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This package contains a variety of updates for Throvin’s Asphalt Highway Texture mod which helps to make it more compatible with the NAM and other downloads lurking in your plugins folder.

Since the mod’s release, various new pieces for the Maxis Highway (MHW) network have been added by the NAM team and do not contain an asphalt texture. They will remain concrete-based while the rest of the highway is asphalt-based.

An alternative is to use Mandelsoft’s Highway Restyling (HRS) mod, but some still like the grey look of Thorvin’s textures on our highway network.


The screenshots displayed show compatibility with various components

-Screenshot 1: Pieces fully compatible and textured for the NAM

-Screenshot 2: Textured base Maxis highway network pieces

-Screenshot 3: Pieces fully compatible and but not properly textured for the NAM



This mod has only one dependency file, and that is the Asphalt Highway Texture by Thorvin



-Euro Highway Texture replacements by Thorvin

-Highway Signs remover by Mandelsoft

-On-Slope connection texture by OnlyPlace4

-Diagonal ramp pieces by Warrior

-Updated Asphalt Highway Textures by Samerton

-Packaging and documentation by Haljackey


If you have any questions regarding the mod, post below for support.




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    • By Kim Shien
      Hi all...
      I need help about NAM...
      When I choose the icon, but can't build the road...arrow also red color.
      I use WINDOWS 10 X64, RAM 16GB, Display Adapter is NVidia GeForce 930A
      My SimCity game also already updated to 1.640...
      Can anyone give suggestion what can I do or something...please, thanks.

    • By CaptCity
      Welcome to the NAM General Support Topic. Please post your questions concerning NAM 36 and its components here.
      Get the newest version:
      It is also available on the LEX. (You must be registered and logged in to see the link.)
      A special note about the Diagonal Bridge Enabler: Please read the instructions for its use. If the game's water "disappears," the instructions were not followed.
      It is recommended that you check this topic for solutions to common questions and issues.
      If you have any particular requests or suggestions for new NAM features, please see this topic. 

    • By Tarkus
      The NAM requires SimCity 4 Deluxe/Rush Hour Version 1.1.638 or later. It will not run on Original SimCity 4 (any Version 1.0.x of SC4) and attempting to run it on Original SimCity 4 will cause the game to crash. Because of the massive changes to how transit networks are handled in SimCity 4 Deluxe/Rush Hour, it is not possible to make a version of the NAM that is compatible with Original SimCity 4 (ditto with 99.999% of all custom content out there, which requires Rush Hour/Deluxe).

      Note: This list is continually undergoing additions and construction.
      Here, you will find answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the NAM, including common technical support issues. It also covers optional NAM Components, like the RHW, SAM, etc. If your question is not answered here, the quickest way to get a response is generally by posting in the NAM Issues Thread at SC4 Devotion, or the NAM General Support Topic at Simtropolis. Please note that this particular thread is not intended for asking new questions or commenting. Any irrelevant posts will either be moved or deleted by the site staff.


      STEX = Simtropolis Exchange (http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/category/1-simcity-4/'>http://www.simtropol...ry/1-simcity-4/ )
      LEX = SimCity 4 Devotion Lot EXchange (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/Default.htm'>http://sc4devotion.c...lex/Default.htm)
      You must be logged in at either of these exchanges in order for the download links to work properly.

      Network Addon Mod Version 36

      http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=851'>SC4D LEX
      ModDB Page
      Please Note: Due to Apple's removal of Rosetta, we are no longer offering a separate NAM for Mac package, and will not provide technical support to Mac users.  We recommend that Mac users run the Windows version, using either a dual-boot system (e.g. Bootcamp) or a kernel layer like WineSkin.

      NAM Common Technical Support Issues

      1. Why am I getting a red arrow, preventing me from placing certain puzzle pieces, like Avenue Roundabouts or RHW pieces?

      2. What is the correct order for installing the NAM and its Plugins?

      3. After installing the latest NAM, why do my Railroads, Light Rail and Monorail no longer work?

      4. Why is my game crashing to desktop after placing puzzle pieces?

      5. What is going on with the traffic simulator options?

      6. After installing the latest NAM, why are there missing textures at my Road intersections?

      7. What is BSC Cleanitol?

      8. Should I DatPack the NAM?

      9. When is the next NAM coming out? Or the next RHW, etc.?

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