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  1. Sakhalin, The Cold Isle

    Nice first upload, hope to see more from you. I'm a big fan of scale maps, especially islands.
  2. Connecting PEG CDK Ferry terminals to road

    There is actually more to be learned by reading old ST threads than pretty much any other way you could learn things about SC4, in my opinion. If you google "SimCity 4 (insert problem or question here)" the first several, and the majority of, results the search returns will be ST threads. So many weird or specific topics are covered in forums that aren't in the manual, guide, or in-game tutorials. And reading conversations is a way more digestible way of going about learning things than tackling the ~500 page Prima guide.
  3. Changing the IH-T census in Simcity_1.dat

    Now that I think of it- do you know how it is the case that SPAM is able to have R$$ and R$$$ workers on I-R without overwriting the I-R census in simcity_1.dat? I'm just curious
  4. Changing the IH-T census in Simcity_1.dat

    Good to know. Funny that they would try and stop us from changing a feature that they messed up themselves. I tried overwriting the file again with reader, and the game seems able to launch with it, for now. I guess if I have to redo it like you did, it won't be a big deal since it's such a simple fix. For what it's worth, the only thing I did differently this time than last time was navigate to the simcity_1.dat and the exemplar manually rather than using the buttons in reader and the navigation panel. I may try adding a small amount of R$$ (maybe %10) to the I-D census, since I like the way that SPAM farms employ R$$ in the early stages of a city and therefore give you a richer tax base to draw from.
  5. Changing the IH-T census in Simcity_1.dat

    Great, thanks for that advice. I wonder if you know whether it's actually necessary to overwrite the census exemplar at all? I've used the I-HT census .dat before by just placing it in my plugins folder and nothing strange seemed to happen. The original post in the thread that suggests datpacking or overwriting the exemplar is rather vague about the reason why it's necessary to do so (i.e. how is it known that the game would "double-count" them)? And since it says the effects of simply placing the .dat are unknown... well, "unknown" means it's not even known whether it will have a noticeable negative effect
  6. Some basic new player questions

    Just be sure to start slow, and remember that just because something has been beautifully BATted doesn't mean it's been properly modded. Lots of nice looking buildings will do undesirable things within the game, so try and find creators who are diligent and consistent, or learn how to check a building's stats yourself (pretty easy with the iLive reader program, if you give yourself a few hours to learn). If someone reports the stats of a building in the upload description, that's a good sign, because it tells you they took the time to at least try and get it right.
  7. Landfill Region "Tile"

    This is probably irrelevant, but why did you call us "Mitchell's" at the start of this thread? I'm unsure what that means
  8. Landfill Region "Tile"

    Time only passes in cities while they are open and unpaused. When you put a power plant in a city, it degrades only according to the passage of time in that particular city.
  9. I have tried to fix the missing I-HT jobs by changing the "drives" property in the simcity_1.dat, however after doing so, the game refused to start up. After replacing the simcity_1.dat with my backup copy, the game seems fine again. I wonder if there is a trick to correctly applying this fix without datpacking two files together?
  10. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Could anyone please tell me where I can find the waterfowl in the lower part of the first screenshot on this file? Are they available as an MMP?
  11. SimCity 4 Deluxe - Origin version - Unpatchable

    You are right about books. But a new book- from a large corporate bookstore, would likely cost me $15 or more, and would probably not be very good. But in my city there is a large used bookstore packed to the ceiling with inexpensive books that have ugly covers and yellow pages... but I can get Shakespeare, or Keats, or Chaucer for maybe $5
  12. SimCity 4 Deluxe - Origin version - Unpatchable

    I paid $20 for my Steam copy and I'm quite happy with it. $20 is quite low when weighed against the hours of enjoyment I get from SC4. Compare this to the price of a new book, going out to see a movie, etc. and it's not so bad. Of course, I guess this depends on where one lives too... Where I'm from, $20 would only be two hours' work at a minimum wage job (we have very high cost of living) which makes it not seem so bad. Now I'm not saying that everyone should take the same stance, and obv people have different financial situations, just thought I would give an example of why someone would pay that price for SC4. Of course I would've been even happier to pay $5 for the same product. But I don't at all feel ripped off. Considering the exorbitant markups on the things we buy day-to-day (groceries come to mind as a prime example) SC4 is actually one thing that I've bought recently which I haven't felt is a ripoff. At the end of the day, there are so many more times in a day that someone tries to exploit me or rip me off in some way, to buy a game I can play every day for months and not get bored of, $20 is not much, although it is probably more than it needs to be...
  13. Tariel Chevrons Park 3x3

    Looks good, but could you tell us the statistics in the description? How much of a park effect does this provide? etc.
  14. Hatsukaichi - Closer View

    This is a superb CJ. You are a master of making beautiful cities that (from what I see) can actually function, which is truly amazing to begin with, but you then do it extremely well on top of that. Plus, all your screenshots are so perfectly composed that they are impressive not just by SC4 standards. In your ninth picture, you have what appears to be some green ploppable water! I've never seen that before, is it from a Japanese site?
  15. Unsure about schools

    Huh. I knew SPAM did that, but I thought only SPAM did that. I wondered if it was a special mod CorinaMarie had made which emulated just that aspect of SPAM.