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  1. RICO to Glowable ?

    Maybe, but certainly only on buildings that are 4*4 squares or less.
  2. Entry 42 : Ashford Metro

    Another superb entry! Keep it up!
  3. Entry no.41 - Rosco Valley

    I think you dealt your MMP-aversion a knockout blow. Nice job!
  4. Piazza dei Miracoli - Pisa, Italy

    An outrageously magnificent picture!
  5. On XLNation (for Cities(X)XL, they use(d) to do a Christmas/Newyears building pack (3 or 4 buildings only, but higher than normal quality, from two or three modders). You only got access to the buildings when you donated what you could/would afford. Although that income wasn't used to pay the modders, rather to pay upkeep for the website. Maybe that idea can be transformed into something similar for CSL modders.
  6. West Gibralter

    Less on- and offramps on your highway, less traffic lights, more roundabouts, especially on avenue/avenue-intersections and intersections with 5 or more possible directions. Also, on that roundabout in the screenshot and any road if possible, try using longer stretches between intersections.
  7. Two Year Review & Entry no.40 - The Apotex Refinery pt.2

    Those are a lot of VIP's! Stunning detail. That's the result of skill and twelve years of mod development.
  8. The images in your latest post are broken for me. Otherwise a nice CJ!
  9. Bridge Bonanza (S3-07-W)

    Given that voting wasn't/isn't open yet I took the opportunity to post a bridge picture half an hour ago (so a little more then a day too late). No idea if it will be accepted. Apologies if entering too late is looked down upon.
  10. Tourist Attractions (S3-04-W)

    It's the first time I participate and follow one of these challenges, but it seemed a little odd that nobody even got a 4, while some were definitely worthy IMHO (not necessarily my own, but one can hope). Given the fairly low activity compared to years ago on this site it seemed also like there were an unusual amount of votes in an unusually short amount of time. Who rigs an event that can win you nothing but a bit of reputation? Congrats to the moderators for finding out and fixing this!
  11. Mitteck Opera House

    Mitteck Opera House by night
  12. Entry 28 - The Big Sights (5E135)

    Yours is definitely the best Skylines CJ by far, so far! Very nice how you use a fantasy setting and turn it into something contemporary, not to mention the as realistic as they Skylineswise can come cities you build.
  13. 70 - Jade Sun

    Damn, you really know how to make gorgeous cities!
  14. Entry 26 - A Subway Called Chirpy (5E130)

    It's actually 'mayor', not 'major'. Furthermore I'd like to say that you've a very nice CJ going on here. Keep it up!