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Chapter 6: The Agave Road


Once the trade agreement was made between Fisher's Landing and Deeve, a proper trail connecting the two towns was created. Albeit, nothing more than gravel, the path was a welcome change from the mud-choked ground that laid before. Naturally, with so much of the Neutral being dense forests, the new road tended to hug the coast, only cutting through the woods when necessary. This road, then, made a great place for groups to set up shop and try to carve out a living. Such tiny towns dot what is being dubbed as the "Agave Trail." Preecher Point is the largest of all the tiny towns by a wide margin. Some of the town was already in existence (most notably the church and a few small farms) but experienced a sizable boom once the Agave Trail came through. There are lots of things on the Point to cater to the traders' comfort and includes a hotel, saloon, feed store, and other necessary things weary travelers need.


Closer to Fisher's Landing is this tiny junction, nicknamed "The Apple Grove" for obvious reasons. It's a few families tending to some farms along the stream that empties into the little sound. Traders will occasionally stop for apples and a warm bed in one of the homes, but it is rare. Once again, the trail is close to the water here, which offers a small plot of land perfect for settling. Traders must forge the aforementioned stream, but seeing as how it's barely a few feet deep for a vast majority of the time, it causes little concern. The trail goes through the narrowest point of the stream.


The trail snakes along the shore and through the dense forest. It takes approximately 3-5 weeks to make it from Fisher's Landing to Deeve (almost half the time from before the Agave Trail was built). When one of these Tiny Towns is not within range, makeshift campsites have to do. Tequila is regularly shipped from Deeve to Fisher's Landing. Corn, wheat, and lumber make their way to Deeve from Fisher's Landing along the trail.

There are rumors, though, that the small town of Deeve is having a hard time keeping up with the new demand for tequila.


Chapter 5: A Diversion to Deeve


"I cannot believe we've been out here this long." Liam Fisher grumbled as his coach crawled across the Flats. "Why are we doing this again?"

"Because, we need to meet these people." Father Marshall replied. He had tagged along on this mission in order to help spread the Good Word, since it apparently wasn't taking back in Fisher's Landing. "And besides, after a few of the settlers found this group, there's been unrest back in town; best to just meet them and get it over with."

"I suppose you're right, but we've been on the trail for over a month now. Playing diplomacy isn't quite what I had in mind back when we landed." As they traveled a bit further in the hot midday sun, they came across some ranch land and a small cabin. "Ah, thank god, we're near the town...I think." Liam said. He was hopeful as they hadn't seen a sign of civilization in what felt like weeks. This had to mean the mystery town was near.



As they came to the town, a few of the locals came out to observe; it wasn't every day that strangers arrive. The town was tiny, no more than a few farms, shacks, and a central square with a church. The only point of interest seemed to be the large palace. Livestock was everywhere. Goats, pigs, cattle, chicken; there was no shortage of meat in this little part of the Neutral. Liam approached one of the locals.

"Greetings! My name is Liam Fisher. We've been traveling quite a way to visit you. Who is in charge here?" The local man just stared blankly at Liam. "DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH, MY GOOD MAN?" Liam spoke loudly and slowly, as if that would help someone who didn't speak his native tongue.

"Yes, I understand you. It's just been such a long time since a traveler has stepped foot in Deeve. Many generations." The man spoke clearly to Fisher and Marshall. "I will take you to see Master Migilo, he is the one who leads us. His family has been watching over Deeve since its creation. He lives in the Master Palace there, across from the church. Follow me."

"Just a second, sir," Liam replied, "Allow me to take a look around. We'll meet back here and then we can go see Master Migilo." And with that, Marshall and Fisher rode out to explore the area.



"Is this your dock?!" Liam asked after meeting up with Master Migilo. "It's not fit for you to use with any amount of profitability!"

"That is not it why it exists, Mister Fisher." M. Migilo replied. "We are a small village and we keep what we need to survive."

"But don't you want to do MORE than just survive? Don't you want to flourish? Don't you want to prosper? Don't you want to be RICH?!" There was a gleam in Liam Fisher's eye. He was hatching a plan.

"Well, wealth is nice, but if it comes at too high a cost, then one can argue wealth does more harm than good, Mister Fisher." M. Migilo said.

"Wise words, sir. Wise words, indeed. But I have an idea...that can help us both. Mutual prosperity. How does that sound?"

"Go on, Mister Fisher..."



"You've got yourself quite a nice little agave grove in town here." Liam said. "Have you ever considered making tequila?"

"Why else would one grow agave, Mister Fisher?" M. Migilo and Fisher both laughed. "We make a small amount of tequila for the village; the best I've ever had in fact."

"I would very much like to have some back in Fisher's Landing. But if word got out that I had access to such a wonderfully made spirit and no one back in Fisher's Landing could join me, well..." Liam trailed off. M. Migilo was starting to understand.

"Perhaps, if there was a way, we could increase our production and send some down to Fisher's Landing, but what could you do in return?" M. Migilo asked.

"Well, we do have a pretty nice port right on the point back at the Landing. And I have a few prime specimen of cattle you might be interested in? I noticed all the cows around, after all." Fisher replied. At that, M. Migilo's eyes lit up.

"You mean...Great Northern?" Migilo asked.

"I do. You send us tequila and cattle, I'll give you one of my prized Great Northern Longhorns. Think of it as a gift. And who knows, one day, you might want to export some of that tequila. You could be rich."

"How can I refuse?" Migilo replied. "You, Mister Fisher, are a skillful bargainer. Shall we shake on it?" And he stuck out his hand.

"Yes, let this be the beginning of a strong partnership between Deeve and the Landing!" Liam exclaimed as he shook Migilo's hand. "Now...about that trail back to the Landing..."




Your MMPs are already very good, so I am anxious to see how you'll improve!! :)

Thanks a lot. Hopefully I'll continue to improve each entry!

Liking the development and the MMPs...good to kno you fixed the streetlights btw.

Thanks, yeah the streetlights were a pain. I figured it out, though, thanks to some help from SimCoug.

Amazing job!

Thank you.

Great job again! Is really beautiful what you're doing :)

Thanks a lot! Glad you like it.

Lol well its as awesome as all your updates #streetlights btw cool harbor mmp's look good as always keep up the good work ;)!!

Thank you very much.

love the era- steamships and sailing ships- ah- the best years ever.

Thanks! They were some great downloads, for sure. :)


Chapter 4: Hustle & Bustle


The tall ship pulled up to the dock and began unloading its cargo. Stone, wagons, oil, and various other supplies from the South were hauled up the road and into town.

"Now do be careful with this crate!" One of the hands on the ship called out. "It's some of the finest tea from the South. Bring it straight to the general store."

"Yes, sir." The men working the docks replied.

Ships from both North and South arrived at the port daily. Liam Fisher had played his cards well. The dock at the mouth of the river was an ideal trading spot. The town had begun exporting grain, produce, and lumber in exchange for other goods. Sometimes, ships arrived with "gifts" for Fisher, but that had tapered off in recent months. The settlement was a legitimate opportunity for both North and South to further economic progress, and neither was about to pass it up.



With all the legitimate trading going on, and with the new dock now up and running, it only made sense to establish more permanent roads. The main road is Dock Street, adequately named as it leads directly to the docks. It's the only road with a true name at this point. People have begun using the phrase "Farm to Docks Road" to describe the road that connects the farms with the dock.

Much of the original settlement has been untouched, ordered by Liam Fisher.

"If I wanted the hustle and bustle of the city, I would have stayed there." He barked at a settler one afternoon when the two were chatting about improvements. "My gravel road is just fine."

Father Marshall was less than pleased about the developments, as his church had been neglected since the earlier days of the settlement.

"This land is filled with heathens, brutes, and thugs!" he preached one Sunday morning to the small group of faithful. "You must spread the good word! Spread His news!" His words fell mostly on deaf ears, as the settlement had no time for converting sinners; there was work to be done. Even though the community had come a long way, life was still difficult.



Farther inland, past Dock Street, the outskirts of the town have seen some small ranches develop. Small shacks dot the perimeter of the settlement. Eventually the roads will find them, but not today. The Great Northern Longhorns that Liam was able to get from Ambassador Vandersnatch have permanent residence on this ranch.

"Those Longhorns are to be treated like KINGS!" Liam told the rancher. "They are some of our most prized possessions."

"Of course, Mr. Fisher. I'm takin' real good care of 'em." The man said.

"You better be," he replied.



People are beginning to forge their own paths as the woods continue to be cleared. There's so much going on and things are changing so quickly that there's very little that is solidly set in stone. The only thing that's a certain is this little town is growing rapidly.



"Ah, this is the life. Clean fresh air, water lapping at our back door...it can't get much better," a man said who lived near the coast. As the settlement expanded, some people took up residence outside of the major developing area, choosing rather to settle close to the river.



The woods are slowly loosening their grip on the point. As the settlers continue to arrive, more and more land is needed. Farms are exploding, the town is growing, and life continues to improve. There's talk of a large group of people from the South making their way to the settlement. A huge population boost is most likely in the immediate future. At times, Liam FIsher wonders if the town is growing TOO quickly. Only time will tell...



"We best be gettin' back to town, Tom." the man on horseback said.

"Let's hope these horses know the way 'cause I can't tell which way is up after all that 'shine," the other replied with a hiccup.

The old man in the cabin laughed as the two young men rode away.

P.S. I realize that the street lights are woefully inaccurate for a period-specific CJ. I have since learned how to remove them and so, after this update, there will be no more lights...now, about all those cars.




Excellent visuals and story.

Thanks a lot.

#LIAMFORVER lol i enjoyed this update btw take a look at my cj i also have a lot of political stuff going on ;)

http://community.sim...f-taoyuan-loin/ it's politics baby its all politics lol ! can't wait for the next one

I did look, unfortunately at that time, Photobucket had removed the pictures from the first update, so it was difficult to really enjoy as you intended. I'll have to give it another look soon! Thanks for reading and following along.

Amazing images! Nice job with MMPs. :)

Thanks a lot. MMP's are a constant learning experience for me so hopefully they'll only improve from here!


Chapter 3: Land to Spare


The Ambassador's ship inched closer to the dock. Word spread quickly that Ambassador Vincent Vandersnatch was on his way to the settlement. People were nervous; Ambassador Vandersnatch was known throughout the North and the South to be ruthless. Stories from the Great Disagreement told of Vandersnatch eliminating his enemies without prejudice nor mercy. Was he on a mission of good will? Or where his intentions more dangerous?

"Everyone, calm down!" Liam shouted at a meeting near the docks, "Everything is going to be fine."

"How do you know, Mr. Fisher?!" one of the settlers demanded. "You don't know what the Ambassador is planning."

"No, I don't...but I know what I'm planning. And that should give you some comfort. I didn't come all this way and work this hard to have some frilly diplomat destroy what we've got going on here. So you can all relax."

Murmurs ran through the crowd. How could Liam Fisher stay so calm at a time like this?



"Damn hicks. They don't even have a proper dock. What a waste of time this is..." Vincent Vandersnatch grumbled as his little boat made it to the ramshackle pier at the edge of the farmlands.

"Sir, according to our intelligence, Fisher's residence is on the other side of the settlement. We will have to make our way through town." One of the ambassadors assistants said.

"Wonderful. I get to walk across miles of scrub brush, bugs, and no doubt bovine fecal matter." Vandersnatch snarled.

"Sir, we could bring the carriage and the Northern Longhorns ashore, if you'd like." The assistant said.

"Yes, yes. I knew we'd need them. I'm glad we brought them. Go back to the ship and load up the bigger boat." the Ambassador commanded.

"Excellent idea sir, excellent." and with that he scurried back to the little row boat.



With the carriage loaded and the longhorns yolked, the Ambassador began his trek across the settlement. It was still small, by his standards, although it had come a long way since the first 6 boats arrived almost a year ago. The Ambassador crossed the small farmlands that provided just enough sustained food and allowed a winter stockpile to be made. Most of the settlers relied on foraging and hunting for their foods. Salting and pickling were the preferred preservation methods to make sure food was available when fresh food couldn't be had. It was a rough life, but it was an exciting one. And with Liam Fisher in town, it made things that much better.

The carriage rumbled past small shacks of houses. People came out to watch the ornate stagecoach pass by and to get a good glimpse at the Great Northern Longhorns. They were a rare breed and only the most wealthy Northerners could afford them. Diplomats and politicians had plenty of the great beasts. Bred to pull great loads and tolerate extreme conditions, the Norther Longhorns were the national animal of the North; they represented power, toughness, and to some, stubbornness.

"These homes aren't fit enough for my swine." Vandersnatch muttered as he rolled past. "What a pitiful existence. What keeps them here?" He wondered aloud.

"Sir, Mr. Fisher's cabin is right up the road." The driver called. "We should be there momentarily."

"Good. The faster I can get to that man, the quicker I can leave." the Ambassador said.



"Good Ambassador Vandersnatch! To what do I owe the pleasure of your company?" Liam fisher exclaimed loudly as the coach pulled up. The Longhorns were released and wandered to a patch of grass to graze.

"Cut the bull crap, Liam." Vandersnatch snapped. "We both know why I'm here. Shall we have a sit-down and a chat?"

"I suppose we shall, Vince. Come, have a rest in my humble abode." Liam responded. The Ambassador begrudgingly followed Fisher into the cabin.

Once inside, the Ambassador had a seat at a small table, pulled out a cigar and lit it. Puffs of smoke enveloped his head. After a long silence, he finally spoke.

"Just what the hell are you doing, Liam?"

"What do you mean?" Liam played dumb.

"You know damn well what I mean. Do you have any idea the ruckus you've caused back home? The chancellor has his underwear all knotted up over your settlement. The whole Senate is up in arms. They're ready to send the entire navy down here...all for you and your little band of settlers."

Liam looked at the Ambassador as he poured himself a drink. "Do you want some 'shine, Vincent? There's a cabin in the woods up the coast. The guy there makes a mean 'shine. Have some. It will calm you down." He handed Ambassador Vandersnatch a glass.

"I'm serious, Liam. I was sent here by the Chancellor himself to bring you back to the capital. You're in deep. After the stunts you pulled there'll be a noose around your neck this time next month." Liam was silent. "And on top of that, you've set up here right on the damn point! It's like you're doing this intentionally. You have to know that everyone and their brother has seen you. If you were trying to stay discreet, well...I can tell you you've certainly picked a fine spot for that!"

"I know what I'm doing..." Liam's response was frank and calculated. "Don't mistake me for some fool. I'm right where I want to be."

Vandersnatch barked, "Then you're a fool! And in accordance with the North, under jurisdiction of the Chancellor under the watchful eye of the Senate of the People, I was sent here to arrest you. You will come with me to the capital where you will face a trial, and when found guilty, will be executed."

"No." Liam said.

"What do you mean, 'no?'" the Ambassador exclaimed. "You don't GET to say no, Liam. You've lost. Your luck is up. You're done."

"Vincent...why do you think it took you almost a year to get orders to come down here?" Liam now had a wry smile across his lips. "Didn't it occur to you? They've been talking about my settlement since day one. Why now? I'll tell you why: I am Liam Fisher, son of John Fisher. How many Senators do you think I have in my back pocket, Vincent? I'll give you a hint: enough. You're only here because I let you come here. We've known each other a long time, Vincent. You must know me better than that. Or have all those years in the capital hazed your memories?"

The Ambassador was now the one to be silent.

"So, no, I'm not going with you anywhere. The Senate would never find me guilty, regardless of what I've done. And you know what?" Liam leaned in close to the Ambassador's face, "You're going to help us."



"I'm not helping you. If the capital finds out..." Vandersnatch was cut off.

"If you're not helping me, the Capital WILL find out. They'll find out all about those things in the Dark Days. Or have you forgotten, because I sure haven't. You and I -- we go a long way back, Vince. I've got a lot of interesting stories about you that I'm sure the Senate and the Chancellor would love to hear. If word got out about those things...well...you'd never be able to set foot on Northern soil again."

And then it clicked. Ambassador Vandersnatch understood; he was but a pawn in this scheme. He had a better chance of staying alive with Fisher than he did his own government he was sent to represent. He relented.

"You've always been good at blackmail, Fisher." the Ambassador said with fire in his eyes. Liam just smiled. "So what do I need to do to keep me safe?"

"Well, first, you're going to go back on your boat...alone." Fisher started. "And then you're going to sail back to the capital. Tell them we pose no threat to them. We are here peacefully and all we want is a bit of land to call our own. The Neutral has been disputed for years...at least the South isn't in control."

"They'll never buy that. I'll be arrested immediately." Vandersnatch said.

"You didn't let me finish," Liam retorted. "The Senate WILL agree with you, you can count on that. Leave it to me. Two of my settlers have already headed north with the same words I'm telling you. They already know the situation, Vincent." Vandersnatch was aghast. How could Fisher possibly know of his arrival so soon? "And so you'll be safe, as long as you do what I tell you. We need supplies from the North. We need lumber, stone, bricks, anything I ask...the Senate will see it through. You see, Mr. Ambassador...you now are an Ambassador for me."

"What about the Chancellor?" Vandersnatch asked. "He'll never go for this."

"He's useless and you know it. He cares more about his pleasures in life than about a nation. And besides, the Senate controls the politics of the North. The Chancellor is a glorified figurehead." Liam explained.

"What choice do I have?" the Ambassador said. "You really have thought of everything."

"Indeed," Liam said. "Now, you have a ship to catch. Before you go, however, as a token of my gratitude...when you return, you'll find a large plot of land all your own. Don't say I never did anything for you. Consider it a gift from a friend."

"Thanks, I suppose." Vandersnatch said.

"Don't mention it. Oh, and leave your Great Longhorns here; you'll be walking back to the dock. You could use the exercise." Fisher laughed as he opened the door to his cabin.



And with that, the Ambassador sailed back to the capital. The town asked Liam Fisher what had happened and Liam simply explained that the generous Ambassador Vincent Vandersnatch had graciously offered to represent the little town, nay, nation in the capital. Everyone rejoiced. Everyone knew Liam Fisher was the reason the Ambassador had come on a mission of good will!

A few weeks later, huge amounts of lumber began arriving from the North.

"What are we going to do with all this lumber?" One man asked. "And besides, we have a whole forest."

"We're going to need that forest for homes!" Liam laughed. "Besides, Ambassador Vandersnatch remarked we needed a proper dock. And so, here he is, sending us the supplies in which to do so. Come, let's get moving. We need that dock ready before he returns, or he will be very cross!" Liam laughed again, but the man couldn't really figure out why...




Wonderful again! Indeed, you're inspired by SimCoug, but you don't just copy him, it's only a familiar setting:D Great entry, looking forward to the next!

I'm glad it doesn't feel TOO similar to SimCoug's. I'd hate to be known as an imitator. It's hard when you're trying to do a period-specific CJ when someone else has already done one; the custom content is going to be similar so it's going to feel familiar. Hopefully the story I'm spinning will throw this into a totally different direction from New SorGun! :P

Very nice development, and yeah, your usage of MMPs is very good.

Thank you! I'm still trying to refine those MMP skills. A lot of times, I feel like mine look too "blotchy." Glad you like it.

Good use of MMPs and the pictures are perfect for the story.Great work.

Thank you. It's good to know the pictures are connecting to the text; sometimes it's hard to find images that convey what the story is about since you can't get inside the buildings.

Very nice work so far. Can't wait to see the progression of this area and the people.

Thank you! I can't wait, either!

its's beautiful reminds of stories i read in book about people settling down after some war i feel so happy about it i don't know why and i have always loved these kinds of city journals and i'm grateful to you that you made one !!!

Thanks a lot! I'm pulling from a lot of different ideas; Civil War (with the North and South), Texas independence, founding of Houston, political scandals...I'm trying to weave all of that together into a cohesive story without it coming off as cliche or boring. Glad you're enjoying it!

Haven't actually looked at the CJ section in a while (been busy trying to paint stuff), but I'm glad I did. Epic jump from SC 2013 to SC4 masked, the MMP work and story are awesome (Liam gets everywhere lol).

Keep it up and I'll try and remember to check back in once in a while (kind of weird that I don't actually check the site given that I'm in chat a lot but hey).



Hey, James. Glad you stopped by. It's always nice to hear from you. Glad you're enjoying it...and yes, yes...Liam is EVERYWHERE! :P


Chapter 2: Who IS Liam Fisher?


As the months passed, people started to notice the little settlement on the point of the river. Large ships heading from the South would travel into the bay and then proceed up river to the Northern Nation. It was becoming clear why Liam Fisher chose this spot in the first place.

"Yet another ship passing by, Mr. Fisher," Benjamin Douglass remarked as the two were fishing along the banks of the river. "How many is that this week alone?"

"Four, Benjamin. And each one has taken great interest in what's happening here." Liam replied.

"Well, wouldn't you if you saw a new settlement on the banks of the main artery connecting North and South?" Benjamin inquired.

"Yes. Yes, I suppose I would, Mr. Douglass." Liam said with a wry smile.



"Liam?! THE Liam Fisher?" The captain exclaimed as he got off the small rowboat. He had ventured ashore after one of his three boats dropped anchor to investigate.

"And who, good Captain, are you?" Liam was weary.

"I am John Jenkins, Captain of those three fine vessels out there," as he motioned to the three sailing ships bobbing up and down in the water. "There were rumors down South that you were in the Neutral...and here you are."

"Rumors can be a funny thing, Captain." Liam's response was rather cold.

"Quite the spot you've chosen, good sir. I can promise you I mean you no harm. I'm heading through the pass to the North and we were wondering if we could offer you some supplies?" The Captain asked.

"Well, Captain Jenkins, I cannot offer you much in return; some lumber and some dried fish, but that's about all we have." Liam shrugged. Captain Jenkins laughed a hearty laugh.

"Consider it a gift, my boy! A housewarming gift, so to speak. It's the least I can do for the legendary Liam Fisher! Please, I have a few extra crates of grain and seed. I can give you some leather and other clothing. Take them. It would be my honor."

Liam looked over the captain. He was a hard man to read. Things aren't just given away for the hell of it. "What would I owe you, Captain?" Liam insisted.

"Look, Mr. Fisher, you don't have to give me anything. I'm just trying to help you," the captain said. "Your presence has been noticed across the land and I have a feeling you're going to need what I'm offering. And besides, there may come a time when you can repay me. But until then...please!"

"I don't like delaying potential deals, captain," Liam said, "But I have a feeling you aren't going to load your little boats back up with all the things you brought. Have your men bring the supplies up to my cabin. Thank you, Captain Jenkins. Your generosity will not go unknown."



And the captain's words were true. As the weeks went on, people started arriving at the settlement. It seemed as if Liam Fisher was the reason people were arriving. The settlement quickly ran out of space and had to begin clearing the land in earnest. Work began immediately.

"Benjamin...what are all these new people doing here?" Edgar Potter inquired as he and Benjamin began chopping down a might conifer.

"They're here to begin their new life, Edgar. They want what we have, apparently." he responded.

"They want a tiny shack with dirt floors, no food, and days filled with manual labor?" Edgar snorted. "Certainly there's better reasons." Benjamin sighed.

"What do you know about Liam Fisher?" Benjamin asked.

"Not much, to be honest, Ben. Do you mind if I call you Ben?" Edgar asked.

"Only if you don't mind being called Ed, Ed." Benjamin smirked.

"No, I don't mind in the least. What were we talking about?" Edgar scratched his head. "Oh, yes. Mr. Fisher. I don't know much. I know he's more or less the leader of our little party. I know he's a hard worker. I know he had something to do with the Great Disagreement...really, we're here because my wife absolutely adores Father Marshall. She'd follow him to the ends of the earth."

"Liam Fisher had more than something to do with the Great Disagreement." Benjamin looked around to make sure no one else's ears were pointed towards the two men. "I heard he's the REASON there's the Neutral at all! I heard he was the reason both sides came to a truce and created the buffer that we now call our home. If it weren't for him, the two nations would still be fighting."

"What? What moron told you that?" Edgar did everything he could to hold back laughter. "Both sides were tired of killing each other for more than a generation and they mutually decided to call a truce. Everyone knows that's what happened."

"Look, I'm just telling you what I heard; our leader here is more than he seems. I think there's more to this Liam Fisher than any of us know. But enough, we best get along with our work. The sun is fading fast." Benjamin once again took his ax to the tree. The two men swung in silence pondering Liam Fisher.



Still, people came. Party after party rowed up and asked to speak to Liam Fisher. Afterwords, they would unload their boats and claim their land. If there's one thing the Neutral had plenty of, it was land. And trees. Lots of trees.

"Good morning, gentlemen!" Liam Fisher called from his cabin to some men with fishing poles headed towards the river.

"Good morning, sir," the men replied.

"Do me a favor, will you, gentlemen? After your fishing excursion, once you return, come see me at the cabin. I have an important job for you both. You're just the two I need."

"Us?" The men could hardly believe it; no one had ever been so kind. "Are you sure you mean us, Mr. Fisher?"

"Yes, yes. You two are the only two I can depend on. Now, go. Enjoy the morning; the fish are always hungry at dawn's first light. Enjoy yourselves!" Liam waved and returned to his cabin.



Captain Jenkin's seeds and grain went to good use. The first farms in the settlement went up once the land was cleared. Other travelers navigating the pass brought other supplies, always under the assumption of a gift. Apparently, the word was out: Liam Fisher had settled in the Neutral. The people living there couldn't figure out how their leader knew all these important-looking people and were even more baffled by how generous they all were. Nonetheless, they were grateful. It made the hard times just a bit less difficult.


As more time went on, more and more settlers arrived. More woods needed to be cleared. Another dock was built on the river side of the settlement, bringing the total to 3. There were whispers among the townsfolk that a large influx of settlers were on their way from the North. This newly cleared land MUST be where they'll be given land.



A man came charging from the deep woods and ran through the settlement. He arrived at the little cabin on the edge of the settlement with the chopping block out front. He banged on the door.

"Sir! Sir! Mr. Fisher!"

Liam opened the door only a crack.

"There's a ship up the river headed this way." The main exclaimed.

"Yes...so?" Liam wasn't ready for games today.

"It's the Ambassador's ship..." the man whispered.

"Are you sure?" Liam was quick.

"Positive." the man replied.

"Quick. Tell the others. We must prepare."





Usually , I don't really like story based CJs but this one....it has something really exciting, this pioneer-feel:D You know starting with nothing and slowly see the developments over the time. Also you're great with mmps! Good work man!

Well, I'm glad you gave this journal a chance! Hopefully the story will hold your interest as the settlement/city/region develops. Thanks!

Nice indeed!!

Thanks a lot.

That really reminds me of the beginning of New Sorgun CJ, which is a good thing.

Keep up with this, you've got me curious...

That's quite a humbling comment; New SorGun is one of my most favorite city journals, and I'd be lying if I wasn't inspired by SimCoug. I hope my story and style doesn't too closely mirror his. To be honest, I missed the first several updates of that CJ, but after looking at them once I posted this, you're right; they are similar. Hopefully mine can separate itself in due time. Thanks for the kind words.

Use of MMPs=pro level

It will be neat to see this develop

Ha, I'd hardly consider myself a pro, but thanks a lot! This is actually the first time I'm using MMP's with any regularity so it's nice to see I seem to be doing it right. Thanks for commenting.


Chapter 1: Here for the Long Haul


"Liam, please...we've been surveying the coast for weeks now, living in ramshackle lean-to's each night, paddling all day...and if I have to eat one more stale biscuit...well, I don't know what I'll do!" Susan deflated in the boat. It had been weeks. "That's what I get," she thought to herself, "for marrying Liam Fisher."

"Hmm? What's that dear?" Liam finally replied. He had been so busy hawking the coast he hadn't been paying attention to her this entire time. "Yes, whatever you want..."

"Liam, you're not even listening." Susan hissed.

"We don't paddle...you paddle a canoe; we're not in a canoe. See? I listen," Liam smirked. "THERE! THERE IT IS!" he exclaimed as he motioned towards the other boats.

5 other boats made their way close to their leader. They'd heard this before.

"Are you sure this time, Liam?" A man in his later years asked with a raised brow.

"Yes, Eugene. This is it. This is where we shall settle."

And so with that, 6 little boats carrying 18 people, a dog, tools, supplies, and whatever else the party needed made for shore. The small stretch of beach opened wide into a grassy knoll before being swallowed once again by the forest that seemed damn near impenetrable. In the center was an outcropping of rocks, similar to those that flanked each side of the beach. The group stepped on solid ground for (hopefully) the final time for a while. Brutus, the Douglass' family dog made off like a shot and dashed across the beach, across the stones, and promptly rolled in the grass. His sentiments were felt equally among the rest of the party.

"Finally! Let's get a fire going," exclaimed Robert Douglass, eldest son of Benjamin and Liza. "My socks and shoes are absolutely saturated."

"If you want a fire, you best get some kindling, son." Benjamin said. "And take your siblings with you."

Robert sulked, but seeing as his feet were getting no warmer, he along with his sister Maryann and brother Frank ventured into the woods.



As the days turned to weeks, it was clear there was much to do. A proper dock was built so that one could get in and out of the water without necessarily getting wet. This new nation needed to start somewhere; dry pant cuffs seems like a good place as any to begin! The group cleaned up the beach and used much of the driftwood around the settlement. A small road was formed to get to the dock and lead into the meadow.

"Of course, we'll need a church." Father Marshall said. He was in his early 50's and had been a man of the cloth for almost 30 years now. He was a devout, albeit short, man who had one goal: make sure the Good News was brought to this new land.

"Yes, yes...a church. How about we focus on some homes, first, Father?" Liam Fisher asked.

He was right; while they had settled on the point where the river enters the bay, they had been busy doing other things (surviving mainly) and the time had come to build a proper shelter. Everyone was tired of living like animals in their tents. Camping is fun, but not when there isn't a home to return to.



"All I need is four walls and a roof, my good sir." Eugene Johnson said. And lucky for him, that's about all he had. "As a man of the cloth, shouldn't this suffice, Father?" Eugene had demanded that his home be small and simple for two very good reasons: One, he was too old to build it on his own and needed quite the bit of assistance from the rest of the group; and two, he was too old and knew he didn't have much time left. He was on, what he assumed to be, his last great adventure in life.

"Yes, yes, of course, Mr. Johnson." Father Marshall replied.

"And look. They were even kind enough to extend the road to our little homes. Isn't that sweet?" Eugene cackled. "Eli, how do you like your new accommodations? Surely they beat sleeping on the ground!"

"Yes, sir. Although, if I'm to be honest, this is a far cry from my home back...well...back West. I'm just glad my wife and son can get off of the cold, wet ground." Eli White lived around the corner from Eugene and Father Marshall. He had a beautiful wife, Ruth, whom had given birth to their first child, Thomas a year before they set off on their adventure.

"Why on earth did you come along with such a small child, my boy?" Eugene inquired. Certainly Eli had more brains than THAT!

"There was nothing for us back there." Ruth quickly snapped. "Nothing."

"Sorry to offend, ma'am." Eugene tipped his hat.



The Fishers, Susan and Liam, built their home close to the second pier. Liam can often be seen out front chopping wood. Down the way, the Douglass family lives in a quaint home. Benjamin and Liza are in their mid 40's. They came to strike it rich. Call it crazy, call it a midlife crisis, but they're here now.



"Ah, the church." Father Marshall smiled. "It is indeed a lovely sight."

"Yes, and we are so grateful that it was built right across from our home!" Sarah Potter exclaimed. She had convinced her husband, Edgar, to follow Fr. Marshall to the new nation. The Potters live in the biggest home in the settlement. Edgar and Sarah have four children: Sarah, Jenny, Gretchen, & Fannie. All four girls are in their teens.



"Well, my dear. We've made it!"

"I don't think we've been here long enough to say we've made it just yet, Liam, dear."

"Oh, Susan. We made it. Look at it. It's beautiful."

"Dear, just remember. We're here for the long haul."


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