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  1. Industrial Revolution Mod

    Thanks @T Wrecks. There are a lot of files. Do you have a list or Excel spreadsheet with all the files and a picture of each of them? If so, could you post them here? Thanks. To be honest I do not have the time for all of this and I only have access to this game every few months. But if all of us here could break up the work, we could come up with a non-replacement version that won't affect people's older cities. We could upload files with the new IIDs on this forum and @T Wrecks could compile that and upload it as a non-replacement version.
  2. Industrial Revolution Mod

    Hi @T Wrecks, as wonderful and fantastic as the IRM is one of the main caveats is that it is incompatible with cities that existed prior to installation of the IRM. Given how long SC4: Rush Hour/Deluxe has been out that is a problem that exponentially increases over time. Cities that have been around for several years may be inaccessible to many users after installation. That is something to strongly consider and I can only imagine how many countless hours went to re-creating so many lots. Is there a version of this that does not override Maxis lots? There are already blockers for Maxis-made lots (e.g. @DuskTrooper's blocker here: https://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/16393-block-all-maxis-buildings-by-dusktrooper/). So one could install a version of the IRM that does not override the Maxis defaults then install a blocker to prevent the Maxis lots from growing. (Note: It's been quite a long time and I have not logged on since 7 May 2017. So if there are updates I missed kindly tell me. Thanks!)
  3. Long overdue Announcement: Stylish has revamped their add-on. Make sure you update to their latest version before installing my CSS script in the links on the first post on this thread.
  4. Movies in the works.

    I'm not a hardcore Star Wars fan; so some of the items and scenery featured here will make better sense and be better understood by fans. The cinematography is absolutely superb.
  5. Show us your Rush Hour / Traffic Jams

    WOW! You never cease to amaze everyone here. Is this 'real' traffic or are these custom LOTs with static (not moving) cars on top of road textures?
  6. Southeast Asia

    I still have no idea how you pull it off each time. I'm speechless. That was a LOT of work. The amount of terraforming involved for the Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar and the recreations of the monuments in Indonesia, Cambodia and Myanmar must have taken days.
  7. President Donald Trump and his Administration

    Some harmless humor.
  8. BATs by afagund

    Use postimage.org or imgur.com to upload your images. Copy the BBCode with the link and paste it here.
  9. Entry no.42 - Waterways of Baycole

    This is just spectacular. Brilliant work.
  10. Tribute to A Nonny Moose

    Thanks to the site administrators for honoring the request to memorialize his account and include his avatar at the top of the site header. In just the same way as Mr. Winterton welcomed most of the members of the site in some way, I think it's fair for him to be remembered and continue greeting new members to the site even after he is gone.
  11. Eréphore - Pt. I

    Absolutely fantastic. So Beautiful! By the way how did you get the MMPs under the bridge? Most people use MMPs that extend for more than 1 tile but yours seems so seamless.