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  1. Shanghai

    Thanks a lot
  2. Shanghai

    Hello, very nice job. It's really impressive. Just one question what is the name of your shopping center on the last picture next to the Shangai Tower ?? because i try to find the building but without succes.
  3. Along metro line B

    Today, I'm going to present you my city with an original presentation. You are going discover the city accros the metro station along the line B of Ligonnes. Metro B map Gerland quarter, his sport hall and his old stadium which is now use for rugby The quarter is also composed with a little campus and a lot research center Debourg Junction with Tramway T1 direction city center and East Hopital Center, his engineering school specialized in agro-food. The famous concert hall of the city Jean Macé His plaza, his small train station recently build to reduce the numbers of passengers in the twice big train station in the city. The train station is exclusively used for regional train, the train station is directly connect to the Tramway T2 University and city Center and metro Line B. Around the plaza you will find one of the most famous nightclub in the city, the Loft Club. Saxe Gambetta Station connected with the metro line D direction suburds and city center and the new quarter Vaise. Residential area Guichard Plaza A place, a residential area and the stocks markets. Part Dieu is the CDB metro station describe in the other entry https://community.simtropolis.com/journals/entry/28478-ligonnes-cbd/ Brotteaux An old train station detroy and replace by a new One the Part-Dieu Station in the CDB part. Old quarter of the city and very near the CBD To come Charpennes station and the Line B extension project
  4. Ligonnes CBD

    I will present you my CDB. The CBD is organized around the central station of Ligonnes. The central station is the most important station in the region. The railway is connected with all the metropolitan public transport (subway, tram and buses) and directly to the principal airport by a special tram the Metropolital express. Just next to the station there is the biggest library of the city. In the CDB you will find the Ligonnes Metropolitan administration building. One of the biggest mall in the country and the head office of the AON Bank and the national conservatory of Ligonnes And the Coca-Cola office for the Ligonnes Metropolitan Some Night shots
  5. Ligonnes ring road

    Hello, Today, i presente to you a ring road part of the city. It's just the beginning that's why you will not see a lot of cars. It's my first time I use all the time the rhw model. Some pictures off my job Highway A7 A483 junction A7 A480 Junction The twice beelong the river Some pictures along the A483 A483 A43 Junction A483 and Rockefeller avenue, a big avenue to go to the city center and the big train station of Ligonnes A new exit next to one of the futur big hospital of Ligonnes which is specialized on cardiology Global picture I hope you will appreciate this first part of my city
  6. Hello, I have just one question I built a motorway with de NAM 35 rhw, i created one way with the 8s part and i use the curve part and i couldn't have the filler the 8s diag, lack or installation problem? i do't know but i have a hole in my road. Could you help me ?
  7. Hammered Part II

    Nice pics. Could you tell me what is the green hall or market in your pics? or the link please. I want the bulding.
  8. Very nice city. I have one question where do you find the walls next to the tunnel entry ? and the walls with the palms ? may be it's the same. Thanks
  9. Entry no.34 - Dresden Finale + previews of Central Pretoria

    Hi, your city is very nice. I have some questions for you, where do you find all your industry? and especially the factory in the picture 10 and more, next to the river, the building grey and black with two smokers.
  10. SIAT / Saitama International Airport

    Hi, Nice airport just one question, where did you find the Airport tower control with the building ? Thanks a lot
  11. Back to Olsènes

    Thank you very much It's ok for me.
  12. Back to Olsènes

    Very nice city. Just one question : where do you find the catenaries for the GLR. It's so realistic and I would this lot for my city.
  13. Underground Car Park

    i have the same problem, light doesn't work... but very nice bat
  14. Old quarter, train station quarter

    The next pictures, the old quarter next to the train station : The start of the university