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A small banana republic in South America

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''Good morning passengers. This is the pre-boarding announcement for flight CM648 with service to Panama City. We are now inviting those passengers with small children, and any passengers requiring special assistance, to begin boarding at this time. Please have your boarding pass and identification ready. Regular boarding will begin in approximately ten minutes time. Thank you''.

Happy new year everyone! This will be my very first CJ post for 2015 and the last for San Theodoros (for the moment). New year, new CJ! We will be heading to the waters of the South Pacific this time! Thank you to all the viewers and those who kindly let comments on this CJ!









Ancient Temple Complex of Waxuktún

Estado de Guerrero

Although 90% of Arumbayas now live in the deep jungles of San Theodoros, they are known to be the descendants of one of the greatest civilizations in the Americas. The Arumbayas established themselves as a small tribe of fishermen along the coasts of Modern San Theodoros during the Pre-classic period (2000 BC to AD 250). Following regular raids of the Jivaro and Carib indians during the early classic period (AD 250 to AD 900), the Arumbayas started to develop cities that would prevent them from being attacked by other tribes. These cities reached a very high state of development starting AD 900 and the Arumbaya developed a civilization that became the most powerful in the region until the arrival of French Explorers in San Theodoros.

The Arumbayas were well known for their art, architecture, mathematical and astronomical systems, even though they did not possess any form of writing system. The French explorers landing in San Theodoros were amazed by the beauty of the site of Waxuktún and considered the Arumbayas a threat to the settling of colons in the region. Following a war between the Arumbayas and the French, the remaining members of the tribe hid in the deep jungle of the country and never returned to the coast. Because of the lack of materials to rebuild their glorious civilization, the Arumbayas went back to live the way their ancestors lived in the past, in wooden huts.






Arumbaya Art




THANK YOU GUYS FOR YOUR COMMENTS! It's 4:00 AM here in Montreal, Canada, I'm pretty tired but can't get some sleep. I'm a little lazy to answer all the comments but I'd like to thank you all for your comments, I appreciate it a lot! :thumb: As an apology for not answering, here's a small update!

Prefeitura de Goiana

Estado de Picuí

The Prefecture of Goiana is the largest city and the seat of the government of the State of Picuí, the smallest state in San Theodoros. That region is located along the border with Brazil, making it the second Portuguese-speaking enclave in San Theodoros, after the Islands of Trinidad and Cayo Coco.

The state is widely known in San Theodoros for its microclimate and its beautiful pink and purple Jacaranda trees. During the dry season, from May to October, the lack of rain makes the levels of the local rivers go down and exposes tens of kilometers of beautiful sandy beaches. Those beaches, along with the natural hot water wells, are a significant tourist attraction and San Theodorans massively come to populate the city of Goiana during the weekends, national holidays or for a larger period of time. The city has today a permanent population of 41,000 inhabitants, but this number goes up to 500,000 people during the peak tourism season. This situation forced the local government to massively build hotels, mansions and condominiums in order to accommodate the tourists as well as a massive BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) System.

Surrounded by plateaus, verticalization was a necessity and Goiana is now considered one of the densest cities in Latin America, with a significant number of high rises per capita.The city hosts major national events such as the Goiana Country Show, a national festival of Country/Sertanejo music, a genre of Brazilian origin that won the hearts of most San Theodorans, including El Presidente!











Thanks Schriefer!

You’re welcome to the Marriott amigo!

Thanks a lot!

Thanks Eugene, can’t wait for you next updates


Thanks Julio


Yes! The mall is available here

Don’t forget to download all the dependencies!

Thank you very much!

Yes it is!

Don’t forget your sunscreen compadre!

Thanks a lot!

Obrigado amigo!

Well, maybe that’s because I’ve been more than once in LatAm, Poverty and violence are far from being the first things that come to my mind when I think of South America.

Thanks for your comment


Much cheaper than Cancun or the Bahamas and much more authentic


Homemade textures by Heblem! I use them all the time because they are a much better option

and the hotels are made by Simgoober, they are all available on the STEX

All my work is made with the Lot Editor. The textures are personal textures made by Heblem and they are not available for download. I generally make big lots and then simply plop them in the game. Thanks for your comment amigo


Já mandei no 4shared


Ciudad de San Andrés

Estado de Boyacá

San Theodoros is back! Been pretty busy with RL stuff between work and studies, just graduated from university (yayy) and now looking for a job. Meanwhile I had a little extra time to work on my new city


So, welcome to the city of San Andrés, capital of the State of Boyacá! Located in the North of the country, bordering French Guiana, the State of Boyacá is the agricultural heart of San Theodoros. That region is known worldwide for its great coffee and fruits. More recently, it converted into a major center for the production of textile, steel, cement and pharmaceutical products. The city is experiencing a significant development and the region of Boyacá is the richest in the country, San Andrés being the third richest city after Los Dopicos (our proud capital city, Viva!) and Rio de Maio in our nation.

The city was founded in 1701 by Colombian separatists, at the same time, Venezuelan separatists would found the city of Los Dopicos. In order to fund the rebellion against the Spanish Crown presence in South America, Los Separatistas will extensively develop agriculture and industry in those two regions. San Andrés still bears the heavy influence of those Colombian refugees, with traditional Vallenato Music, the sombreros vueltiaos (traditional hats) and the Bandeja Paisana, a local version of the Colombian bandeja paisa.



Plaza del Pueblo, a gigantic plaza where most of the colonial center can be found


Some residential neighborhoods near the Downtown area


View of the Central Bus Station of the city




A Parent-teacher reunion in a local school












Thanks a lot my friend!

Well, I might have exaggerated a little bit, but some places in the world actually experience similar traffic!

Thanks a lot!



;) It's a city in the Puno region that borders the Titicaca lake, nearby the Bolivian border. But many low income neighborhoods of Lima actually look like this

I used several RL pictures of Juliaca Peru as an inspiration. Trying to be as realistic as possible


Haha Tanks Mat!

Muito obrigado my friend


Thanks a lot mate!


Thank you!

Thanks man, hope you'll like this one!

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Thanks eugene! Well I don't know if it's my best work, It didn't took me much time to do it. But I think the photo editing is better than what I used to do, which adds more realism to the pictures. In any case, thanks a lot!

I visited lot of Peruvian cities, and every single one had a cristo blanco, including Juliaca


The buses and the powerlines come from the LBT prop pack that is available on the STEX.

Thanks a lot! Yes indeed, everything is non-functional 100% Lot Editor


;) Everything is non functional and the cars are props!

Hell yeah!

Haha thanks


Thanks a lot Huston!

Thank you! Appreciate it!

Thanks my friend!

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Thank God the lot editor exists!

Playa de los Cocoteros

Trinidad Island

Okay so I've been pretty busy lately with my job and my exams at the university, but San Theodoros is back on track!

After experiencing the rough life in the mining city of Hullaqa, we're back to the island of Trinidad, and the Playa de los Cocoteros, a place rocked by the trade winds, caressed by the Atlantic Ocean, a place blessed by the gods.

Pure pleasure for the eyes,when facing the incredible color chart offered by mother nature. Pure pleasure of the senses, offering you a wide range activities which will make your stay unforgettable.

Extend over the sand, feet in the water, dive in the discovery of coral reefs, see the wind rushing into the sails of the traditional boats under a sky without any stain, learning everything of the natural reserves...For the less adventurous of you, sit back, relax and enjoy the sun sipping a frozen tropical fruit cocktail, experience fine dining or set the dance floor on fire!

Everything is possible in Playa de los Cocoteros, and you will feel so well here!

Relaxation, drunkenness, freedom, well-being...

We shall say about your photos that they have been photoshopped and of the story of your stay that this is exaggerated. But they're not!

Welcome to paradise, welcome to Playa de los Cocoteros!




Choose your hotel!


Treasure Island Paradise, San Theodoros' largest, most famous and luxurious resort. It features 1 pool, 3 indoors pools, a spa, 8 restaurants, 3 bars, 2 nightclubs and 1 casino. It is a privileged destination for rich San Theodoran families and tourist from all over the world!


Sheraton Maria Isabel: originally built to accommodate business tourists, it features a casino as well as a convention center.


Marriott Coral Palace del San Theodoros. Features 2 large swimming pools, a giant hot tub as well as tennis courts. A perfect place to stay for a good price in Playa de los Cocoteros.


Omni Siesta Inn, very popular among spring breakers.


Just like its neighouring competitor, the Westin Salsa y Merengue is one of the best deals when it comes to cheap vacations in paradise.Features a huge swimming pool and a small casino.





Thanks Hazani!

Thank you

;) Those roads literally changed my life as a SC4 player, I was tired of the standard Maxis roads, those ones are more realistic to me.

Hahaha well, I could have added more sunbathers props on the beach, I was a bit lazy on that one, but be assured that the beaches in Rio de Mayo are filled with thousands of beautiful chicks

Thanks a lot pingpong!

Obrigado Luiz, really appreciate it coming from a true Carioca


Obrigado my friend!

Thank you !


Thanks buddy!

Haha well this is a pretty rich city


Thank you!

The Copacabana sidewalk I used is not available for download and I am not authorized to distribute it, but some great Copacabana textures are available on the STEX :

As for the texture on the avenue median and the sidewalk near the buildings, it is a regular BSC texture

Thanks for your comment my friend, again the textures I used are mostly BSC textures that are available on the BSC Mega texture pack

Thank you!

Thanks a lot! Totally agree,

Some of the best buses modeled so far

;) As for the cars you can't actually disable the traffic in the game, unless play with the pause mode from the beginning. My cities are 100% eye-candy and made with the LE, so nothing is functional, all the cars are props, not automata. Thanks for your comment!

The road textures are a custom pack made by Heblem from LBT Team. It is not available for download, but I can send you the files.

Thanks simcityplayer15! Again, everything I make is eye-candy, props only, nothing functional.

Thanks a lot my Ontarian friend (and neighbour)! Currently -17C in Quebec


Thank you!


Thanks a lot!



You will always be welcome in San Theodoros! Thank you!

Thank you TekindusT!

Obrigado my Goiano friend! Really appreciate it! The road textures and the Calçada are not available for download, but the rest is



Thanks a lot!

Thank you very much!

Thanks feeroz! Well, you probably play using automata, I don't. My work is 100% Lot Editor, nothing is functional, the cars are static props

Obrigado! I'M using the HD White Sand Beach Mod (

) and the Cabo de Arraial Beach Mod for the Water. The water mod is not available for download anymore, since it was exclusively available on the SimCityBrasil Website, which doesn't work anymore. Some people are working to get it back on track, but the custom content that is available for download disappeared.

Thank you!

Thanks a lot Ben!

Thank you!

Thanks a lot


Estado Nuevo del Altiplano, Ciudad de Hullaqa

Hullaqa (pronounce H-u-lia-kha) is the third largest city in San Theodoros with about 225,000 inhabitants, located to the east of the Gran Chapo desert, in the department of Estado Nuevo del Altiplano. On the San Theodoran Altiplano, the city is 2,500 meters (8,202 feet) above sea level causing locals and visitors to call it The City In The Clouds. It is surrounded by mountains filled with gold, diamonds, copper, iron and silver. The high concentrations of precious metals (the highest in the world) lead to a gold-and-everything-that-is-worth-many-pesos rush after the end of the Gran Chapo war between San Theodoros and its neighboring country, Nuevo Rico in 1937. San Theodoros became then one of the richest countries in the world. Unfortunately, an earthquake destroyed the whole city in 1956, and following the rise to power of dictator General Tapioca in 1959, poor management and corruption prevented the government from making investments, leaving Hullaqa almost abandoned.

Following the arrival to the presidential palace of General Alcazar in 1972, the San Theodoran communist junta heavily invested in the modernization of the infrastructures all over the country, which was suddenly stopped because the government wanted to modernize its military forces. The city, which was slowly recovering from the wounds of the past, saw thousands of new immigrants from all over the country and South America. Despite the enormous resources of the region, the city is the poorest in the country. General Alcazar’s government promised a $350 billion investment to rebuild the whole city and turn it into the country’s most modern city.

Overview of the city, located in the middle of the mountains.


Chaotic traffic in the streets of Hullaqa. 90% of the streets of the city are not paved and are pretty narrow, which makes Hullaqa the worst place in San Theodoros to drive.





The Cristo Blanco a 30 meters (98ft) tall art deco statue, built in 1960 after the terrible earthquake in order to protect the city. Hundreds of people come each day to pray or visit this monument.





Hazani Pratama



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Trying to do my best ! Thanks Huston!


Thanks a lot Eugene, appreciate it!

Ln X

Thanks for your comment :yes:


Well, I'm pretty sure you'll never come home, the next hotspot in Rio de Mayo is paradise! As for the virgin Cuba Libre, bring it on!


Thanks a lot!

Hahaha, actually I was expecting some of my Brazilian friends to comment on that part

:P You guys probably saw the basic info on San Theodoros we are a proud Spanish-speaking nation! But we cannot deny our Portuguese heritage! The official language of San Theodoros is Spanish, although Portuguese, French and Aboriginal languages are spoken in our small nation. The picture from the favela is a screenshot of the State-TV SANTHEO NEWS, which is exclusively in Spanish. Still, the Portuguese influence is very strong in Rio de Mayo, and most people speak Portuguese as a first language in that part of the country, which explains why so many places names are in Portuguese ;) Thanks for your comments guys! Obriggg...gracias! :thumb:


Great to see a comment of a true Carioca! Obrigado Jonas!


Thank you!


Thanks a lot :thumb:

Rio de Mayo Pt.2


Copabacana Beach : the heart and soul of Rio de Mayo. Where Mariocas and tourists come to experience a piece of paradise. Copabacana is one of those places blessed by the gods, that one would never forget. Experience High-end restaurants or have a frijolada in a small lunchonete (traditional San Theodoran restaurant), take your girlfriend to one of those fancy cinemas along the Avenida Pacífico, then end up on the sand until the morning light, enjoy a fresh coconut water or a fresh tropical juice from our famous kioskos de suco and feel the heat of the best nightclubs in town. Welcome to Copabacana!










Thanks! The avenue is not a Mod, it is 100% made with the Lot Editor, the textures come from a pack made by Heblem, which is not available for download, and the medians are props made by Erjolog, and are available on the STEX. Check on the Simtropolis Omnibus section, there is a great tutorial on how to make your own textures!

Thanks a lot!

Thank you! Again, it's 100% lot editor, so nothing functional, but you can actually use those props in Maxis avenues, by creating a lot and transit-enabling it! The medians are available here:

As for the houses, they are available in the LBT house pack:


Thank you very much ccy!

Well, stand by for the coming update

;) Thanks for your comment!

Thanks my friend!

Could be your next vacation destination

;) Thank you!

LBT stuff and Goldvia Palm trees give an amazing tropical feeling to SC4, thanks mate!

Welcome to San Theodoros!

Also freezing my butt in Canada, that makes two of us! Come visit us in San Theodoros!

Yes we did! And we also stole the French part and turned it into a natural reserve

:D Thanks a lot Kruness!

Wish I could be there

;) Gracias amigo!

Thank you very much Ben, appreciate it!

That's why so many people still play this amazing game, custom content! Takes SC4 to another level and allows us to create anything! Thanks a lot for your comment!

Rio de Mayo


Okay,so moving West to the main Island, Trinidad! Its capital, Rio de Mayo is San Theodoros' second largest city, with more than a million souls. Because of its strategic position on the Atlantic Ocean, it was used as the main hub to trade goods. Rio de Mayo's port is still the country's busiest port and thanks to the development of manufacturing, agriculture, oil and mining industry, the city is now San Theodoros' richest city, despite huge social inequalities that remain.

Founded by the Portuguese, the city still reflects the Portuguese colonization and 80% of the inhabitants (called the Mariocas) speak Portuguese.

Welcome to Rio de Mayo!

Centro: Downtown Rio de Mayo. Because of its early development, many neoclassical buildings can be found in the center of Rio de Mayo, which is a unique feature in San Theodoros. Some classical architecture can also be found in that area, the most famous landmark being the Teatro Municipal, inspired by the Opera Garnier in Paris.


Estádio Jornalista Assis Chateaubriand known as the Maracaxá: Despite its small size, this stadium is considered the temple of football, which is considered a religion in San Theodoros.


A football game between San Theodoros' most famous teams, Flamengo do San Theodoros and Fluminense do San Theodoros


Morro de Nova Esperança: Because of the huge development of the city, people from all over the country came to Rio de Mayo. Some found success and wealth, others ended up in favelas, the most notorious being the Favela da Nova Esperança. It is often said that Rio de Mayo is a city located at the corner of Heaven and Hell.



Police Operation in the Favela






Always the first to comment, thanks a lot Schulmanator!

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Hope your project is doing good, thanks a lot Eugene!



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Thank you Hazani!

Gracias Hermano! Viva el San Theodoros!

Thank you amigo!

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Haha thanks a lot my friend, unfortunately we don't have many old cars in the game and most of them are automatas, that's a little bit difficult since all my work is made with the LE. In any case, thanks for your comment!

Obrigado amigo! Almost all the colonial buildings on those pictures come from the LBT colonial pack. You can download it here:


Thanks amigo!



Thank you Kruness, I am also a fan of your work


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Thanks a lot Benedict!

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I would like to thank you all for our comments and ''likes'' which allowed me to be the 1st on Ben's top ten CJs for last week! Muchas Gracias compadres, que Viva el San Theodoros!

Cayo Coco


Located 50 km to the east of the shores of San Theodoros, the Islands of Trinidad and Cayo Coco are a very popular tourist destination. The islands were discovered by Portuguese explorers and the Island still retain a clearly visible Portuguese Influence. The city of Itapua is one of the the most beautiful colonial cities of the world, and the Prefeitura of Trinidad, Rio de Maio reminds many travelers of the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Cayo Coco is a tiny island located 3 km to the South East of the island of Trinidad. Previously uninhabited, this small island is now a popular destination for Sunbathers, surfers and snorkelers. Because of the popularity of the white sand beaches of Trinidad, many resorts were built by local and multinational hotel companies. In an attempt to protect this small island, local authorities built a single luxury complex named AlphaVille 1 which has limited capacities. Nonetheless, hundreds of tourists invade the island each day as part of an excursion package. Some music and some photos, grab your bathing suit, your beach towel and your sunscreen, Welcome to Cayo Coco! (I'm not very satisfied with the pictures, but I'm showing them anyways)









El Centro Colonial



Thanks a lot!



Thank you! Hope you will like the next pictures!

Again trying to be as realistic as I can, thanks Benedict!

Obrigado my friend!



The city of Los Dopicos is famous all around the world for its beautiful colonial center that reflects the influences of the four main colonizing powers of the country, the French, the Portuguese, the Spanish and the Dutch.

Traditional San Theodoran music, this is the instrumental version of the most famous and the most popular song in San Theodoran Culture ''General Alcazar''. A song glorifying the great leader of our nation. Viva!

Interpreted by famous San Theodoran guitar player Compay Primero from the Linda Vista Social Club






Downtown Los Dopicos



Thanks a lot for your comment

;) I'll try to post better updates in the future with more pictures.

Thanks a lot! Public transportation is the key


Thanks a lot!

Thanks for your comment Benedict. I used Erjolog's avenue medians. I actually tried to recreate the feeling of an existing avenue in real life, which is also called Avenida Aviación in Lima, Peru (the streetview is now available on Google for Lima, you can take a look). Many avenues in Lima and throughout Peru are built that way, with a lot of trees from different species.


Thank you very much!

Thanks a lot! Trying to do my best!

Thanks a lot mate! Well as you know, everything I do is made using the Lot Editor, I just used elevated rail props (available on the STEX), so since it is just a prop, you can put everything you want under the rails or on top of the rails.


Thank you!

The city of Los Dopicos, despite the communist rule, experienced significant growth over the last years. many skyscrapers were built and the service economy is booming. Many San Theodoran banks recently opened offices in that part of the city. Some of the most luxurious condos of the city can be found in that neighborhood. Those buildings were previously occupied by expats, but thanks to the economic growth thousands of families now have access to those luxurious buildings.







Thanks a lot! As Huston said, it is not a street mod, everything is custom lotting.

Thanks a lot! Just trying to make a realistic city

;) As you said, that's the main problem with custom lotting, it is time consuming, it takes 3 hours to make a 9x6 lot, but I used to spend much more time on the LE back in the days.

Couldn't say it better mate, currently freezing in Canada, just trying to escape the cold! Thanks for you comment!

Gracias Compadre, Appreciate it!

Thanks dude!

You got it right! I was bored one day and started to watch those episodes and the idea for that CJ came to life.

Thanks a lot Eugene, don't think I am the master of Lotting, we all got to learn! I also really respect your work.

Thank you!



Trying to make it last this time! Thanks for your comment!

The joy of custom lotting

;) Thank you!

Full-time job+ full-time student= no-time SC4! Currently working on Downtown Los Dopicos and the historical colonial centre. This is just a small update showing some extra views of the Santiago de Lima neighbourhood and the Avenida Aviación, one of the city's largest avenues. The government developed an elevated rail network in the 80s.





3bc5ce64-a88e-4239-8b32-39b435484389_zps0eaa0633.jpg 9b019f3b-8a6e-42e5-b524-1c78b88323c6_zps6ca1f713.jpg

The Republic of San Theodoros is a country located in South America. It is bordered on the North by Surinam and French Guiana, on the West by the Republic of Nuevo Rico and on the South by Brazil.



The country was inhabited by two tribal nations, the Arumbayas and the Bibaros prior to the arrival of French explorers in 1624. The Kingdom of France attempted an expedition to the area in order to establish a colony for the commerce of Amazonian products to France. Eventually, the explorers faced strong hostility from the Portuguese who claimed that area as part of Brazil and saw a violation of the treaty of Tordesillas, signed in 1494 and establishing the division of the newly discovered lands in the Americas between Portugal and Spain. In 1643, the French returned and managed to establish a trading post in the region as part of a plan of exploration of Southern French Guiana.

In 1658, the Dutch seized most of the French territory in Guiana to establish a colony, including the region known as Saint Théodore, which will later become San Theodoros. The French returned in 1664 and started to colonize Southern French Guiana.

In 1667, the British seized the area, and following the Treaty of Breda in 1667, the area was given back to France.

In 1701, Spanish separatists fleeing Venezuela settled in the area and founded the city of Los Dopicos.

In 1763, the treaty of Paris deprived France of almost of her possessions in the Americas and the administration of the region of Saint Théodore was offered to the Spanish Crown, which renamed the area as the Captaincy of San Theodoros.

In the 1830s, San Theodoros became independent as a result of the rebellion of the Generalissimo José Olivaro (1805-1899). Endless rebellions in the 1840s until 1930s made San Theodoros have the most number of presidents in history.

Following the 1937 War opposing San Theodoros with its hostile neighboring country Nuevo Rico, San Theodoros gained supremacy over the Gran Chapo region, a desert area located in Western San Theodoros.

In 1959, in the context of the Cold War, young General Tapioca comes to power, and strongly supports the fascist state of Borduria, located in Western Europe, opposed to both communism and capitalism.

In 1972, the communist guerilla lead by General Ramón Alcazar attacks the capital city of Tapiocapolis and a communist regime is put in place in the country.


Capital City: Los Dopicos

Official Language: Spanish

Other Languages: Creole, Portuguese, French, Arumbaya, Bibaro

Population: 4,350,000

Religion: Catholicism, Tribal Religions

Independence (from Spain): May 1, 1831

Government: Presidential Republic

President: General Ramón Alcazar

Major Exports: Fruits, Coffee, Oil, Iron, Gold, Diamonds, Silver

Major Imports: Consumer goods, electronics

Currency: San Theodoran Peso


Views of the Santiago de Lima barrio

The Santiago de Lima barrio is a new neighborhood located west of Downtown Los Dopicos. The economic boom sustained by the extraction of oil and the mining industry as well as the development of the service industry led many San Theodoran families to get out of poverty. Middle income families started to settle in this neighborhood in the late 1980s.







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