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  1. Marrast Roadside Kit

    is it transit-enabled(pedestrian)?
  2. Sam the Record Man

    Rock ON XD
  3. Massively Gigantic Japanese BAT Gallery

    Hi, I have found this BAT but how to download? And this is his/her homepage but i cannot translate it TQ all p/s: is the thread already dead?
  4. Shinhan bank

    nice building, anyway since a lot of ppl asking, i think he means the lot is the same size as the drive-in, just a thought :P
  5. Roundabout Subway Station

    dude, u sure want to quit? u got some fricking comments from the master batters here.. Love to see more of your work
  6. HK Arch 1

    can i vote an 11 ?? lol
  7. us Football stadium

    Exactly what i'm looking for
  8. Stargate

    Thanks man
  9. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hi people, Im a 21 year old java programmer from Malaysia Played sc3k & SC4, but..... just found out bout this site 2 months ago, and downloading stuff for the whole month (sorry for the bandwidth, im ecstatic at that time ). I wanna try my hands at BATting, but didnt have the expertise and time, heck i'll try it anyway got some ideas too