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  1. Thanks mrbisonm,not back fully since this upload but need to get back into it
  2. B62 Remastered: The Forsaken Files Volume 2

    Your still at it on these lots,Well keep up the great work
  3. C88- Bank Pack

    Great to see something from you,Nicely done as well
  4. Take it or Leave it pack

    Night Lighting or not this looks like a nice set of buildings
  5. mipro

    The Guardian building Looks really good Jason
  6. I was not familier with those mods but looked them up. I don't know why paradox/CO won't increase the limit's, it might well fix this type of glitch.
  7. Do you have any mods installed that change the trains? That is weird,I have not been playing the game much so I don't know if it's a glich or something conflicting.
  8. Looks good Aaron I really like it
  9. That's the same problem I have been having & have not been able to get around.I was only able to successfully export a textured box but anything more & nothing. Since your model did work before & you did not change it then I would say an update changed something to mess it up.
  10. Are you importing a in game template if so that is odd as those should definitely work. The updates may be the cause.
  11. I have had this problem for a long time now it seems the game is picky with what it imports,anything more then a single object & it won't work at least for me.I never noticed the blue on my problem though just the blank asset screen preview. If that same model worked before it's possible the recent updates are the cause unless you changed something significant.
  12. Tribute to A Nonny Moose

    Sorry to hear that he provided lots of help on the forums will definitely be missed.
  13. Bipin's American Roadsign Collection

    These are very realistic excellent work
  14. United Kingdom

    Nice Map
  15. American School Bus Prop Pack

    Well Done set