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    The love playing The Sims, Sim City 4, Citie Skylines, GTA IV GTA V, love to walk.

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  1. RRetail Development

    Maybe another mall relot?
  2. NAM General Support Topic

    I have had this problem befor but got around it befor. But it's been a long time Ived downloaded it. My is the now is the origin version. I used to have the CD but my PC don't take them anymore, so I had to buy the download version of Origin.
  3. RRetail Development

    Sorry to hear that.
  4. NAM General Support Topic

    I'm downloading off simtropolis. My problem is it want me to update my game witch I do and have befor but it still will not work I've tryed many times befor over and over again.
  5. NAM General Support Topic

    I'm happen problems downloading any help please?
  6. RRetail Development

    That green area could used maybe a dicks from simgoober.
  7. RRetail Development

    Looks great
  8. RRetail Development

    Maybe the small Big Kmart would look good as a anchor. The first one you did. And maybe the target there isn't any like that yet.
  9. RRetail Development

    Maybe make it where's you can add all other plaza on every side.
  10. RRetail Restaurant Relots Pack Nine

    Once again more great relots. 100%. Thanks again
  11. Omg!!!! Yesssss @Ceafus 88 btw I have a idea for the longer dollar store.
  12. Good looking dollar store.
  13. @RRetail & @Ceafus 88 you guys will make a great team.