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  1. Modular Industrial Lots

  2. What frustrates you about sim city 4

    Crashes to desktop (loosing cities after an hour or so of work) and those ridiculous walls that appear when buildings build up on elevated terrains.
  3. Sometimes wonder if SimCity 5 will ever come out...

  4. Simtropolis for ever, Simcity aswell.

    1. TowerDude
    2. Dirktator


      I endorse this comment.

  5. Is there any way of creating a city larger than the Maxis maximum size (4x4 tiles). If there was such a way of doing so (including downloading a certain modd from the stex) it could really help me as i hate having to work with multiple cities for when creating a big megametropolis.
  6. Castle Reach Tower

    i have no words to describe your work, it's just stunningly amazing.