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  1. Zvolen-Razusova

    Zvolen! Konečne si zvyknite, že je to Slovensko! Nie posratý Felvidék!
  2. Wrightbus New Routemaster

    Looking fabulous! Shall I request RHD also? Many thanks! Have a nice day!
  3. Slavin monument

    Textures are good in this case... Once, when You visit that place, You will find out, that Slavín looks actually like this
  4. Schloßberg

    Oravský hrad! :) My c<3untry!
  5. Domy z Blavy

    vymrdana bratislava.zip  :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D si super! ;)
  6. JPN Sidewalk Mod RHD version

  7. Ask a forumer anything...

    At home. Slovakia.
  8. Hmmm... tired... Would relax with SC4... :3

  9. Czechoslovak socialist houses

    Si PÁN !!! Klobúk dole! :) Dnes som mal naozaj pekný deň a TOTO je jedna z najkrajších a najpríjemnejších bodiek, akú som si mohol priať! :) ĎAKUJEM a prajem všetko najlepšie k narodeninám! :)
  10. Evanielický kostol v Stitniku

    nádherný Bardejov :)) palce hore! :) Teším sa na ďalšie. ;)
  11. AZ Tower

    janslaven I am sure both cities Brno and Bratislava re beautiful. People from Prague re just more pride as is healthy. The fact is that BL has taller bldgs than Brno and Prague together. Whatever. X/X pts. for idea! Peace.
  12. Small Czech village church

    U should visit CZ or SVK cause some of our churches here are lil bit cartoonish
  13. Center For the Preforming Arts

  14. Show me your Cityscapes

    This is my hometown : Bratislava, Slovakia View at Downtown with harbor on Danube: http://images3.wikia...va_panorama.jpg Main Square with old city hall and Rolands well situated in Old Town: http://photo.vivo.sk...0f21/Bratislava Eurovea promenade nearby Eurovea shopping centre and New Slovak National Theatre with Bratislava Castle in background: http://imageshack.us...imag0001vo.jpg/ Coronation Bratislava: Old Town and Bratislava Castle: http://img.sk.prg.cm...011/2233596.jpg Kapucín Street with Tatra T3 tram in Bratislava Old Town: /btw. Is somebody here who can make this tram for game only with 2-articled?/ http://www.webnoviny.../elektricka.jpg Modernized tram Tatra K2S /tip for new VDK?/: http://3.bp.blogspot.../spredoboku.jpg http://4.bp.blogspot...1600/zozadu.jpg View from Slavin monument at night, in front SRo/Slovak Broadcast/ - Reversed pyramide, NBS - National Slovak Bank. http://farm6.static...._d1371c6d9c.jpg
  15. Karmesinrot - the lake and dam

    Excellent work! Cannot breathe!