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CVS was originally founded in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1963 and today, it is based in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. CVS is an acronym which stands for "Customer, Value, and Service." CVS now no longer builds stores without pharmacies, and many of the "CVS" stores (stores without pharmacies) have been phased out.

This BAT was originally created by Bobbo662 (aka B62). Unfortunately, due to real life circumstances, he was unable to finish the lot. He graciously handed his work over to me to finish and subsequently upload for yall.

For comments/feedback/critique/praise visit my lot thread or drop me a pm. I'd be happy to help. Also, visit the website for full sized images.

5x4 Plop CS$$, 5x4 Grow CS$$
     91 CS$$ Jobs, 353 CS$ Jobs
     Growth stage : 1
     Plop Cost : $7500
     Bulldoze Cost : $750
     Power Consumed : 10
     Water Consumed : 6
     Garbage Pollution : 16 over 2 tiles
     Flamability : 60

SuperSHK MEGA Parking Textures
LBT Mega Prop Pack vol.01
BSC Textures Vol 01

Completely optional but (as always) highly recommended for aesthetic value:
Jim CarProp Pack 1.2


And above all... have fun!


What's New 03


Totally new lot and exemplars. Please redownload and run the provided Cleanitol file.


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This is just plain perfection!

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Great stuff , gotta have it . :thumb:

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Excellent ^_^

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Ceafus 88


Nice work! :)

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Good Job Nos, looks good and works well

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thanx for all the remasters


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Outstanding work as always!  Keep it up! :thumb:

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thank you for continuing to complete & release these beautiful buildings

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Well done, my friend! :thumb:

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    • By pclark06
      Created this Meijer using various assets in the workshop with custom signage from DearLeader2000, and assets from KingLeno and CrazyGlueIt. Really cool how it turned out
    • By Glenni
      Please delete older versions!

      This is a pack of skybridges/skywalks/skyways for your commercial or industrial areas. 
      I advice you to place these carefully, to get the right visual qualities, they can be a bit tedious to place at first, but find a suiting 
      spot and thery will fit in quite nicely. 
      There's 5 different models:
      Round modern skywalk.
      Square modern skywalk.
      Industrial metal skywalk with graffiti.
      Industrial skywalk with arched windows with white brick.
      Industrial skywalk with arched windows with red brick.
      Industrial skywalk with square windows.

      works like any bus stop but with a capacity of
      15 000 for street
      20 000 for road
      40 000 for avenue
      Thank you to: Simhottody for advice and putting up with me constantly bugging him about renders...
      B22rian and Tyberius for revamping the stats and functionality of these lots.
      BSC textures VOL 1 (need for avenue textures)
      Rockefeller center Maxis official download (need for road textures:
      Can either be found in the landmarks section on  SimCity.ea.com 
      OR http://public.me.com/zelgadis
    • By madhatter106
      So I've been messing around in an attempt to come up with what I'm calling a New Age/Occult Pack of buildings - tarot and palm readers, psychics, and new age bookstore and occult shop.  It doesn't seem like anything like that has been done on the STEX, and I thought it would add a little flavor to some of the lower wealth commercial areas.

      I'm aiming for CS$ for the smaller, more modest ones - the psychic, the tarot reader, and the palm reader.  Perhaps CS$$ for the bookstore and shop, since they're a bit more substantial, two-story, and could be considered less seedy.  Ultimately, I'd love to add some form of NIMBY effect, since a lot of these types of businesses (particularly those one story psychic type shops which look like they're run out of someone's front parlor) are considered undesireable by some folks.

      Here they are in day and night view - I'm hoping to add and/or revise some of the signage, and the lighting has just barely begun, as I've just been getting the models and textures together.  

      And while we're talking about lighting, I have a few lighting and window questions which you guys will probably be able to answer...

      - how do you do neon?
      - how do you do an illuminated sign?  (not so much neon as plastic or another translucent material lit from behind)
      - what manner of lighting is more effective than just adding "nitelite" to the front of the windows?  I find that works great for smaller windows, but anything large it looks like a cheat...
      - on large windows with printing or signage in them, how you light them as well as retain the silhouette of that lettering or signage?

      Any input is appreciated.  And thanks for all those folks who downloaded Andy's Gun Works (my first BAT) from the STEX...hope it pops up in your low wealth commercial district soon!

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