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  1. Museum [Offline Only]

    could you make it so it doesn't close overnight?? losing big money when the tourists can't get in!
  2. The SimCity Decorations Pack

    Is it possible to have each of the items give a tiny benefit of happiness to surrounding lots? that would make plopping them more beneficial and mimic reality. I know everyone is happier when they have a post box nearby, instead of having to go to the office.
  3. (Offline Only) Public Works

    doesn't seem to allow people to actually work there. just stays stuck on "hiring"
  4. Project Akar : UI Enhancement

    Are you able to separate skystormes freeway from the package file and make it an optional added package like the subway add on? I prefer to use another freeway package and I can't because skystormes overwrites the other :(
  5. Just wondering if the ramp can only face one way? It looks like it is restricted to the one orientation.  If so, would it be possible to have 4 ramps engineered as separate ploppable items, one facing north, south, east, west? That would give us a bit more freedom with placing the mod. It's not 360 rotation but it's better than a fixed position. I haven't downloaded the mod yet, so forgive me if it is freely rotatable.
  6. something that should be changed: on the one way roads that allow zoning the intersection created should be changed to traffic lights, not give way. with the give way intersection it takes longer for traffic to turn so the traffic backs up. if it was a traffic light intersection it lets the traffic move more efficiently each green light.