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  1. Skyscrapers Galore! ^_^

    I stopped flying with United after the same thing happened to me. I hope they can trace where that hard drive is.
  2. Guess Who's Next V2

    Nope. Tonyr?
  3. Guess Who's Next V2

    nope tony?
  4. Guess Who's Next V2

    nope Phil?
  5. Update 45c: 2018 Holiday Travel Report

    Looks nice
  6. I don't know why this is listed as "Unlisted" but this is so good:
  7. Guess Who's Next V2

    Nop. Toothless?
  8. Best And Worst

    Best: The hair of WWE Donald Trump Worst: The hair of President Donald Trump Airbus A350 XWB
  9. Guess Who's Next V2

    Nope. Skimbo?
  10. The Antonym Game

    Rit (Another Dye Brand) Japanese Hip-hop
  11. AND - Eos System | "New Frontier"

    Welcome back! Been waiting for you ever since lol.
  12. The Antonym Game

    Mountainous earth Geology.
  13. True or False

    True, rain is always fun. I've been to several kinds of rain, the best being the middle of a typhoon... Have you ever been in a country where wearing a seatbelt is not enforced by law?
  14. Best And Worst

    Best: Watching HIstory Channel. Worst: Watching History Channel. Japanese Hip-hop.