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This package contains a variety of updates for Throvin’s Asphalt Highway Texture mod which helps to make it more compatible with the NAM and other downloads lurking in your plugins folder.

Since the mod’s release, various new pieces for the Maxis Highway (MHW) network have been added by the NAM team and do not contain an asphalt texture. They will remain concrete-based while the rest of the highway is asphalt-based.

An alternative is to use Mandelsoft’s Highway Restyling (HRS) mod, but some still like the grey look of Thorvin’s textures on our highway network.


The screenshots displayed show compatibility with various components

-Screenshot 1: Pieces fully compatible and textured for the NAM

-Screenshot 2: Textured base Maxis highway network pieces

-Screenshot 3: Pieces fully compatible and but not properly textured for the NAM



This mod has only one dependency file, and that is the Asphalt Highway Texture by Thorvin



-Euro Highway Texture replacements by Thorvin

-Highway Signs remover by Mandelsoft

-On-Slope connection texture by OnlyPlace4

-Diagonal ramp pieces by Warrior

-Updated Asphalt Highway Textures by Samerton

-Packaging and documentation by Haljackey


If you have any questions regarding the mod, post below for support.




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      Now of course right now, this isn't hugely tested so I don't want to jump the gun, but it seems if 3DS 2017 works with this fix, then it should work for earlier affected versions, am I right in saying that's 2016, possibly 2015 too?
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      Where can i find a most basic how to tutorial in using NAM RHW? Whats the proper set up for connecting neighbors using NAM for example 8C? 
      Currently overwhelmed. 
    • By Haljackey
      I get asked a lot what mods I use for this game, especially when it comes to highway props and add-ons.
      Here's a short list of some content that I use to make your highways looking nice!
      Firstly, get the NAM if you haven't already. This list is for the RHW so make sure you check off that during install.
      Generic signs
      The first thing you're going to need is some signs. Unlike the Maxis highway that has signs randomly generate on the highway, the RHW needs some work. Luckily, there's a lot of signs out there and lets you customize the crap out of this.
      For a simple, generic set, I recommend this set. Large, easy to read and also easy to plop.
      And for your roads connecting to the highways, here's a simpler set
      Hazard signs
      Along with general signs, you'll want some hazard markers too to let your drivers know about curves, speed limits, ending lanes, and other things the road can throw at you. Best to give them plenty of notice!
      I'm lazy when it comes to this. Plopping lights takes a lot of time if you want uniform street lighting. Instead, go above 'street level' with some towers that light up a much larger area!
      No matter how 'nice' your highways look, they're a NIMBY and no one wants to live near them. To minimize the folks who do have their homes close by, dampen the sound and light a bit with these walls that I find look great in both urban and suburban environments
      Keep some right of way free if you ever want to expand your highways. Also if you have a median make it look nice! These 'empty' areas can also help absorb air pollution from the busy roads
      I like to use the standard open grass area a lot, but you can fill it in with some tree park plops such as...
      Example of one of the endless possibilities of what your highway can look like:
      Click here for full size

      Anyways hope this helps out anyone looking to improve the aesthetic appeal of their highways! Add some other features to make it your own unique creation!
      Anything to add? Please post suggestions below!

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