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  1. @kschmidt - thank you :), this is not a recreation of the original route 66, it's a fictional one, even ttho you have some motels, gas stations, and in the future some small villages along it
  2. An Introduction to The URS

    wow, amazing use of diagonals and mmp's
  3. Let's design Bel-Air episode 7 - Route 66 part 5

    @Korver - thank you, we are almost done
  4. Let's design Bel-Air episode 6 - Route 66 part 4

    @korver - thank you
  5. Greece - Part III

    meteora looks like the real thing, great work

    great entry, lovely pictures
  7. Episode 4 - Route 66 part 2 - Sonic Drive In

    @korver -thank you @kelistmac - thank you, the map is custom made by hand
  8. Tour of Africa: Central Africa

    that farms area is amazing
  9. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    No, not that one. It was simple grey color. It was 2x3 not 2x4.
  10. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Hi. I used to have a multilevel car park, it was like a W2W building 2x4 tiles. I can't find it any more
  11. Episode 2 building the rail

    sorry for the graphic issues
  12. Tour of Africa: East Africa

    that wildlife scene