wharf - one of London's most important financial districts.



The skyline of London's other financial district - The City - is ever evolving and changing. Our trip concludes with a glimpse into the future to see a number of newly completed and soon to be completed skyscrapers towering over the historic city core - a truly breathtaking sight.



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Previous Update: "Western U.S."


Thanks to @Androgeos, @Krasner, @art128, @jakis, @Toby Ferrian, @ESP15, @Handyman, @CorinaMarie, @Duco, @mike_oxlong, @The British Sausage, @redfox85, @Silur, @mrsmartman, @kingofsimcity, @Cyclone Boom, @RobertLM78, @JP Schriefer, @Odainsaker, @_Michael. @nos.17, @9gruntsand1hammer, @bobolee, @tonyr, @Prophet42, @Hanson784, @MAW, @feyss, @scotttbarry, @PHBSD, & @juliok92012 for all the likes!



Recommended Comments

I have been there once, early 90's. 

But hé, now I can say: twice.

Again, nice job!!

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A minor nitpick - the bolded word appears to be missing:


Park Crescent has been one of London's most recognizable estates since its completion in the early 1800s. Complete with a private garden, these curved terraces are well known for their elegance.

The front of Buckingham Palace looks a bit empty without the guards. Just saying.

The terrace shot is beautiful, and for a fleeting moment I thought those were the standard Maxis low-density lots. ^_^

As with Lagos, my favourite shot is the last one - it's equally optimistic but it also shows just how the city is changing with the times.

All in all, a very nice view of London. It looks a lot better than when I was there last year (they apparently plopped barricades all over the place in the wake of a terrorist attack on London Bridge).

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@Androgeos Thanks for the comment and for catching that typo! I just updated the entry *;)

Unfortunately the Buckingham Palace BAT had that really empty area as part of the model which made it quite difficult to do any extensive relotting without there being glitches/strange overlapping/things looking weird without shadows. But if I'm able to find a a good guard prop I'll see if it's possible to update the pic later on.

Glad you liked the last pic too *:thumb: I think I'll try to do a couple more pics like that in the future (and maybe some more historical pictures, too) to really showcase how much cities can drastically change through the years!

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O_O  That railyard is amazing!    I like the view of the 'suburbs' as well *:)

I hope you moving across the pond doesn't mean that you're done with the USA - there's more from there I'd like to see *;)


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Thank you very much @RobertLM78! *:)

I'm done recreating the USA at least for a bit - but I think with this CJ I'm never truly *done* with any area or place so you'll get to see some more scenes from the US later on for sure *;)

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Needed to walk far to collect my dropped jaw, but still, this time there are a couple of teeny tiny details to comment. 

There are rare occasions when a player's work is such of a high quality that, if a few lower-quality elements are incorporated, it blatantly shows the deficiencies of these elements. This is the case with the Routemaster automata. I know, they are automata and they have limitations in their texturing and detailing; but they look like shiny red shoe boxes on the streets of London. They distracted me of looking the excellent recreation of Picadilly Circus. Same happened with the 20 Fenchurch building, the "walkie-talkie". With the bare eye, I'd say the scaling is completely off, and the texturing is for sure not faithful to the real building. Still, I understand the difficulties of recreating a city without having the SC4-ready BATs and having to look for models somewhere else. 

As said, these are microscopic details floating in the sea of a magnificent update, I could be here writing until tomorrow listing all the stuff I liked and found faithful to reality, or the recreation limitations you solved using clever solutions.

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fantastic, any chance you can give us the links where to download the walkie talkie?

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It's great to see the work of one so well cared (and improved) in recreation. Speechless! *:thumb:

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@TekindusT Thanks for the comment and feedback. I made a few subtle adjustments to the Routemasters and tweaked the color a bit so they shou;ldn't be so distracting now - I think the updated pictures are a little bit better now. As for the Walkie talkie, there was only one free model I could find on the internet and it wasn't very good so I pretty much had to live with it unfortunately. Although I've BATed some stuff for this CJ in the past like small buildings, bridges, nature related objects etc - BATing entire skyscrapers from scratch is probably where I'll have to draw the line.

@SS3K Thanks for the comment - the Walkie Talkie is a model I downloaded online and converted into a BAT for use in the game. It isn't very high quality though and I don't have the authors permission to redistribute as well so it's going to remain a private BAT for the time being.

@tonyr Thanks for the nice words! *:)

@KOSMO* Thanks for stopping by, glad you enjoyed it! Your Palace of Westminster BAT is truly legendary *:thumb:

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Your a Simtropolis national treasure. Your work showcases not only your amazing ability and creativeness, but the strength of the game and community - all the custom and modified custom content by you and others.  It's amazing (as usual) and inspires me to continue to play the game.  Thanks for continuing to share !

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