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  1. Teaser, districts & layout

  2. Mushy's Random BATs

    gorgeous <3 <3
  3. More Rural Development!

    amazing work, so realistic, i love it
  4. Entry 6 - Farms and Ranches

    nice mmp work and i like the canals. maybe a bit of an overkill with the animals
  5. Union Pacific Rail #4 - the rail is done

  6. Aarsgevogelte BAT's

    Perfect! Good to see you back
  7. Union Pacific Rail #3

  8. Union Pacific Rail #2

    Well, i got inspiration mostly from my home town and my region, and here the major rail lines and roads/higways never intersect. Always go one above the other. And you can see big viaducts or underpasses in the middle of nowhere e.g. Here and Here
  9. Union Pacific Rail #2

  10. Union Pacific Rail #1

  11. Union Pacific Rail #1

  12. Haussmann Reborn, Part 3 (Anno 2047)

    Amazing photo editing skills.