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Toronto is the capital of Ontario - and with nearly 6 million people living in its metropolitan area, its the largest city in Canada as well. The city is a global center of banking, communications, and business - and its location makes it a vital transportation hub in the region. The city boats one of the best skylines in all of North America - with its downtown filled with an array of stunning buildings.

Our first stop is Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. Located on a small island in Lake Ontario, this waterfront airport was first opened back in 1939 as the city's first commercial airport and and has remained one of Canada's busiest airports ever since.


Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, the Port of Toronto has been connecting Toronto to the rest of the globe for nearly a century. Its convenient location - close by to railways, highways, and other shipping routes - has made it one of Canada's most important inland ports.


The downtown is filled with towering skyscrapers - such as the 951 foot tall First Canadian Place on the left.



One of the rare big snowfalls in the city.



A few of the city's recently completed skyscrapers: the 715 foot tall Bay Adelaide Centre West and 688 foot tall Ritz-Carlton Toronto.



Our last destination will be the city's most iconic landmark...


No trip to Toronto is complete without a trip to the famed CN Tower. First opening back in 1976, this 1,815 foot tall tower was the world's tallest freestanding tower upon completion. Be sure to visit the 360 degree rotating restaurant and the viewdeck at the top - on a clear day you can barely make out the skyline of Niagara Falls some 40 miles away.



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Previous Update: "Los Angeles"


Thanks to @CorinaMarie, @Toby Ferrian, @mike_oxlong, @SC4L0ver, @Dgmc2013, @redfox85, @_Michael, @Namiko, @bobolee, @Bastet69008, @tariely, @nos.17, @Silur, @BruceTedder, @MAW, @Lieux, @JP Schriefer, @MushyMushy, @Odainsaker, @nRVOUS, @scotttbarry, @The British Sausage, @Tonraq, @mrsmartman, @Ling Ziming, @raynev1, @Don_Pato, @Bluthlucidity, @PaulSawyer, @PHBSD, @Jonas_Chaves, & @matias93 for all the likes!


Recommended Comments

About the only issue is the airport - jets are banned from the airport, its turbo prop only.They recently tried to overturn this with a type of Jet that is as quiet as Turbo prop but it didnt go anywhere. One other fact: The principal user of the airport got a large chunk of the staru[ money for the airline as result of a lawsuit from a cancelled bridge to the island in the early 2000s. Otherwise it is fanatastic, and where buildings did not exist you find good replacements. And on a development for Toronto forum... KBMG tower is one of the more disliked solely because its a glass tower (hey atleast its not green glass, current en vogue for towers in this city). There are three seperate condo developments that will be taller then FCP, and sales start sometime next year, including a Foster tower and a Gehry tower. And winter wonderland? Oh god... more like winter hell. So much of the population is immigrants from snow less countries so when it hits, yeah not fun! I often say Toronto is prolly the only city in the world where you can be insulted by another driver in 150 different languages *:lol:

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It reminds me of my trip in southeastern Canada this summer vocation, my first trip abroad. I spent almost 2/3  my time in Toronto (one of my  favorite Northern American Cities) and it is indeed a very beautiful and developed city  as well as a great place to escape the hot weather (35℃ sunny days !!!) in southern mainland China (while during my stay,  most time the temperature won't be over 30℃ and it is pretty cool or a bit "cold" at night  in Toronto). Anyway, amazing job !!! :thumb:

Photos taken by myself with my phone:D (the camera is not that powerful)






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Nice work! I was determined to conquer my fear of heights on the CN Tower ~9 years ago. First was the open-air upper observation deck. I may have had my back pasted to the core of the tower but I did it. Uggggghhhh!!!!!! Next was the glass floor on the main observation deck. I strode up confidently and was faced with a bunch of screaming kids, happily jumping up and down on the glass panels. UGGGGHHHH!!!!! My traitorous feet refused to budge from the edge of the glass floor until my brother thoughtfully nudged me from behind. With thoughts of turning him into a eunuch dancing through my mind, I found myself out on the glass floor in full panic-mode.

Curse you, acrophobia! You win this round!

To this date, there's been no repeat effort.

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Nice!  You know, I'm not that far from Toronto.  It may seem further than it is because it's in Canada and I'm in the U.S, but it's reasonable to go up to Toronto for a long weekend.

I must ask though, where did you get the First Canadian Place?

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@weixc812 Thanks for the comment. No, no its not photoshopped... just for the record that would excessive photoshopping IMO and be way too much editing for my taste.

Its a custom overhanging lot I made, it can be downloaded here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/30kmdahlnp2gqff/RDQAquariumLot.zip?dl=0

You'll need RDQ's Maxis HD prop pack here (Just the aquarium model from it): http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3432. Make sure my lot and desc files load after it.

@Mr Saturn64 Thank you for the nice words! Its a model I downloaded from 3D warehouse, I exported it in 3dsmax and used it as a BAT on a lot for use in the game. I didn't make it though obviously so I won't be able to share the .sc4model file until I get the authors permission, so I'll see what I can do.

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beautiful work, I glad to see that someone and I mean you korvin ;) (btw weird emoji) still in almost in 2018 creates so wonderful content, thank you man

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Very good update, Toronto is a wonderful city. I love the photos of the airport and the port, I also like the snowy scene a lot, Great job as always Korver *:thumb:

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@Ling Ziming Thank you very much! Lovely pictures as well, thanks for sharing *:thumb:

@mike_oxlong Thanks for the comment! I hate heights as well, so I certainly know how you feel *:P

@TekindusT  Thank you! There's more downtowns to come in the near future *;)

@SC4L0ver Thanks for the comment *:)

@Akallan Thank you! Glad you liked the airport *:)

@Wallibuk Thanks for the nice words, glad you enjoyed it!

@Urban Constanta Thank you! *:D

@kelistmac  Thanks for the nice words!

@RobertLM78 Thank you very much! *:)

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One little accuracy complaint... that airport is way too diverse! :D It should be almost all Porter Airlines and maybe one or two Air Canada Jazz turboprops... they're the only one's flying out of YTZ.  Luckily there are Sim versions of both airlines' YTZ-compatible aircraft.  Looks great otherwise!  I see you already mentioned the BMO tower (aka First Canadian Place) was a custom BAT... did you also have to create Scotia Plaza, or is that one available somewhere?

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@mertzigzag Thank you for the comment! *:) Unfortunately, when I was making the airport I wasn't able to find any of those props so I just sorta had to make do with what I could find. The Scotia Plaza can be found here:


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Thanks for the Scotia link!  I think the Porter plane (and a few Air Canada Jazz variants) are part of this SCAG gate set and prop pack...


Not 100% sure though--I'm kind of overwhelmed by SCAG and other great airport content at this point. :)

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