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A far and vast region... Fully customized

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Thank you for everyone that liked my tutorial on Residential Growth. I am going to leave you with a quick update for the weekend.

This is the Town Hall for Sanderson, This is composed of the Town Hall building, Clock Tower Park and Mayors House


Next is a quick up to date view of Sanderson


Enjoy your weekend!!


Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments. I wanted to go in depth on how to control the residential growth of your city. Of course you know it is impossible to plop Residentials. But today we are going to review/learn how to control the growth of your residentials. In my CJ all the residential buildings are fully functional and none are abandoned (knock on wood).

First thing we need to do is Check the demand of your map. Sometimes there can be a demand for only commercial and not residentials. If there is no demand for residentials, they will not grow. As you can see here on the chart below I have demand for R$$, R$$$, CO$$$ . I-AG , I-D, I-M , I-HT


Find a residential that you want to use that fits your demand . In this case, I am looking for a R$$ that can fit the feel of a small American town. I chose the 1935 Marion house. Now I load it up into the Lot Editor.


Add your effects to the lot. The bats usually come in lots that are not complete so you may want to add your own touch to the lot based on your surrounding areas.

First I add the mandatory things like mailboxes, driveway textures, garage, etc.


Now we move to the backyard. Lets place the textures


We add then add some backyard props.


Now we are done with the Lot. Save as... Change name. Also keep in mind that this is a Stage 3 R$$. It tells you on the bottom right corner of the editor next to Growth Stage.


Now we need to make sure that it works in the game with the correct properties. We have to Open Ilive reader. Make sure you make copies of the files before you begin modding. First we need to see how many people actually live in this house. If it is too high or low we can change the amount to fit the demand of our city. Open up the .desc file of the building you are working with. Load up exemplar. This file contains the Capacity Satisfied values. These values tell you the maximum amount of people that live/work in that building. I have highlighted it for you.


The capacity satisfied values are in Hexadecimal form. You can use a hexadecimal to decimal converter to find out what numbers you want to use. The value of this R$$ before I changed it was (0x00000002A) 42; this was too high for a house this size and technically the demand is not there for it. So as you can see in the example below I changed the R$$ value to (0x0000000C) 12 and the R$ value to (0x0000000F) 15. The red highlighted location that shows 0x0000000f and 0x0000000C is where you would change the values. The top is for R$ and the bottom is for R$$. Hit Apply on the right 1st and than hit apply on the bottom 2nd. Click Save...



Now we need to Change the Growth Stage. This will guarantee that it builds as soon as we zone it. In the Ilive reader open up the lot file that you just created in the Lot Editor. Load up Exemplar files. You can see that the growth stage for the lot has a value of 0x03 which means Growth Stage 3. We want to change this to Growth stage 1 which is value 0x01.


We are going to zone the residential lot that we just created next to this house .


And Voila! Within a few months it grows. Make it historical and you're done. As you can see there are commuters and the max size is 12 just like we put in the ilive reader.



And this my friends is how to control residential growths. I hope you enjoyed. This should help you in creating cities that you can control based on supply and demand.


Now lets see whats new around town. If you look back a few pics there was street that had the mcdonalds, Eckerds, strip mall and gas station... Well that street is complete, Sanderson has built a bar and a market. This is for the local citizens. Also across the street there is office space available in the new office building.


Here is a close up for the lot editor junkies out there like me..


Now lets head down the block from the bar. A mix of medium wealth and low wealth homes are popping up.


Different angle


Remember the lake behind the hotel, Here is a quick glance of the neighborhood behind the lake.


Thats it for now guys, I am currently working on the town hall and a few facilities around that area. New pics will be up soon.


@Clhigh7 - Thanks, I try to use different inspirations and put them all into one picture. But I still got a lot to learn.

Here is another quick update, Everything is still a work in progress:

This is a High wealth res block that I am working on. It is close to the Sanderson Coast. 7c5abafd-ea52-4288-80e9-83af4622a021.jpg

This is a low res neighborhood on the West Side of Sanderson. It is behind the Mcdonalds.


This is an update of the intersection. Still a ways to go but it is coming along nicely.




Hi guys,

Thank you everyone for your kind comments,

Here is an a quick teaser/update to show the motel that was built. I also built an Eckerds pharmacy in the same plaza. As of now if you stay at the motel you can eat at the Mcdonalds, or eat across the street at Red Lobster (This is a beach town). This the main intersection in this town of 400 citizens.






Thanks for looking, your feedback is appreciated.


Thank you for your comments everyone, it is deeply appreciated..

We are still in the small town of Anderson.. We are going take a look at a mid wealth neighborhood in development and the city intersection that is slowly but surely developing. I made some changes to the intersection.

Here are a few day time Pics





Now for some night time pics...






I am gonna go with the suggestion of a motel to fit the smallness of the town, I am going to lay it down next to the mcdonalds...


I hope you guys enjoyed.. I will have more soon. :)


Hi, this is my first CJ and I have been getting a lot of inspiration from different authors on this site and I felt it wouldn't hurt to share what I have been creating.


I am going to walk you through a region that I am developing called Kaysland.   The first town that we will visit that is a WIP is called Sanderson.  As of now, Sanderson is a small town with appx. 250 residents.  The main attraction of this town is the lighthouse. There is also a beach that attracts surfers and tourists.


Here is a few pics around town....


This is Sanderson beach..


<a href="http://s130.photobucket.com/user/vuitton600/media/beach1-1.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src=" beach1-1.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo beach1-1.jpg"/></a>


The beach has a picnic area..


<a href="http://s130.photobucket.com/user/vuitton600/media/picnic-1.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src=" picnic-1.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo picnic-1.jpg"/></a>


Church is in session


<a href="http://s130.photobucket.com/user/vuitton600/media/church2-1.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src=" church2-1.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo church2-1.jpg"/></a>



Work in Progress..


<a href="http://s130.photobucket.com/user/vuitton600/media/intersection.png.html" target="_blank"><img src=" intersection.png" border="0" alt=" photo intersection.png"/></a>



To be continued...


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