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  1. I have windows 7 and everytime i try to run sim city 4 I always asks me to login with administrator privileges so I right click and chose run as administrator, but it still asks me to login with administrator privileges does anyone here have a similar problem or some sort of solution?

    Also can Sim City 4 run on windows 10? 

  2. 72 - Leaning Forward

    You should totally put some of those buildings on the ST Exchange
  3. Is Sim City 4 compatible with windows 10?

    1. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom

      Yes it should, but there are a few considerations.

      Here's a couple of useful topics:

      We'll try and assist if you've any questions getting it running. :)

    2. John2098


      Thanks for the infomation!

  4. I discovered that Windows 8 is not compatible with the CD version of Sim City 4, and that's really disappointing...


    This is probably a stupid question and hopefully something I can hold onto...

    Is there any way that EA can make some sort of a patch that can make Sim City 4 compatible with windows 8?

    1. _Michael


      No, unfortunately not. The issue is Microsoft removing SafeDisk, an anti-piracy software, which most older EA cd games need to open. Microsoft would have to add it in, but that looks unlikely. 

    2. John2098


      Thanks for the reply, but is there any way I can get SafeDisk? Is a Mac compatible for old EA games? Or should I just get Windows 7?

    3. _Michael


      If you're going the Mac route, be careful. I'm not 100% sure if any version does, but Aspyr on the Mac App Store does not have nightlighting and remember many mods are in exe format. By far the easiest solution is by a digital version for W8 from Steam, GOG, etc as these do not need SafeDisk to operate. 

  5. Whenever you download Sim City Buildings why is there a adf.ly that pops up?

    This is probably a stupid question...:)

    1. SimCoug


      I believe you only get the adfly popup when you are not logged in... make sure you are not downloading while on the site as a 'guest' and you shouldn't have that issue.  

    2. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke

      It's a way to earn revenue.

  6. Wow! it has been about 6 months since I was on this website!!

    1. CapTon


      Welcome back :).

  7. korean traditional style shops

    This makes me proud to be Asian, great job.
  8. Dutch Mayors Statues

    That is so much better than the sim city mayor statue!