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  1. Show Us What You're Working On

    Inspired by @That Retro Guy's communities in his Prepping my First Region topic, I'm creating a city made by mini communities Each community has a central agricultural zone (and maybe some industries later), surrounded by residential and commercial zones. The communities will be connected each other by roads and avenues. Mass transit, like subways and even tram lines, are also in the plan. After placing the layout, I started to play and develop the city a bit. It's not ready, so I can't show you it yet. But I can show you some of the developed communities.
  2. Show Us What You're Working On

    Looks like the base of something very futuristic, like a small fusion reactor, a wormhole, or even a machine that creates small universes.
  3. Berate one image

    Do. Your. Worst!
  4. First of all, welcome to Simtropolis Now that I'm back, I think I can help with the translation from English to Greek. I know nothing about hacking or converting fronts to .mxf, but at least I can help at translation.
  5. In this tutorial we can see that the game has been translated into many languages, such as Japanese and Finnish, but 4 languages are missing. Czech, Hebrew, Greek, and Russian. Those languages are listed as options, but there are no SimCityLocale.DAT files available for them. Maybe Maxis didn't have the time to finish their translations. So here is my question... Can we finish their job? Can we, the members of Simcity 4 community, add the missing support for Czech, Hebrew, Greek and Russian? Obviously I have no idea about Czech, Hebrew, and Russian, but I really want to translate the game into Greek. I can't play the game yet, but when I return I'll give it a try.
  6. My new PC came with an already installed trial version of McAfee. In a few days, the trial version will be expired. Does it means that McAfee will be just a useless sitting duck? If yes, can I remove it without the risk of making my computer and my OS (Windows 10) collapse? Anyway, I'll need a new antivirus. What I want is a good and free one (since I can't have 2 antiviruses at the same time) that is not going to mess things around. What would you suggest me?
  7. Quote of the Day

    “The great radio telescopes of the world are constructed in remote locations for the same reason Paul Gauguin sailed to Tahiti: For them to work well they must be far from civilization.” ― Carl Sagan, Contact
  8. City doesnt grow anymore??

    There is a trick I'm using when I have empty zones for a long time. Plant some trees in those empty zones to temporary increase the desirability. This will increase the probability of having something being upgraded/constructed at those zones and at their surroundings.
  9. Show us your futuristic creations

    It's been such a long time since I could play the game. But now I'm back. And my lotting projects will be back too
  10. Simcity 3070. Time to create the future
  11. Show us your parks!

    A park that has a temple, schools, playgrounds, lakes and a library, and being surrounded by apartment buildings.
  12. Show us your Airport - Part 2

    I was waiting for the space shuttle to be launched in order to take a cool picture of the big SimMars spaceport I had reloted many years. The moment has come, the space shuttle was launching, and the game decided to make me a big surprise. An airplane was taking off... while an other one was landing... while the space shuttle was launching... all at the same time! This has to be the most epic picture I've taken recently.
  13. Different games and game genres come and go, but they're still here. While this is the golden age of phone gaming, with simple game playing and cheerful graphics, there are still people who prefer fighting games, platforming games, racing games with realistic graphics, and even old 8-bit and 16-bit games. Today games like Fortnite are trendy, but there are still new and less known games out there, like Cities: Skylines, as well as older games, like Simcity and Command and Conquer. Speaking of which, old Command and Conquer games like Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 are still be played by many people, mostly thanks to mods like Twisted Insurrection and Mental Omega. And for the nostalgia, of course. Don't let the atrocity named C&C Rivals fools you. The C&C community is still here, just like the Simcity community. We're here. We still exist. Not as popular as other gaming communities, but we still exist. Besides, watching YouTubers playing popular games, not because they legitimately like them but because they're popular, is so much fun "But I actually like Minecraft". "Oh yeah? That's the reason why you haven't played Minecraft for many years and you've stuck with Fortnite and PUBG?"
  14. I'm the only one who wakes up with energy drinks instead of coffee?

    1. Ganaram Inukshuk

      Ganaram Inukshuk

      No; there was a phase of my life (spring quarter 2018) where I was dependent on energy drinks as opposed to other caffeine sources, like coffee or tea.

  15. Show us your Night Shots!

    Shh, we're sleeping.
  16. Kazuki's Underbridge Lots #2

    Thank you very much for preserving such a small but useful addon
  17. Prepping my First Region

    I like the design of your communities, with the farms in the middle and the homes surrounding them. I'll try to make a small city based on your designs, taking I guess the concept of urban farming to a new level
  18. Terrain Mod Pack

    For those who wonder how did I made those domed cities floating in Space, this is my secret
  19. Show us your futuristic creations

    Guess who's back
  20. Quadrahedron Matrix

    The plop-without-a-building problem was also a big deal breaker for me and that's so sad. Those buildings are so cool and giving them jobs makes them more useful, but what's the point if they will also make a huge mess with your city? Your version doesn't have jobs but it's better because it's way more reliable. But why there is no + version, with 4 bridges forming a + configuration? That would be even more useful. I think I'll try to expand this set, adding a second level as well, and even a 3rd one. We'll see...
  21. Complete Power Package

    One of the most useful and well done mods, hands down
  22. Show Us What You're Working On

    That's another way to build virtual connectors, but I've found a way to do it without the need of removing the lot. NAM pieces again. First, let's build a virtual road connector. Check the El-Over-Road pieces and find the "T intersection 2". Place it on a way that the extra overhanging El tile looks at the opposite direction of the lot. And then remove that extra El tile. And that's all. The virtual connector is ready. You can remove the extra road tiles if you wish. You can even replace them with one-ways, avenues or streets. Do whatever you wish. Just don't bulldoze the connector itself. Can we build a street virtual connector? Yes, we can. Choose the "El-Over-Street intersection 2" from the same menu and repeat. And here is a nice example. Just remove the streets where you want to build the connectors and start the construction. And remember, we don't have to touch the lot itself (although we might have to touch some other lots). Much better, right? But how about one-ways and avenues? Can we build avenue and one-way virtual connectors? Right now I don't know. I have no idea how it can be, but maybe playing around with other NAM pieces will allow us to do it. That's another thing I like about NAM. It allows us not only to build more, but to experiment more as well.
  23. Show Us Your Overview of Your City/Town

    A Maxis-made city that has been changed by me.
  24. Show us Your Oddities!

    The picture with the farm reminds me the old trailers and intros of video games from the 90's.