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  1. The Leaving / Returning Thread

    Hello, I'm finally back here after around 4 years. I find out that simtropolis has changed quite a lot, with lots of new members coming in (wow, another 9,000 will mean that the community reaches 700,000 members) and losing a dear friend as well as searching for the city journals that I followed those several years ago. Unfortunately, I don't have any personal computer at this moment (planning to buy a new one by spring) and my past projects are all entirely lost, perhaps for good. Currently I have to go by train everyday between Antwerpen and Leuven (perhaps up to the next 5 months) and still pretty busy most of the time. Anyway, best wishes and live long Simtropolis. Greetings, Jason
  2. Tribute to A Nonny Moose

    I have been entirely inactive in the last 4 years ofzo and after logging in again after four years, it's pretty shocking to read that the beloved moose has passed away a year ago. My deepest condolences for families & friends. Rest In Peace my dear friend, Nonny Moose. Jason
  3. Arnoma Hotel Relot

  4. Marina