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  1. Upgrading to NAM 35

    Matias93 Thanks for the response, I'll go through them tomorrow! Is version 35 the latest? Dick Wright
  2. Upgrading to NAM 35

    After upgrading an older version of NAM to version 35, I noticed some of the older pieces no longer have the darker texture I have used for a few years. One is the 45-degree angle piece for instance. So I have a couple of issues I hope someone will help me with. 1. Are there similar pieces in the NAM that can be used with the stock highways? 2. Where can I find tutorials on building highways with NAM? I hope to learn how to use NAM for highways, etc. It just seems a bit overwhelming to someone who has used the stock pieces for years. Thanks in advance, Dick Wright
  3. Maybe someone can help with this problem. I get the following error message whenever I try playing the game. I have even deactivated all mods and deleted all saved games, starting fresh. I played the game for several months on Steam before this started occurring, and don't see a way to completely erase the game and reinstalling it. Thanks, Dick Wright A Mod caused an error [ModException] Details: System.TypeLoadException: Could not load type 'ColossalFramework.Steamworks.Achievement' from assembly 'ColossalManaged, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'. at EntryData.GenerateData () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
  4. Woods Regional Airport - more cargo traffic

    Replies: raynev1 Thanks. I'm starting to add other city tiles now. kschmidt Thanks for the measurement formula. I used it and the runway is 10,000 feet. I think the picture in the paper did not give a good view of it's length. slickbg56 We have sever large call centers in my area including Verizon and Comcast, which employ a lot of people. Thanks. kelistmac Thanks for the interest. Thanks for the visit - Dick
  5. The Drury Informer - the airport and call center

    Replies: kschmidt I will run power lines to the other cities, even though the have their own power sources to add to the effect. Power lines are a common and normal fixture in most city-scapes. kingofsimcity LOL. The pond pack has a 4x4 plop that helped some, but it did take some time. Thanks. Takingyouthere I haven't found a plop texture that doesn't leave the repeating rectangles. But yes, it did come out fairly well, even the spillway. Thanks. Thanks for the visit! - Dick
  6. Canton - City center and it's effects...

    DavidDHetzel Here are some links: Plop A Shop Pack 1 1.01 Plop A Shop Pack 2 Plop A Shop Pack 3 Plop A Shop Pack 4 LBT Office Depot 1
  7. Otter Creek Dam

    Replies: kschmidt I originally intended to just expand the town gradually but I realized the original downtown afforded very limited room for expansion, and commercial growth would end up being sprawled out over the whole region. The town needed a city center so I put it to the citizens (you folks who have been following the region) and took some of each suggestion. I will now try to slow down a bit. Thanks again for your input! DavidDHetzel If you do a search on the STEX you should find them, if not, let me know and I will try to track the links down. Some of the stuff has been in my files for quite a while and I am not sure exactly where I got them. Again, let me know if you have trouble finding them. Thanks for the visit - Dick
  8. What does this exception window mean and how can it be fixed? This appears once I "run" the game, either existing or new. Method not found: 'NetSegment.GetLeftAndRightLanes', [System.MissingMethodException] Thanks!
  9. Canton - City center and it's effects...

    Thanks for the visit - Dick
  10. City Center - ten years have passed

    Replies: raynev1 I play a region. Folks from one city may work in another. I guess 4 gig for plug ins is not unreasonable, but it would still be quite a job going through it and making sure needed stuff got included. kschmidt There were more civic items than might be obvious at first sight: schools, police and fire, health care, etc. I have added more with this update. Thanks! DavidDHetzel Wow, that is quite a commercial area. I will be adding some of that to other areas. Thanks for the picture! Odainsaker Thank you for the detailed plan for the new down town. As you can see, I used most of what you laid out, with some modifications and additions. The plan really helped! What do you think of the area so far. I want to add more detail. Thanks. Thanks for the visit - Dick
  11. Replies: Wallibuk Thank you for stopping by! korver I'm happy you enjoy it. kschmidt Yes, the same plug in folder, which is right at 4g. I know it should be overhauled but I am not sure what the best method is for a job like that. You mentioned civic lots. Is that some out there better than the stock lots? Thanks for the input. Thanks for the visit - Dick
  12. Lockhart - town with a plan

    Thanks for the visit - Dick
  13. Rural wondering around !

    I get this sometimes but usually when I delete it and let it grow again it rights itself. Another trick is to run a road up the side with a farm house at the end which works. In your picture there is only a small section that actually abuts a road. Maybe a little more access for this one might help. Dick
  14. Technical problem has developed

    kschmidt I've tried re-plopping them and some still disappear. I also tried left clicking on the city file but there was no other versions listed. It is happening only in the one city. Weird. raynev1 Thanks, I appreciate that. Cyclone Boom As I mentioned above, there is no other versions listed. Only backup is of a recent version which contains the problem. Thanks for the interest though. Cyclone Boom The file size actually increases after each save, even if I don't "run" the game while it is open. I really do appreciate the input and interest, which has always been something making this site the best Sim City forum around. Thanks again! Dick