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  1. No people in my city, HELP!!!!

    ^ This is most likely the problem. Something OP is plopping in the original layout is poorly modded or incompatible with another mod they have.
  2. Should the 5 Star Rating System be Removed on ST ?

    I wonder if instead of, or in addition to, altering the requirements for leaving a rating (i.e. adding a character count) maybe the ability to leave a rating at all could be restricted to users who can establish a certain level of trust within the community, i.e. by having their account for a certain amount of time, or by reaching a certain level of community reputation through likes of their forum posts. This would at least prevent people from making an account just to give a negative rating, and it would also potentially help people become somewhat educated about how mods are made before they go rating them. Also once someone has been active for a certain amount of time on the site, it would likely be clearer to moderators whether they had abusive intent in leaving a negative rating. Edit: Thinking about it a bit more, maybe something really effective would be to require users to leave a certain number of comments on STEX uploads, before they can start leaving star ratings.
  3. You're right, I can't find anything about it now, so I have no idea why I thought that.
  4. Well, I think the function of the courthouse reward is described in the Prima Guide, and then the rest is just reasoning from that. So if you have the courthouse in your city, anytime a crime is committed within the coverage radius of a police station, it will automatically send a dispatch. A station with one dispatch can automatically respond to one crime at a time (which I think must be one per month). So a station with more police cars could arrest more criminals at a time.
  5. There is a case in which number of police dispatches affects crime-fighting effectiveness apart from manual dispatches by the user: if the courthouse reward is in the city, anytime a crime is committed within a police coverage radius, a dispatch will automatically be sent to try and arrest the offender. Obv, a station with more dispatches could handle more simultaneously, thereby making it more effective at arresting Sims without user dispatches.
  6. RHW2 Flex Ramps and Blank Tiles

    Yep! That was it. Thanks a bunch
  7. So I have been learning to use the RHW component of the NAM, and today I noticed that when I connect Flex ramps to road networks, I get a blank tile on the RHW side of the intersection, like so: I tried a fresh install of the NAM, but that didn't solve it, so I was wondering if it's being caused by the way I'm connecting the networks. I don't have this problem if the ramp runs right through the road, but that doesn't look great either. If anyone has any advice on this, it would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Kazuki Street Stalls v1 and v2

    Thanks, so they are ploppable commercial lots plus one lot that is TE'd for streets? Right, the point wasn't what language you speak, just whether what you meant was that the text was corrupted or not.
  9. BAT Request Thread

    @Xephren try SimCoug's Old R$ Neighbourhoods (that's the title of the STEX upload), sounds like basically exactly what you want.
  10. Kazuki Street Stalls v1 and v2

    Could you tell us what these lots actually do? Also, was the part of the readme in Japanese really "unreadable", or do you just not speak Japanese?
  11. Yes, without any mods installed, you can have God Mode tools in Mayor Mode by holding Crtl+Alt+Shft while switching from Mayor Mode to God Mode.
  12. Just so you know, that mod is for convenience only, to avoid having to use a keyboard shortcut. My personal suggestion would be to ditch the mod, and when you want the God tools in Mayor Mode, hold Crtl+Alt+Shft while clicking on the God mode button. Better to save space in your plugins folder for buildings/lots/network mods. Also, is this the only mod you have installed? Which directory do you have it installed to? The Steam version of the game has two plugins folders on your C drive. The extra cheats mod, for example, only works when placed in the plugins folder located within the Steam folder, whereas the rest of your mods should generally be in the plugins folder found in your Documents. However, since I've never tried this mod, I don't know if it is similarly affected. But if you followed all the install instructions that could be it. But really, just use the hotkeys and save the disk space.
  13. The King's Workshop

    Cool! I'm glad you were able to find a fix so quickly. No need to apologize. You haven't inconvenienced anyone by taking the time to make these parks. And, now you just taught me something about lotting. Hey, does your Green Green Tennis Greens park have a TE stub?
  14. The King's Workshop

    That's what I thought. So, which of those parks have TE stubs? For what it's worth, I really love that pedestrians can cross through the park. It's just not a great thing for road traffic.
  15. The King's Workshop

    Not at all, that park was one of the first things I placed on this tile after founding the city. I'm sure this is not a simulation issue, as you can see for yourself from the two shots that this persisted for longer than it should have taken the simulator to recalculate, even if that was the case. (And as you can see, it has added some trips. Both shots show the route query tool being used directly on the park.) I don't think I removed the park from my city until sometime in year 03, at which point buildings around it were abandoning due to commute time. But at any rate, nothing was ever there except that park, and when I demolished it, the problem disappeared. Maxis parks on the same block do not produce the effect. Good call though, because I've been confused by the traffic simulator having a delay after demolishing networks before. I've learned my lesson now not to let it trick me.