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  1. Miyagi Industries Factory and Car Export Terminal

    Miyagi Industries Factory and Car Export Terminal - in this universe Miyagi Industries owns Ford and it's part of General Motors.
  2. Humble beginings of the seaport - Cargo Terminal

    Bel-Air , custom map made by me , LUT Sattelite, THEME: Not so rocky hills, road US Style I would not release this map because it was created for eye candy design and so it has some issues: - 1 airplane route -1 shipping route -1 rail route -1 highway route -81 tiles mod needed -the map has no resources -the map has no prebuild assets -the map has no prebuild trees -the map has no prebuild essential lighthouse -the main industrial area will be the seaport (Newport) but it would not be a functional seaport -the main suburban office park will be at the airport but the airport (La Salle International Airport - LSX) will be nonfunctional What i've done so far are parts of the seaport. Cargo Terminal, Lumber Export Terminal and WIP is Miyagi Industries Car Factory and Export Terminal. I never really played CS for more than 20 -30 minutes untill this build. So yes you can say it's my first time playing the game, but i do follow all the big CS youtubers and i did learned alot. I may get overboard with my seaport build cause IRL i do live near a huge port so it's easy to get inspiration. And this is the Lumber Export Terminal My question is: -Should i release a video for each terminal i build or should i make one video after the entire seaport is done with images from during construction and a final cinematic of the entire build?
  3. BAT Request Thread

    It would be amazing if someone could do the now demolished :(( Worldport Pan Am Terminal at JFK
  4. Chinatown

  5. Airman's Hangar

  6. IDS's (mostly) Minnesota BATs

  7. AngryMozart's BAT symphonies

    Man all those beauties <3 <3 <3
  8. Rivier, a rural environment

    looks good, what i would do is : -change the water and rock mod (the water is a bit unrealistic) -use some erosion on the shores -and get this little buddy
  9. Lagos

    oh boy, outstanding, man if you woudl release so0me of the assets that you've made for these series it would be amazing, i would build you a statue
  10. Welcome to Pololomia

    master of diagonals
  11. AngryMozart's BAT symphonies

    Yes it's very old from the 60s or 70s. BTW in my country they use this kind of trains for car transport
  12. AngryMozart's BAT symphonies

    Sir your work is amazing. It would be amazing if you can make those creations as MMPs also. Regarding the car ramps and autoracks. I had no ideea that there are covered ones Also south of my city i've found an abandoned ramp to unload cars from trains. Interesting thing is that is fixed.
  13. SimCity 4 Asset Review Episode 4

    No, I thank you for you're amazing assets. Sorry for the very owful audio, it was through some heavy edit, since i'm fighting a cold and my voice is almost gone.