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  1. Got a new computer after the last one died. Lost my Chicago region. Will try something anew and hopefully this time my pics will show now that I have windows 10 and all that jazz. Happy Building.

  2. Central Star Tower

    The view from the penthouse would be as if from a mountain top.
  3. Niederbauen - Further Exploration

    Top 10 in design maybe? Looks well developed and and customized, just what you might expect from a mod/lot creator.
  4. Well, things are still progressing in my region. Total population is sitting at 625,000 sims. The capital has 280,000 sims and growing very nicely. I even have a freight train station hauling close to 500 in freight from one of my industrial areas.(rare for me) Starting work on Epiphany the last of the Large maps in this region. Theres still plenty to work on and when i can show better pics i will. Oh and maaaan those KOSC parking lots are the bomb.....now we can make completely original lots. Just love it.(I go nuts on parking for realism and have mastered the KOSC set)
  5. The Empress

    Not bad...but it is only the Maxis building modified to substitute for the real deal. I live in Victoria and would love to see this one done right.
  6. Day 1 - Laying down some of the roads

    I love Chicago. An epicenter of architectual greatness.
  7. Karlsruhe Courthouse

    Also looks like it could be a Lab or HT research building.
  8. Well I decided to add the industry booster and its really helped keep me afloat with a 20,000 a month surplus. Its helped me out in all parts of my region.....In my opinion with this and a well organized region with lots of industry you can rake it in and not need to cheat to make good money. (Unless you call this a cheat but i don't because industry is always the main money maker for any economy so i see it as just making things more realistic)....thank you to the creator of this mod as its exactly what i thought the game needed to make thing more reflective of what a normal economy might explain. Plus the added cash helps. City - New City (91).sc4 City - New City (90).sc4
  9. Avenged Sevenfold.....Nightmare.....Shepard of Fire....Buried Alive.
  10. HBS Mall Del Sur Relot

    Looks like the real deal.
  11. Show us your MMP work

    Thats a cool pic
  12. Realistic Budget Maps

    Normally i would just get them from my regions folder but that's not working either as i don't see the region I'm working on there.....go figure.
  13. Realistic Budget Maps

    I still don't know what to do about my pics not showing. If anybody knows what the deal is with Windows 7 let me know.
  14. Still haven't cheated on my budget since the start of my new region. The Capital Terra Nova is currently sitting at 200 thousand citizens and growing fast....40 thousand the last session I played. My transit system is world class and I have as mentioned done an extensive rail network to ensure there's at least one high speed transit option for inter regional travel and freight service. Of course there's also Air service if you really need to get someplace and to sponsor tourism. What I'm really trying to do though is make a region that is High Tech and that my sims have the educational supports to make HT high demand. I'm creating a space program also to bring my citizens into the space age. May you live long and Prosper. City - New City (91).sc4 City - New City (90).sc4 City - New City (89).sc4
  15. Willis Tower

    What you talking bout Willis? Great work as par usual.