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  1. Show us your night shots

    Southside Power
  2. Show us your Downtown/CBD

    I wish the LOD's were better on some of the buildings. I'll have to remember to toggle them off in the future.
  3. Hah! You know you're doing a ton of detail work when the last 3 times you've loaded in you never unpaused. That was it thanks.
  4. An odd thing has been happening to me the last few times I've loaded up my save: some ploppable RICO buildings have been showing the little "this building is turned off" bubble. Funny thing is I can't turn them back on because when I click on them they give me the RICO information - no on/off button available. It's not game breaking but a little odd. Any ideas? I've been bulldozing and replopping the buildings which seems to fix them, but when I save and load up again different ones have the issue.
  5. RAM vs Loading Times

    That is a good point, it could be just textures. 2k assets (many w/very large textures) could be what's using up my VRAM. I'll investigate further after work.
  6. RAM vs Loading Times

    I monitor my VRAM and RAM use, as well as all the other things via HWiNFO. It's been a while since I actually looked while loading but I used to see the VRAM utilization increase to saturation, followed by RAM utilization. In addition I used to utilize much more RAM w/an older video card with much less VRAM. I upgraded to one with more VRAM and didn't change anything else and saw a significant decrease in RAM utilization commensurate with the increase in available VRAM.
  7. RAM vs Loading Times

    All the assets are loaded into VRAM until VRAM is full, then RAM. With that many assets you've exceeded both VRAM and RAM and your computer is loading the assets into the pagefile on your HDD or SSD. VRAM is much faster than RAM for this use, and RAM is MUCH MUCH faster than HDD/SSD for this use. I saturate my 8GB VRAM then use about 10GB out of my 32GB RAM w/2k assets. In a dream world I'd have 32 GB of VRAM and solve all my framerate problems.
  8. Show us your Detail Shots

    I almost called them @kingleno slums, but I figured that'd be rude...
  9. The biggest transgression in my eyes is the fact that cinematic camera mode does not hide the road names. Now my nice sweeping film like shots have a big bunch of text ruining the aesthetic. Edit: Now that I think about it maybe it's my HideUI mod and/or the cinematic camera mod not the vanilla "camera mode". Darn being at work and not able to check!
  10. This is the riverside corner of Maison Gardens. The full episode goes live tomorrow
  11. My entire mod collection works except Dynamic Resolution (crash) and Automatic Emptying Extended (tosses an error but the game runs fine). http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=798587727
  12. How do you get any frames @ 300% DR?
  13. I'd advise posting on reddit if you have updates. The turnaround on r/CitiesSkylines is very quick.