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  1. Rockdale a City built on Promise

  2. Rockdale a City built on Promise

    This is Rock Dale Reginal Airport when the power gets turned on It will house FEDEX, DHL, and KLM Administration hubs for the western United States. A subway location and a transit train station I am 1/4 done and have never posted on this site yet have seen many inspiring realistic photos that I hope you can see in my city Created on city skyline... The Rail Transit station KLM, FEDEX ,DHL Hub Main Airport entrance...Taxi awaiting your arrival! Private Jets way...1st class overnight delivery \ Delivery in the morning!
  3. Cities: Skyline; A new City Simulator Announced By Paradox

    with 55 remarks and opinions..i can tell city builders are so yearning for something updated quad core and graphically pleasing for the year 2014
  4. Bentonville Center

    Old Old Industrial area
  5. "Banished", a city-builder, to be Released Feb. 18th

    I want to buy this game just simply on the merit of the man that made it. His love for the city building genre comes through.
  6. Satellite City

    so much detail...very realistic, nice job!
  7. 20. The City Story - Conclusion on Cyrus Harbour

    great work!
  8. Update 7 (Part 2): Stark City - Downtown

    I like the bridge..
  9. Update 8.0 announced for simcity 2013

    I don't want buildings under my bridges, and I don't want cities of tomorrow, I have Anno 2070...I don't understand about not getting bigger maps. I have 7 gigs of mods for SimCity 4 most all of them active in every game...I love SimCity 4 and thinking that someday my new SimCity will get to where 4 is....I think is a big pipe dream I don't have time to wait around for....
  10. Ionica - Moonlight Cruising

    You are an artist, beautiful!
  11. SimCity Raise/Lower Tool Preview

    This video reminds me of when that salesman tried to convince me to by a chevy, when I was completely happy with my Toyota.
  12. Downtown

    sim city 2013 never will.....and that is why I got my old disk out and have taken a week to obtain all the mods I once had..hence cornering the market on endless hours of fun and creativity within a timeless game...LOL! 
  13. An Open Letter to EA on SimCity: You Could Have Prevented This

    it always seems my thoughts don't reflect at all what the consensuses is saying on these forums, but anyway I bought SimCity digital deluxe edition. I had all the same problems. my cities are private on the oceanic 1 server...Tonight I played without any problems...SimCity is different then sc4 you really have to think strategic....how do you want the city to grow and represent it self within the region. I have a whole region...I can devise my own great works all on my own...I love how crime effects other cities...that is real life...I like how out of work sims can't pay there mortgage and you see them homeless in the parks...dropping land value...the simulation is very intriguing...humans are frail...and frailty is something we can't break the mold of...but fixing the problem is something they seem to have done tonight....and that is all they can do...I don't believe in conspiracies concerning Maxis and EA...I have better more stimulating things to do with my brain...then degrade people when I make mistakes myself.
  14. round 2 Simcity closed beta on February 16th

    I have wifi on my smart phone that I can tether...if my main hard line goes down..the odds are 1 and a million....I have never won the lotto.
  15. round 2 Simcity closed beta on February 16th

    I have been playing simcity for 5 years..I don't understand all the negative. I don't mind the always online....I am always online. I don't mind the smaller city size...I get the deeper simulation. I don't mind the money hunger EA label...I like money also. Things change in life all the time...either you roll with it like an adventure...or get bitter and never discover anything new. Simcity is changing, and i will play because I love to build and create..and I beleive there is a brand new colorful world coming March 5th