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  1. São Paulo

    THIS IS AMAZING! I'm building a São Paulo inspired city right now, where can i find all those buildings, Edificio Itália, i dont have that one. Congrats!
  2. The Amazon

    Wow that is trully amazing, very accurate, I live in Brazil but i've never travelled to Manaus, its too far haha.
  3. Teaser

    Hello people. Today I'm gonna post a teaser of my newest city, Arapari. It's a huge metropolis inspired in São Paulo, Brazil. First we have a scene from República neighborhood, with Theatro Municipal, second we have a favela far south from downtown, third we have a wealthy neighborhood and forth it's República again, with the Santander Cultural Museum. Opinions are welcome.
  4. Preface (Anno 2033)

    This looks promising, cant wait to see more!
  5. SIAT / Saitama International Airport

    I loved the airport, great work! Is this a recreation?
  6. Norige Hills(South Nord Fill)Part 1

    very well planned city. Is that in China? Cuz theres like a billion people there
  7. City Pictures

    Fantastic city, those suburbs with low buildings are massive!
  8. XXVII ・ Akasaki: At-Water

    The first part reminded me of a brazilian city, then the part that everything worked got me very nice city, japanese styled cities always get my attention.
  9. Something Borrowed, Something Blue

    What a green city, would live there for sure! Very detailed, just one problem, that airport is too small, the only thing that needs work. Good job 5/5
  10. Entry no.20 - Looper Junction

    :0 :0 :0 :0 wow
  11. 70 - Jade Sun

    So many details! Great use of BATs, it looks like a beautiful city to live in.
  12. Acheron

    Very nice, very green.
  13. Entry 17 - Touring Downtown

    Great maps!
  14. Green Cities

    Wow, it looks really good!
  15. Mods all vanished

    I'm having the exact same problem. All my assets disapeared from the game, but it says I'm still subscribed to them on steam. I dont know what to do :\