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  1. Canada

    The image of the prairie in Saskatchewan is simply stunning.
  2. Scenes From South America

    Seriously, these were possibly the most beautiful images I have ever seen in any diary. The work on them is simply flawless, too inspiring. Just great, korver, just great !!
  3. Update 40: Limited Love (Tanah Baru, Cibebek Utara)

    If you're talking about the river itself, it looks like an edited version of the RFR River... But I can not tell if it was in photoshop or if it is a different MMP. Great and realistic job, really one of the best scenes of slums I've seen in SC4!
  4. Ancient Ruins

    Incredible work, Korver!
  5. Great job! (as always haha)
  6. Show Us Your Small Towns

    A random city I did to test some new Bat's =D
  7. Patagonia

    It's just unbelievable the things you do with this game.
  8. Alijstar - The Venice of the North: The Mosaics

    What holy mastery to make European cities. Simply sensational!
  9. Asoura - A Japanese village on the sea

    Woow, great pictures!
  10. Suburbs 5

    Your city is getting very nice. I remember your diary at SCB, are you going to try to get back there or here?
  11. Update 10: 10 random pictures of Port de Caravella

    Your job at Lot Editor is phenomenal. Your city is fantastic. Keep it up!
  12. Sydney Panorama

    There are no words to describe this... just, wow.
  13. The City of a thousand Bridges

    This is one of the best mosaics I've seen in my entire SC4 time. It is truly incredible!
  14. Entry 3: The Oceanic Highway Belt - Longbeach

    I really liked your suburbs and the beaches you make. Especially the flora. Are you using any Tree Controller or is it just MMP?
  15. [Intro] Poemian Story.

    Great picture. Waiting for more =D.