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  1. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    Started with this: The tricks are to get 2 diagonal MIS starters in place (using either RHW-4 E1 or diagonal RHW-4 A1 ramp pieces, in the old Ramps tab ring), remove the stubs of L1 45 degree MIS FlexFlys, and draw the DxD crossings half by half. The FlexFly stub needs to be removed because it seems to require more space to be able to make the crossing. Watch this step-by-step gif (duration 60 sec.). The first generation result. An RHW 4-to-6 transition piece (upper left) was too close by the FlexFly crossing. This is how to convert these two crossings correctly. After the first build, I thought the acceleration and deceleration lanes were too long (10 tiles) according to Haljackey's guide, so I moved the transition pieces nearer (6-9 tiles). This is the final result. The MIS loop transition plus DxD crossing turns out to resemble a loop ramp very well... and save much space.
  2. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    Watched the video series by Ganaram Inukshuk the other day and discovered a lot of new features in RHW, particularly the draggable ramps and the RHW disconnector. The draggable ramps were hard to memorize but work out very well; now I don't need to put redundant RHW starters; they are only required in the area in the middle to stablize the monster of intersections. The RHW disconnector tool is very neat; it greatly saves my time and saves me from frustration; when I was modifying little parts it prevented massive degeneration that happens with the ordinary bulldozer. I did not plan anything, just messing around and aiming for a tight footprint, as usual...
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