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  1. Sights From London

    It's great to see the work of one so well cared (and improved) in recreation. Speechless!
  2. Palace of Westminster

    Version 1.0.0


    Hi! The model is not 100% accurate to real world due to several complications during modeling. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. --------------------------- You'll find it in the landmarks menu. As usual in my BATs, no dependency is required.
  3. En cuanto a Lot, en España, a parte de Parcela, también solemos utilizar: Solar (generalmente en ciudades) o Finca (en el medio rural, aunque tembién se oye para zonas urbanas).
  4. Liberty Island



    It works like a decorative landmark. Plop the lot directly on water. Due to the size of the model, it has been divided in several props and some shadows has been lost, among others little things. I will continue working and I will try to improve it. All dependencies / props are included into the zip, just unzip and copy the entire folder into plugin's one and enjoy! KOSMO
  5. Sahara Terrain Mod

    It is perfect.
  6. Camp Nou

    Version 1.0.0


    Camp Nou ("New Field", often referred to as the "Nou Camp" in English) is an association football stadium in Barcelona, Spain. It has been the home of Fútbol Club Barcelona since its completion in 1957. With a seating capacity of 99,354, it is the largest stadium in Spain by capacity. It is also the largest stadium in Europe and the second largest association football stadium in terms of capacity. It has hosted numerous international matches at a senior level, including several matches 1982 FIFA World Cup, two UEFA Champions League finals and the football competition at the 1992 summer olympics. In another vein, Bruce Springsteen and U2, among others, often choose this stage to offer his great concerts in Spain.
  7. Security checkpoint

    Version 1.0.0


    A security checkpoint. Place it next to a road with the shelter over it. It works like a small police kiosk. --------------------- NO DEPENDENCIES Enjoy it!
  8. Electrical substation

    Version 1.0.0


    Tired of the same grisly, expensive and polluting power plants? Here I bring a small electrical substation to increase the realism of your cities. Plop cost: 4,500 Power generated: 6,000 Pollution: NONE -------------------- NO DEPENDENCIES Enjoy it!
  9. Version 1.0.0


    The Cathedral-Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar (Spanish: Catedral-Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar) is a Roman Catholic church in the city of Zaragoza, Spain. The Basilica venerates Blessed Virgin Mary, under her title Our Lady of the Pillar, praised as Mother of the Hispanic Peoples by Pope John Paul II. It is reputed to be the first church dedicated to Mary in history. Local traditions take the history of this basilica to the dawn of Christianity in Spain attributing to apparition to Saint James the Great the Apostle (Tradition holds that on 2 January 40 AD, while he was deep in prayer by the banks of the Ebro river at the roman city of Caesaraugusta, She appeared to him and gave a column of jasper and instructed him to build a church in her honor) who is believed by tradition to have brought Christianity to the country. This is the only reported apparition of Mary to have occurred before her believed Assumption. The temple was built between the 1st century AD (first roman temple) and 1961 (north tower completion), passing by many architectonic styles and several enlargements. ------------ NO DEPENDENCIES Enjoy it!