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  1. The Obituaries Thread

    Stephen Hawking, modern science's brightest star, dies aged 76
  2. Kraftwerk in Greece today! Can't wait *:ohyes:

  3. I have a terrible feeling about the Greece-Turkey relationship and the crisis in Aegean Sea.

  4. If it smells like poop everywhere you go, check your shoes before you start blaming.

  5. SimMars doesn't have wind turbines because of the very low density of the Martian atmosphere. Mars has an atmospheric pressure of less than 1% of Earth's, so having wind turbines on SimMars is pointless, right? Well, not exactly. In fact, it turns out that wind power is viable on Mars, according to NASA research. This video explains why and how. What do you think? Do you think it's high time we add some futuristic wind turbines on the red planet?
  6. AndisArt's BAT cookery

    Surprisingly, it looks very cyberpunk and badass. Brilliant work!
  7. SimCity 3000 BAT project

    The Wilkinson Tower is usually one of the very first skyscrapers appearing after laying large density commercial zones, mostly on land with medium land value. May I propose bringing the Wilkinson Tower into Simcity 4 as a low wealth commercial-services building? Poor Sims lives in huge apartment buildings and works in huge factories. So, how about making them shopping in huge skyscrapers as well?
  8. SimCity 3000 BAT project

    I don't have the game right now, so I'll try to find the best images on the web. Simcity 3000 has tons of awesome buildings and we definitely need more of them into Simcity 4. But only 3 suggestions? Oh well... Here is my first, the Fusion Power Plant. I never liked the hydrogen power plant on Simcity 4.
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  10. Revisiting Prop Pox and Prop Theory

    The disease has been cured. The phantom has been defeated. The daemon has been purged. Bring the party cannons! It's party time!
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  12. It has been a few years...

    We celebrate the 15 years of Simcity by having Glenni back!
  13. Simcity 4 is 15 years old and it's still alive and kicking. To accomplish something like this you need both a great game and a lovely community. And I'm happy to see that we have both of them *:thumb:

  14. Version


    One folder, all the dependencies you need… and even more! If you don’t want to read the background story, feel free to skip this paragraph. In March 2014, I lost my computer and anything I had on it, including the new under development version of Barsoom Project. One year has been past and I still can’t play SimCity 4 because of my stupid laptop. Well, at least this is what I want you to believe. The truth is that not only I’ve been playing the game all that year, but also I’ve been working on something “unthinkable”. Something that has been asked since the day 1 of the game. Something that everybody wanted it, but nobody even dared to give it a try. The day has come. The “impossible” is finally here! Most BATs made for SimCity 4 require a handful of dependencies in order to make it work nice and smooth. Unfortunately, hunting down dependencies can be a serious pain on your neck. Some of them are in sites that you have to register at them in order to get them, others has been forgotten even from their creators and can be found only in obscure sites, and others has been outdated and became unavailable to anybody. And as about the slap in your face when you have to download dozens of dependencies for a single building, just please don’t even get me started. I know this feeling. This is why I’m here, to put an end in this pain by introducing the Hyperpack, the fullest dependencies pack ever made. All this year I’ve been sending messages and begging to all the gods and heroes of SimCity 4 community to give me the permissions I need to make the Hyperpack. It wasn’t easy. It was an arduous process, but somebody had to do it. And that was me. And finally I’ve gotten all the permissions I needed to include ALL of the dependencies ever made in a single folder. Everything you need, from the most important to the most obscure dependencies, is now in a single pack. No more hunting dependencies and spending so much time in downloading and installing them one by one. One single folder, containing 100% of all dependencies files ever uploaded in any exchange. One single pack, with anything you need! There was one problem, though. I hadn’t had a suitable file compressor to reduce the size of the pack. The folder is 56 gigabytes large, way too big for the Simtropolis server. The only solution I had was to upload it in an external site and give you the link you need in order to get it, plus a few instructions to make it work with no problems. The readme file can be opened only by using Microsoft Word or any other similar program, because it contains pictures for better visualization of the installation progress. Yeah, it’s not as easy as it may looks like, but keep in mind that I’ve spent a whole year to make, while you will be spending a couple of hours to download and install it. Fair trade, right? Hyperpack. 1 folder, endless possibilities. I hope you enjoy it. Have a nice day
  15. Show Us What You're Working On

    @mattb325 and @matias93: That's right, an elevated bus stop. We don't have a lot of them, and having some cars going through a building looks so cool. @nycsc4: That's a very nice city you have there
  16. Show Us What You're Working On

    Very nice building. You said "any type"? Does this include elevated roads? That would be cool.
  17. The Milestone Thread

    Yeap, 3,000 posts
  18. City of Piers Project Resuscitation

    I'd like to see this project completed
  19. Happy birthday to... me! *:golly:

  20. Show us Your Oddities!

    Wait, so it's possible to modify the advisors? I can't check the file my myself, but I'd love that idea. If it's possible, we could even replace the advisors with something else. Like this: Or this!:
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  22. Congratulations to everybody!
  23. A new DLC for Cities: Skylines is coming later this year, that allows you to build eco-friendly cities with new buildings, new assets, new parks, new scenarios, electric cars, a new hat for Chirper, new policy options etc. Click here to find out more.
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