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About this City Journal

Follow the story of Brad, Brian, and their friends as they discover that there is quite a bit more going on than they believe, and how they deal with these events. Also includes showcase...

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Lyhoko Leaci

Species Data

Edit: Jan 24th: Now with weight and metric equivalents


Just a random image of a day of school at Tiffany Meiring's high school... which for some reason involves crossdressing. Maybe they lost a bet? Culuya, who isn't crossdressing, seems to find the situation quite funny... "Upyadawa ja ebba jalakduxen!" is Zukish for "No flying in the halls!"

From left to right: Culuya Kasa (Zuke), Igrasa Zhaphe (Muphridian), Binashu Kaja (Zevinowa), Tiffany Meiring (Human), Lauren Halatik (Zuke), Scott Wasuvo

Based on a Haruhi Suzumiya image here: http://konachan.com/post/show?md5=c94c8b08a370c6fa03c912948d67a650

The following 5 (well 4, as Zukes and Muphridians technically are the same species) species are the ones that are most likely to be found in Myon, or the planet Maiyan.


Average adult height (female): 2 feet 9 inches / 84 centimeters

Average adult height (male): 3 feet, 1 inch / 94 centimeters

Average adult weight (female): 45 pounds / 20.4 kilograms

Average adult weight (male): 52 pounds / 23.6 kilograms

Average life expectancy: 102 years

Basic Hair colors: Gray, brown, black, mixtures of the previous

Diet: Carnivorous

Native to: Maiyan/Mïyan

General information: Gaxikaen have a rocket-like organ on their back that allows them to fly, this can be controlled to provide maneuvering as well, and normally the exhaust is relatively cool. They also have wings that are attached to their arms, and a rod-like secondary arm that attaches to their side when the wings are deployed, otherwise it remains flat against their actual arms. They are able to fly using only their wings and not the bio-rocket, unlike Zukes, and can also fly reasonably well just by using the bio-rocket. Gaxika commonly begin to learn to fly around the age of 3 to 4, and can learn to do so on their own, though training helps them learn quicker. They are entirely covered with fur, and can survive in space for limited periods of time. A lack of oxygen does not effect their bio-rockets performance, and the fur protects them from UV rays. They also have 6 fingers/toes on each hand/foot, and have retractable claws. They also have a tail, but it is quite short and normally not visible, being hidden under clothes.


Average adult height (female): 5 feet 8 inches / 173 centimeters

Average adult height (male): 5 feet, 11 inches / 180 centimeters

Average adult weight (female): 132 pounds / 59.9 kilograms

Average adult weight (male): 157 pounds / 71.2 kilograms

Average life expectancy: 112 years

Basic Hair colors: Brown, black, blond, red

Diet: Omnivorous

Native to: Earth

General information: I think you already know this.


Average adult height (female): 8 feet / 244 centimeters

Average adult height (male): 8 feet, 1 inch / 246 centimeters

Average adult weight (female): 476 pounds / 215.9 kilograms

Average adult weight (male): 506 pounds / 229.5 kilograms

Average life expectancy: 265 years

Basic Hair colors: Brown, black, blond, green, red

Diet: Omnivorous

Native to: Alhuna? Maiyan/Mïyan? Muphrid?

The first Muphridians were genetically modified Zukes, created by the Hasiq in order to serve as a sort of servant race, though they revolted and became independent around 9 thousand years ago. The genetic manipulations include a potential for telekinetic or similar powers, though only about 50% of the population has one of more of these abilities. Also they have the ability to survive in space, similar to Gaxikaen, and they have lost the feet-rockets that Zukes have. Also, they have a small horn on the bottom of the back of their head that Zukes lack. For more information, see the section on Zukes.


Average adult length (female): 17 feet, 7 inches / 536 centimeters

Average adult length (male): 17 feet, 7 inches / 536 centimeters

Average adult weight (female): 167 pounds / 75.7 kilograms

Average adult weight (male): 166 pounds / 75.3 kilograms

Average life expectancy: 87 years

Basic Hair colors: none

Diet: Omnivorous

Native to: Vinawasho

Zevinowati (singular Zevinowa) are somewhat snakelike in appearance, and have 10 limbs that can act as either legs or arms, the most common configuration they take is that of an S shape, with the last to pairs of limbs used as legs. They have a pattern of red markings that are unique to the Zevinowa in question, females also have significant orange markings as well as the red. Some forms of Zevinowa food are poisonous to other species, though in most cases the reverse is not true. Zevinowati additionally are venomous, and can either inject venom though their fangs, or can spray it if necessary. Most doses are not strong enough to kill another unless the target is allergic, though a full injection is enough to kill. Also, due to the fangs they are unable to pronounce s, z, or th sounds effectively, producing a notable accent. Zevinowati do not have a skeletal system similar to that of the other species, instead they have a system that is combined with the muscular system, that allows for a combination of strength and flexibility. They have 3 eyes and 3 ears as well, with the ears looking like holes in the skin.


Average adult height (female): 8 feet / 244 centimeters

Average adult height (male): 8 feet, 1 inch / 246 centimeters

Average adult weight (female): 475 pounds / 215.5 kilograms

Average adult weight (male): 504 pounds / 228.6 kilograms

Average life expectancy: 265 years

Basic hair colors: Brown, black, blond, green, red

Diet: Omnivorous

Native to: Maiyan/Mïyan

Zukes have a tail that has a forked tip, this can be formed into a sort of fist, several other wild animals commonly referred to as "clubtails" have the same ability. Like Gaxikaen, they have 6 fingers/toes on each hand/foot, and have retractable claws. Aside from their head, their body has little visible hair, though thin fuzz covers most of their body, along with the scales, which are quite small and not noticeable as such unless you look closely. They have wings with a similar structure to that of Gaxikaen, and also have feet-rockets to provide flight thrust. Unlike Gaxhikaen, they do not have the ability to fly with just their wings and not the feet-rockets, though the can glide. Like Gaxikaen, the commonly learn to fly around the age of 3 or 4. They can somewhat fly just by using the feet-rockets, though it is rare that one would become proficient in doing so. They can survive at high altitudes that humans would be unable to, but they lack the ability to survive in space for extended periods of time.

Lyhoko Leaci


Day 3 + 10 hours:

Apparently there is some sort of prophecy of some sort about my arrival... at least that is what they said, I haven't been able to make heads or tails of the thing. "The marked one will arrive from the sky... Born and yet not born, he will lead the people... The Dark Lord will not follow, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not... The marked one will arrive from the sky..." Well, my gills could count as a "mark," and the born part could refer to the Nacran creation process, though where this Dark Lord comes into play, I don't know. None of the people know of any lords, dark or otherwise. Maybe I'm missing something, or something got lost when it was passed down from generation to generation, I don't know. At any rate, the people have already turned to me to lead them, and it is slightly unnerving, as I've only been here 2 days so far... However, right now it is time for exploration. Well, not really exploration, more of just a tour of the western hunting grounds. Odd, I could have sworn that that field was full of pumpkins yesterday...

Misa.pngMisa: Pesky weird prophecies that are impossible to interpret... Who is this dark lord, anyway?

Misa.pngMisa: Now, where did those pumpkins go? Is there some sort of underground storage area?


Trees. Lots and lots of trees. So many trees, you can't even see the forest though them! Oh, is that a bush? It's very calm in here, only the occasional disturbance from an animal of some sort. They have so far refused to travel deeper into the forest than what they have already done, and here I can't blame them. Near the edge of the known woods it still feels somewhat creepy and gets worse the farther away from town you go. They call the deep forest Mirkwood and it is somewhere that even I don't feel like exploring any time soon.

Misa.pngMisa: Maybe that dark lord lives in there?


Not long after, we had reached the water, the same body of water that I woke up on, and where the dock is located on. A bit more rocky here, but still not enough to cause any problems for boats. Maybe these rocks could be useful in construction sometime in the future...

Misa.pngMisa: Building with rocks seems to be a ways off, though.


We soon arrived back at the dock after heading east. Oh, before I forget, the town is named Ansic, which by some weird coincidence, means "central city" in Ancaron.

Misa.pngMisa: Though these weird coincidences make map making easier...


Day 3 + 16 hours:

It wasn't long before we were on our way out to see, in the first true exploration mission that these people have gone on. I must say that this boat is surprisingly fast for something with no visible means of propulsion... I must figure out just what they use, as they certainly don't have engines yet, though no sails or rowers were on the ship, either. Unless the rowers were all below deck and rowed under the ship, that is.

Misa.pngMisa: And more unexplained occurrences.


Well, now I know why they’ve never been to this land before, its full of rocks. There has to be some safe area to go to though, me must keep looking.

Misa.pngMisa: Other than flying, that is.


It worked, we managed to find a relatively rock-free area of the shore so we could come in close and drop anchor. Some of the crew have taken to calling this island, or new landmass, or whatever it is, Rockland, though I hope that a more imaginative name will turn up sometime soon. For now, however, it is time to check out the area. It doesn't have that creepy feeling that Mirkwood did, so that's a good sign. Hold on, someone found something interesting.

Misa.pngMisa: What is it?


Footprints... It seems we are not alone.

Misa.pngMisa: Feetprint?

Lyhoko Leaci


Nikki.pngNikki: A random highway?

Nick.pngNick: It's the M-11 loop. Also, this is the access point for the main road though town. It's visible at the top of the next picture, one would turn west on the last road before M-11L, stay on the road though the roundabout, then turn left. That takes you to the road that cross M-11L, the actual onramps and offramps are on side roads on either side of the overpass.

Nikki.pngNikki: Sounds a bit confusing.

Nick.pngNick: Anyway, this is in Berkidua, and just to the west is that Faevza interchange and other stuff that you saw last city update.

Leech2.pngLyhoko: Getting onto M-11L from M-11 is easy, as is going from M-11 directly to the main road into town. But there wasn't enough room to make it a full intersection.

Nikki.pngNikki: You again?

Leech2.pngLyhoko: It was surprisingly easy to fit an interchange into the available space, I only had to destroy 3 buildings! And take a bit out of the park...

Nikki.pngNikki: What?





Nick.pngNick: And here is most of the east side of the Trent Fogt Memorial Park, as well as the new M-11 M-11L interchange.

Leech2.pngLyhoko: And I found this information on the park in some CJ called "Dierapyámuk-Myon, originally Galesfe City"

The Trent Fogt Memorial Park was built in 0115AL to commemorate Trent Fogt, who served as mayor of Galesfe City from 0105AL to 0113AL, when he died in a car wreck on M-GCL, the main highway loop around the city, which also involved a truck, and 3 other cars. The accident was later found to be caused by wet roads. It is also named after the Trent Fogt who used to go to my school and was my friend during middle school, who also died in a car crash, nearly 5 years ago.

Nikki.pngNikki: M-GCL?

Nick.pngNick: I think they mena M-11L...

Nikki.pngNikki: They also don't know how to spell "Dierapyamuk" either.

Nick.pngNick: There is an accent on that syllable, though...


Nikki.pngNikki: Uwa?

Leech2.pngLyhoko: Oops, that's the old overview of the park.


Leech2.pngLyhoko: Here's the new overview of the park, with the new highway... and a new bunch of other stuff, too.

Nick.pngNick: Yep, definitely a difference.

Nikki.pngNikki: Why does she have to keep butting in?



Nick.pngNick: And a little ways to the east, a forested area with an elevated road passing though it. No idea why this image is in here.

Lyhoko Leaci

Misa.pngMisa: And here's the beginning, as the doctor has ordered.

*I'm the Leech, not a doctor!*

Leech2.pngLyhoko: Or in Myonian that would be "Ai'm ðii Bladwurm, naat a liich!". Or written as it would be in English, "I'm the Bloodworm, not a leech!" It's pronounced pretty much the same way, too. It's the meaning that's a bit different.

Misa.pngMisa: Isn't this my story?

Leech2.pngLyhoko: Oh, sorry.

Nacar Day 1: Newcomer


Day 1, unknown time:

Ugh, what happened? Last thing I remember, I was simply resting in my room aboard the Ancaron destroyer Garcan, next thing I know, everything was spinning. Nothing that I know of could have suddenly just caused that, even if we were attacked there would be at least some form of warning. After that, nothing, and now I'm here, wherever here is. I can't even detect the rest of the fleet, so wherever here is, it's either a long way away, or somehow I time traveled. Looks nice, though, clean water, green trees, and birds. Some big mountains just barely visible off to the... east? I think that's right, if this place’s magnetic field is to be trusted. I suppose east is a good a direction as any to call it, until I figure out which way the sun is moving, at least.

Misa.pngMisa: That's fresh water, by the way.


Day 1, 3 hours:

It seems this planet is inhabited, surprisingly be humans that speak English. Either I didn't end up as far away as I thought I did, or English and humans are more widespread than I thought. The population is a bit low, though, I only saw about 10 buildings, 20 at most. There's some farms too, though I don't know anything about the surroundings here. However, they seem nice enough, about an hour and a half or so after I woke up here, two men showed up where I was. They had spears, probably for hunting, though after I told them I was not going to harm them, they helped me back to their village. Not that they would have been able to harm me with those spears anyway, though it is nice that they didn't try. Also, unlike many other humans that I know of, the men actually were skirts of some sort, and they correctly guessed my gender. Hold on, I think it is time for the tour of the area.

Misa.pngMisa: Technically, it's actually Muphridish, not English. And it's closely related to Myonian. And did I really say that about correctly guessing my gender?


There were three of these guard towers, this one plus two more in the farms. The trees were cleared away nearby both for firewood, and to make sure nothing was hidden.

Misa.pngMisa: Nothing to say here.


They also had a dock for fishing boats. They seems to be more advanced than I thought they were before, as these boats are quite finely made, much more so than one would expect fishing boats to be. They looked almost as if they were made out of one large piece of wood, carved into shape! Though I never did figure out what the tank out on the end of the dock was for, not even the villagers know. It just was there as long as they can remember, it seems. The birdhouses are a bit odd as well, they almost look like streetlights.

Misa.pngMisa: Yep, interesting things here. Some of them seem to be related to the "They're birdbaths, not satellite dishes" effect in Schulmania...


Ah yes, the farms. There were 5 different crops, consisting of what they called "pumpkins," "soy beans," "melons," "sugarcane," and something called "wax beans." Why someone would want to eat something with "wax" in its name, I don't know, but they say they're quite tasty. Overall their diet consists of these crops, fish, and various wild berries and other animals that they manage to find.

Misa.pngMisa: Who names something "wax beans," anyway?


Overall, the village is quite advanced for a people who don't even know how to write. Then again, they've never really needed to so far. Maybe I can teach them, also maybe I could figure out why they don't explore. They only have really been in the village or the farms their whole lives, only traveling out into the forest to hunt, and then not going very far at all. There's an island or more land up to the direction I now know to be north, but they've never been there. No fish there, they said. While that makes sense, it doesn't mean they can't go there.

Misa.pngMisa: It seems odd that they've never explored much, I wonder what that's all about?

Lyhoko Leaci

Nacar: The Resurrection

Misa.pngMisa: Hello, my name is Misa Antacar, and I will be your guide though this... CJ section? Wait, didn't I already do this once before?

Leech2.pngLyhoko: It's a new version!

Misa.pngMisa: New?

Leech2.pngLyhoko: Now with new features that the original lacked, like commentary!

Misa.pngMisa: What? What if I don't want to do commentary?

Leech2.pngLyhoko: The Leech has spoken.

Misa.pngMisa: Fine... anyway, first up is an introduction.

Intro to Nacar:

Nacar ("New Land") is an alternate history story of Misa Antacar, a 5 year old Nacran Ancaron, who after crash-landing on an uncharted planet, finds himself in charge of a group of primitive humans. And yes, despite his appearance, Misa is a guy. Do not say otherwise, lest you annoy him. For that matter, don't call him a child, either. Age does not matter much to a Nacran. Well, ages 4 or under do. But that isn't the case here. Though, let's get back on topic, shall we? In time, this small population comes to be known as the Nacaron ("People of the New Land", not to be confused with the Ancaron, the "Central People") as they begin to grow and expand. Soon, their small civilization will grow into greatness, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, okay? They still have to grow beyond one small town, after all. Greatness can wait for now, we, or more accurately, Misa, has work to do. All you have to do is watch and observe.

Misa.pngMisa: You're the one making all the work for me.

Leech2.pngLyhoko: At least you don't have to deal with controlling a table of contents. The CJ fairies that run this place will do that for you.

Misa.pngMisa: CJ fairies?

Leech2.pngLyhoko: Yes!

Misa.pngMisa: Your mind is in a whirlpool.

You have bats in the belfry.

Leech2.pngLyhoko: I know you are, but what am I?

*Er... let's stop this here before this escalates and they destroy the place. Also, Nacar takes place in an alternate reality, so as to not mess up the other stories. Think of it as a side story, just like Exploration: Leech.*

Myon Passport

Kyon.pngKyon: Finally, some quiet.

Asakura.png Ryoko: I have a passport!

Kyon.pngKyon: What? Why are you here?

Asakura.png Ryoko: See?


Kyon.pngKyon: Do you have one in English?

Asakura.png Ryoko: And the inside.

Kyon.pngKyon: Did you hear me?


Kyon.pngKyon: It's still unreadable. And what sort of gender is Xh/Sh? Or D/P for that matter?


The languages used are Zukish and Myonian, in that order.

The first lines on the inside, as well as the front cover, say "Republic of Myon" and "Passport," respectively.

The sections to the right of the picture are (Passport) Type, Country (3 letter code), and (Passport) Number.

1: Family name(s)

2: Given name(s)

3: Nationality... why passports have these sections when all they do is say the nationality of the country that gave the passport, I don't know.

4: Birthday

5: Birthplace

6: Species (Xh/Sh is human, Zü/Zu is Zuke or Muphridian, Ze/Zh, is Zevinowa, Ga/Gr is Gaxika/Gremlin, and Ya/Að is anything else)

7: If other species (not used in this case... even though technically Ryoko Asakura isn't actually human)

8: Gender (You should be able to understand the information here)

9: Children

10: Given on this date

11: Expiration date

12: Giving authority

13: Signature

14: Other notes

Note that "Jeendur" is not the same as "Gender." Despite being closely related to English, Myonian has some differences... some of which can really confuse you.

Lyhoko Leaci

Sorry for the delay, things have been chaotic recently.

Wed. June 14th, 0150AL (Note the date: This occurs before "Lost")


CS-2 Valmal

Crew5.pngPaþü: Nothing abnormal coming up on subspace.

Capt_Laura.pngCaptain Laura: Good. Prepare to exit Wapbervlex.


The blue glow surrounding the Valmal opened up, and spat the ship out into regular space.

Vashuri.pngFirst Officer Vashuri: Now, just what can you see out there?

Crew 1: Just like the long range scans, there seem to be 9 planets... wait, I'm detecting something else.

Vashuri.pngFA Vashuri: What is it?

Crew 1: It's pretty small, and appears to be rich in titanium and tungsten. Seems to be the remains of a ship of some sort.

Capt_Laura.pngCaptain Laura: Can you tell what sort of ship it is?

Crew 1: No, it seems to have taken quite a bit of damage. It's in an eccentric orbit around the second planet. Seems like it was adrift and was captured by the planet at some point.

Crew 2: Is there anything else similar to it?

Crew 1: Nothing noticeable. If it got hit by an asteroid at some point, any parts that were broken off are likely scattered about the solar system and too small to notice. And that's assuming the parts didn't crash into one of the planets.

Capt_Laura.pngCaptain Laura: Set a course for planet 2

Crew 3: Yes ma'am.


2 hours later

Crew 1: Beginning thorough scan.

Vashuri.pngFA Vashuri: Weird. It looks vaguely like an LC-2 dropship... but it can't be. There's no record of any dropships ending up here.

Capt_Laura.pngCaptain Laura: Even so, it does have the same hull composition as one as well.

Crew 1: Well, we'll soon know if it is or not.


Capt_Laura.pngCaptain Laura: What?

Crew5.pngPaþü: Something just appeared out of nowhere!

Capt_Laura.pngCaptain Laura: Raise shields!


Crew 1: There's nothing registered about ships anything like this... the ship appears vaguely like Lagomorphian ships, at least in that it seems to use organic parts, but other than that, nothing. Whatever it is, it's blocking any thorough scans, both of itself and any other scans of the wreckage.

Crew 2: I'm receiving a transmission.

Vashuri.pngFA Vashuri: On screen.

The screen turned on to show a room with stone walls and bamboo-like supports, as well as a short haired blond humanoid that some others already knew.

Cormani.pngCormani: Greetings. I am Cormani, and I mean you no harm. However, I must take this wreck for now.

Capt_Laura.pngCaptain Laura: What?

Cormani.pngCormani: The wreck must be taken due to factors outside of my control. That is all.

The connection ended and the other ship suddenly grabbed the wreck in a tractor beam and once the two were close enough together, both suddenly vanished as quickly as the other ship had appeared to begin with.

Capt_Laura.pngCaptain Laura: Okay... that was different.

Crew 1: There's no sign of either them or the wreck anywhere on sensors.

Vashuri.pngFA Vashuri: Could you tell what the wreck was?

Crew 1: I'm not sure, but it did seem to be an LC-2, somehow...

Asakura.png Ryoko: Meuri Yuul!

Leech2.png Lyhoko: Ül Fleza!

Kyon.pngKyon: Great, there's two of them... And according to the translator, that would be Merry Christmas.

Leech2.png Lyhoko: Scrooge.

Asakura.png Ryoko: Where's your spirit?

Lyhoko Leaci


Nick.pngNick: And here's the interchange that Koða blew up...

Nikki.pngNikki: Huh? It's different than before.

Nick.pngNick: More compact. Did Koða come back though?

Leech2.pngLyhoko: No, that's what happenes when new NAM updates come out right after reconstruction is done.

Nikki.pngNikki: NAM?

Leech2.pngLyhoko: Does she even know anything about SC4 addons?

Nikki.pngNikki: Hey! I heard that! ... what's SC4?


Nick.pngNick: Anyway, here's an ordinary overpass over M-11 with no onramps that somehow ended up in the pictures.

Nikki.pngNikki: Where'd that blue haired girl come from, anyway?

Nick.pngNick: Industry on the left, residential on the right.

Nikki.pngNikki: Stop ignoring me!

Nick.pngNick: Stop asking questions I don't know the answer to!


Nick.pngNick: Random residential area with a football field and a school.

Nikki.pngNikki: And shops!


Nick.pngNick: And a high wealth residential area along one of the highways.

Leech2.pngLyhoko: Now, if only I could remember just where this came from.

Nikki.pngNikki: Who are you?

Leech2.pngLyhoko: Lyhoko.

Nikki.pngNikki: Anything else?

Leech2.pngLyhoko: That is on a need to know basis only, and you don't need to know.

Nikki.pngNikki: Hmph.


Nick.pngNick: And here's part of the industrial area, with what seems like too many farm towers.


Nikki.pngNikki: And underground farms too.


Nick.pngNick: In the mountains to the south, there's more of the forest cabins, as well.

Nikki.pngNikki: Can barely see them though the trees.


Nick.pngNick: And a mini airport for those who have their own planes.


Nikki.pngNikki: And a dam in the mountains.

Leech2.pngLyhoko: The water next to the dam looks weird.

Nick.pngNick: Weird.

Lyhoko Leaci

Star Map + In Memory


Leech2.pngLyhoko: And here be a map of the regions around Mïyan. Weird, the scale ran off and hid somehwere... anyway, the scale is 50 light years per grid line. Central is where the previous update took place, by the way.

Leech2.pngLyhoko: Click for full size.

In Memory



Above is Wiley, who recently had to be put to sleep after her health deteriorated, losing several pounds in a short period of time... and leaving urp piles in various places. She will be missed.

Feb 23 1997 - Nov 27 2010

Lyhoko Leaci

Sat. June 10th, 0150AL


Meanwhile, several light years away

Tanka stared out into space, looking past the floating asteroids to the city of Central Hub and it's creeping sprawl. She wondered how the preparation for the trip to Carpathia was being handled. She knew Cross well enough to not worry, but she couldn't help it. They were now in uncharted waters, as it was. Declaring a formal name and seeking allies under the table instead of out in the open were big steps to undermine a corrupt government. Yet they didn't show themselves to be resistant to anyone. It was all getting muddled in her head.

She brought her mind to her current job when she heard the beep on her arm comp. She was still getting used to the new device that Cross had made for everyone. She pressed the answer button on the touchscreen and held her arm in from of her.

TankaAV.jpgTanka - Sitrep?

Pilot - Um, the captain of the ship we're meeting is wondering if it's ok to...uh..."beam" aboard.

TankaAV.jpgTanka - If that's their prefered method of transfer, then fine. Give them the location of the meeting room. I'll be there momentarily. Also, let them know that we have no artificial gravity and they should dress accordingly.

Pilot - Understood. Jenks out.

Tanka twirled and pushed off the airlock that she and her guards were waiting at and headed towards the meeting room, if it could be called that. It was nothing more than a two couches and an heavy weapons case bolted down to the floor. Once the captain was aboard, Tanka remembered that she would have to have the pilots rotate the gunship for some artificial gravity. She always enjoyed zero-g too much. She decided to float above one of the couches as she waited. One of the guards stood at, or rather, on the door.

Then there was a moment when Tanka blinked and Varlira was there with a couple of her guards, who were wearing some sort of armored suit. Tanka had to feign apathy to hide her surprise while the guard nearly shot them with his SMG. She raised her hand to stop them.

TankaAV.jpgTanka - Captain Varlira, I presume? Ishould have given you my arm comp code. Or at least a temporary one to warn me ahead of time so that my guards don't jump the shark.

Valira.pngValira: Jump the shark? Never mind that, I am here.

Valira looked over at the guard with an odd look on her face for a second, then looked around the room, then back at Tanka.

TankaAV.jpgTanka - I see. Leave us. Don't even leave a guard at the door and return to your posts.

The guard looked puzzled at the order, but complied anyway. He was out the door without further question.

TankaAV.jpgTanka - Jenks, get us rotating for some gravity, please. I'm sure our guests would appreciate it.

Pilot Jenks - Affirmative. Give it a few minutes.

A little gravity returned as Tanka slowly lowered herself into the couch and pulled out a folder from her cloak. She let it slowly fall to the table, the string keeping it closed.

TankaAV.jpgTanka - I know it's archaic compared to what you're used to, but it's both easier and safer this way. Electronics are known to be fickle and trackable whereas paper and film are easier to hide than links through the net. I'm sure it's not the first time.

Valira.pngValira: Yes, though most people I've come across usually still use electronics. Just who are you trying to hide this from?

TankaAV.jpgTanka - Yes, well, we are trying to hide from the Human Colonial Administration here. I don't know if you've run across them or not, but their intelligence department has pulled some crazy stuff out of their asses before. Idon't want to take the chance of using electronics, even if the transfer goes through a wire. We are paying good money here. You can deal with it.

Valira.pngValira: Indeed. Now, just what is the plan here?

TankaAV.jpgTanka - Pretty simple, really. Take down food and mineral transports that leave Port Edge, harass the escorts, record footage so you can be paid or bring in the freighters themselves. Anything outside of that is up to you. Every freighter you take down from Port Edge, you'll get paid. For every Biohazard container you bring down, you'll get paid. For every HCA ship you take down, you'll get paid. Starting hire rate for you is 100,000 Universal Curreny. I could have it routed through customs somewhere to whatever currency you wish to recieve it in.

Valira.pngValira: Okay, anything else?

TankaAV.jpgTanka - A free port will open up soon for people like you soon enough in the system. Within the next week, if it isn't up and running already. It will be run by a woman you will know as Councilor Yvette. Part of your payment is free docking and reduced repair from mission damage. Outside of that, you'll have to pay full price. The location will be given upon acceptance of the contract.

Valira.pngValira: I'm assuming that the HCA isn't just going to let this happen.

TankaAV.jpgTanka - Of course not. But from what I've heard, you can handle your ship exceptionally well. Of course, you'll be up against their fighters, which are not much to speak of. Their firepower comes from their destroyers and cruisers. They're an overpowered "escort force". The destroyers are armed with 150mm autocannons and 200mm rail cannon with two point defense clusters on the top and bottom. The cruisers are more heavily armed with the same autocannons as before, but more of them. Also armed with twin 300mm rail cannons with smart shells. Also a missile bay with 50 missiles. Half and half of both split missiles for ships and cluster missiles for technicals such as fighters and space frames. The real worry is the battleships. Everything as before, but more missiles, autocannons, and up teh rail cannons to 500mm. There is also a single dreadnought among the fleet that belongs to Admiral Keesh. It's a special prototype that tries to utilize a large amount of combat grade laser weapons. A first for the HCA.

Valira.pngValira: Is that all? How come you can't take care of them yourself?

TankaAV.jpgTanka - Heh, so you think we're weak to ask help from pirates such as yourselves? We're strong, but not situationally inept. We'd do it ourselves, but then there's the chance we'll be traced. With this, there's less risk of you getting captured because of your experience, less chance you'll let something slip unless they pay you more,and we don't have to waste nearly as many resources doing the same exact thing. You'll also attract other pirates who we won't pay. All that is asked is that you bring all cargo to the port to be "inspected", some will be skimmed off the top, but you'll get compensated. The others won't unless we hire them to do the same job you're getting. With this, the HCA will become distracted from what we're doing on the surface.

Valira.pngValira: Okay, but why tell me that?

TankaAV.jpgTanka - [Grinning] Because it'll be obvious. The problem with paying attention to us, though, would mean to pull attention away from you pirates. And the more you know about your job, the better you can be at it. So here's the full offer. You now know that you are acting as a decoy, but also as a supply disruptor under the guise of a pirate and you're also going to attract vultures to provide even more of a distraction from the surface. This is the full upfront plan of our rebellion, with you being a privateer. Are you still interested in the contract?

Tanka leaned forward, placing her elbows on her knees and resting her head behind the peak of ther hands. Her eyes betrayed nothing, only showing the business face she practiced to hide the sadistic glee of setting plans in motion.

TankaAV.jpgTanka - Well?

Valira thought for a moment before responding.

'Shouldn't be a problem... Hmm, they believe Myon to be the more advanced of the races around here? Interesting'

Valira.pngValira: I accept.

TankaAV.jpgTanka - Great. I'll be sure to inform Councilor Yvette and have her send the port location your way. Any other questions before you leave? Anything you'd like me to check within the system while you're here?

Valira.pngValira: Just how many ships does the HCA have?

TankaAV.jpgTanka - Hmm. That fluctuates. However, at any given time, there is at least Sys Admiral Keeshs' Dreadnought, 3 other battleships, 15 cruisers, 30 assault destroyers, 45 destroyers, and numerous fighter craft stationed on the capital ships. Anything else?

Valira.pngValira: Okay. I can't think of any other questions right now.

TankaAV.jpgTanka - That should be all then. If you ever have need to contact me or my boss directly, ask for me by the name of Aide Bakti. You'll get me shortly thereafter if not immediately. Oh, and welcome to the Helios System.

See Central for the backstory to this update.

Lyhoko Leaci

Sat. June 10th, 0150AL


Tara's house


Brian jumped out of Tara's bed, and ended up falling flat on his face, shaking the floor, due to misjudging his new height. The door then suddenly flew open with another crash as Tara's mother raced in followed by Tara's younger brother, Tobias.

Antje.pngAntje: Tara?

She then helped Brian back up, who then sat on the side of Tara's bed.

Antje.pngAntje: What's wrong? You're not hurt, are you?

Tobias.pngTobias: You're also quieter than usual. Well, aside from the crash. Are you sure you didn't dent the floor?

Antje.pngAntje: Tobias!

Tobias.pngTobias: Sorry.

Tara.pngBrian: I'm okay physically as far as I can tell, but I'm Brian. I don't know how I ended up here.

With that statement, the other two simply stared at Brian, not knowing what to say.


Meanwhile, in Brad and Brian's house

Brad.pngBrad: So you say you're Tara, and somehow you ended up in my brother's body.

Brian.pngTara: Yes.

Brad's father looked like he was about to say something, but was interrupted before he could start by his wife's cell phone.

Phone: Nyan nyan nyan nyan, ni hao--

Rachel.pngRachel: Hello, Antje?

Rachel.pngRachel: Tara says she's Brian? Yes, Brian is saying basically the same thing.

Rachel.pngRachel: Yes, it probably would be easier if we met.

Rachel.pngRachel: Okay, we'll be waiting.

Brian.pngTara: So, they're coming here?

Rachel.pngRachel: Yes, in about 10 minutes or so.


The alien that the two met earlier was now looking at one of the control consoles, which was currently dispaying a holographic mass of dots, and wire-framed objects. It zoomed in on a small section where the wire framed objects became more detailed and soon were visible as buildings, and the dots became blobs that moved around the buildings. 2 of the blobs were an odd pink color, while all the other blobs near it were either red, blue, dark yellow, or some varying shade of green. Apparently the alien could make sense of this, as they then smiled.

Va-crew1.pngAlien: Yes, it works just as I suspected...

Lyhoko Leaci

Sat. June 10th, 0150AL


Brian looked around at the room he suddenly found himself in. All of the walls as well as the floor and the ceiling were metallic, and various computer terminals of some sort were visible, as were several holographic displays. He yawned, and looked down. The part of the floor he was standing on was sunken down a bit, separate from the rest of the room, but otherwise appeared normal.

He shook his head, feeling like he was about to fall asleep, and noticed that he was wearing his pajamas. 'Is this a dream? I don't remember ever realizing I was dreaming before.'

He turned to walk over to one of the consoles, and then everything went black for a second, then everything came back to normal.

'What?' He looked down again. He had indeed taken a step over towards the console, but for whatever reason, he felt even sleepier than before.

A door that he hadn't noticed before open, revealing someone, either a Zuke or a Muphridian, and of undetermined gender. Whoever it was had black hair, and was wearing something that looked vaguely like a blue military jumpsuit.

Va-crew1.pngAlien: Hello.

Brian.pngBrian: Heh?

He wanted to say more, but the sleepiness he was feeling prevented him from putting his thoughts into any recognizable sentence.

Va-crew1.pngAlien: I noticed you two were together recently.

'Two?' Brian looked over to his right, only to see a wall. Similarly, a wall was behind him, and to his left, though this wall wasn't as long, and stopped before the middle of the main room, where the speaker was.

Va-crew1.pngAlien: Hm, you're more awake than I though. Don't mind me, I just want to see what happens.

Voice: Wha?

'Must be the other person, whoever it is' Brian thought, and then yawned again.

Va-crew1.pngAlien: Beside, you already did it yourself if what Muchi said was true.


The person walked over to one of the consoles and placed their hand on it. Suddenly, everything went black again, and then everything reformed, once again. He notes that his head feels oddly heavy, but before he could do or think of anything else, everything goes black for a third time, this time everything stays black as he finally falls asleep.


Brian slowly wakes up and groans, not remembering anything about the mysterious alien, or of the odd room. He wonders for a second why he couldn't hear Brad's snoring, then decides he must have gotten up already and sits up without opening his eyes. However, he quickly opened them when his sitting up caused hair to fly into his face.

'What? My hair isn't that long... or brown, either.' He then looked around the room for the first time. 'Why am I in Tara's room?'

'Ah, that's it. I must have overslept, and Brad and Tara decided to play a prank on me, and dressed me up like Tara and put me in her room, just to see what would happen. Wouldn't be too hard as I have the wig and stuff from the last day of school, and it does appear to be quite late judging by the light coming in though the windows.'

Tara.pngBrian: I'm not falling for it, you know.

'That sounded a bit odd...'

Tara.pngBrian: Where are you two? I know you're out there.

'Okay, why does my voice sound weird?'

Brian then reached up, grabbed the hair, and pulled, only to be rewarded with a pain in his scalp. He let go in shock and his hands flopped down, bouncing off of something on his chest.

'The fake ones didn't feel like that...' Just to be sure, he grabbed them, then screamed.


Nanleech.pngLeech: Current Exploration: Leech votes:

A: Return to exploring the island forest area -- 0

B: Explore the cliffs around the island, and the water along the coast -- 1

C: Examine the small islands seen off in the distance -- 3

D: Other, please specify in reply -- 0

Lyhoko Leaci

Myon Eur (Air)

It's been quiet in here...

And so, before I post the next update, (tomorrow, most likely) here's an ad for Myon Eur (English translation: Myon Air) that also shows a new plane I recieved off. The backgroun is from Yintar.


For those of you who can't understand Myonian or Zukish, it says the following:

Myon Eur

We will take you places

Myonian is closely related to English, though, so the words might look familiar.


And the same plane(s), at a terminal at Galesfe Spaceport.

Lyhoko Leaci

Day 1


Crew3.pngLana: Any more information on these planets?

Crew 1: And what should we call this system?

Crew4.pngLeisan: Good question... The 3rd planet has noticably higher gravity than Mïyan, as well as an atmosphere roughly 6 times as thick, and it is also quite hot, and humid.

Crew5.pngPaþü: Not very present sounding.

Crew4.pngLeisan: From what I can tell, most of the land seems to be covered in plant life, but most of it is nothing like I've ever seen before. So far, I haven't detected any signs of complex animal life. Technically, there is enough oxygen that you would be able to breath, but it would feel like you're on top of a mountain. And then there's the nitrogen narcosis that would likely set in shortly after.

Crew5.pngPaþü: Pyomü Wïme.

Crew3.pngLana: What? Lost World?

Crew5.pngPaþü: Yes. It could just be called Wïme for short, the system can be.

Crew3.pngLana: It works, I guess.

Crew 2: That's odd.

Crew3.pngLana: What?

Crew 2: From the relative positions of the nearby galaxies, we can't have traveled more than about 2000 light years. But that's still within subspace range, and nothing's coming up. Plus none of the stars match. It just doesn't make any sence.

Crew3.pngLana: Odd... is there a stargate in this system?

Crew4.pngLeisan: No, there isn't.

Crew3.pngLana: So much for trying to contact Myon that way.


One of the crew opened up an external view on one of the screens, showing the planet as they passed by it.

Crew 2: Purple plants?

Crew3.pngLana: That's different.


Day 2

Paþü: There's still nothing specific coming up on subspace. I did detect something that seemed Dlorwani in origin, but it was too distant to pick up clearly, and seemed a bit odd as well.

Crew3.pngLana: Odd?

Crew5.pngPaþü: It had some different characteristics than an ordinaly Dlorwani signal, but was still recognizable as one.

Crew4.pngLeisan: Did we somehow get sent into an alternate universe?

Crew3.pngLana: Certainly aeems like it.

Crew 2: Something just shwowed up on long range sensors... it's... Hasiq?

Crew3.pngLana: Where?

Crew 2: About 100 light years out, seems to be a small ship. They don't usually show up on a regular scan, though. Wait, it just dissapeared again.

Crew3.pngLana: First different stars, then odd Dlorwani, and now easier to detect Hasiq. This is getting odder and odder.


2 hours later, they began coasting as they passed the sun, and prepared to spin around to slow back down. Suddenly, a hyperspace window opened up, and a maroon and gray ship that seemed to be mostly engines appeared in front of them.

Crew 2: And the Hasiq're back again.

Lyhoko Leaci

Myon Space 3: Lost

July 7th, 0150AL


Alarm: *BLRRRRNT!*

Crew 1: Inertial dampers are offline!

Crew3.pngLana: What the-- what did we hit!?

Alarm: *BLRRRRNT!*

Crew4.pngLeisan: What's that alarm?

The entire ship was rolling around as it traveled down the wormhole, barely managing to stay pointed forward. This, combined with the failure of the inertial dampers, made it seem as if they were aboard a sailboat in a hurricane.

Alarm: *BLRRRRNT!*

Crew3.pngLana: Turn off that alarm!

Suddenly, a large jolt knocked several people over, though the ride became noticeably smoother afterward.

Crew 2: Inertial dampers are back up, though they're only at 10% for now, something's wrong in the engine room!

Alarm: *BLRRRRNT!*

Crew3.pngLana: I said, turn off that alarm!

One of the crew members fiddled with the controls.

Crew4.pngLeisan: What was that alarm, anyway?

Crew 3: Left neutrino drive is shot, right drive is currently at 50%. AGPUs seem to be intact.

Crew3.pngLana: What happened?

Crew 1: We're in a wormhole... somehow.

Crew 2: No clue where it goes, it's not on any of the charts. It's certainly not the one to Earth.

Crew3.pngLana: Great. We have a damaged ship and we have no idea of where we're going, either. Are the defensive systems operational?

Crew 3: Yes, the shield system is fully operational, as is the main guns. Left rear railgun is disabled, all other railguns are online.

Crew3.pngLana: At least something still works.

Crew4.pngLeisan: Engineering, any chance of fixing the engines or the inertial dampers?

Crew 4: Left neutrino drive is hopeless, part of it's basically welded together. We might be able to salvage parts from it to fix the other, though.

Crew 5: Repairs are currently underway on the inertial dampers.

--1 hour later--

Crew 2: Approaching end of wormhole!

Crew3.pngLana: Go to red alert, we have no idea what's out there.

Crew 3: Acknowledged.

The lighting on the bridge shifted to red to match the wormhole outside, the shields activated, then the ship shot out of the wormhole at high speed, almost sideways.


Crew 2: Nothing special's coming up on scans, no ships, no signs of inhabitation.

Crew4.pngLeisan: Just where is here, anyway?

Crew 2: ... Destination is unknown. The computer does no recognize any of the star patterns here.

Crew3.pngLana: Anything dangerous?

Crew 2: No. There is a nearby planet though our current trajectory will take us past it without any problems.

Crew3.pngLana: Go to yellow alert for now, and try to contact Myon on subspace.

Crew 3: Acknowledged.


Crew 3: I can't detect any sort of signal from Myon on subspace... or anything recognizable, for that matter.

Crew3.pngLana: Just how far did we go?

Crew4.pngLeisan: I'm detecting 9 plants, the 1st is a large rocky planet, the second and third both have water, but from the sensor readings, both are uninhabitable, the second has no oxygen and the third doesn't have enough, plus it has too much nitrogen. The 4th planet appears to be habitable, though slightly cold. The 5th planet is a baby gas planet, about the same mass as the habitable planet, the rest are all gas giants. The planet we're near is the 3rd.

Crew3.pngLana: Well, at least there's somewhere to go if we can't get home...

Lyhoko Leaci

Wed. May 24th, 0150AL


Later that day, Brad and Brian were sitting in their room, watching as the rain poured down outside as Bethesda began to make landfall. It had intensified into a category 2 hurricane during the time since morning, though at the current time the main part of the storm was still off the coast.

Brad.pngBrad: What is going on? First two aliens show up from nowhere, and then someone else shows up asking about the Hasiq. Something’s up here...

Brian.pngBrian: Indeed. But why talk to us? There’s plenty of other people out there to talk to that would have more information about what is going on.

Brad.pngBrad: Yes, like the Chancellor, or other people in the government, or maybe the military. The Ruyarwni Dierapyamuk would be a good place to start.

Ruyarwni Dierapyamuk = stargate command

A thump from down the hall distracted them for a moment, leaving only the sound of the wind. However, a squeak from one of their beds caused them to turn and see Mardon sitting on it, though without Cormani.

Brad.pngBrad: Wha?

Brian fell over and landed on his rear just as the sound of thunder filled the room.

Mardon.pngMardon: Calm down, I have no desire to hurt you. I am Mardon Bacpub.

Brad.pngBrad: Wait, your partner, Cormani, I think, said that it wasn’t the time or the place to talk, so is it now?

Mardon.pngMardon: Sort of. I can’t tell you everything, but I can tell you some things. Cormani and I have been exploring the galaxy for 10,000 years or so.

Brian.pngBrian: You’re over 10,000 years old?

Mardon.pngMardon: Yes, 10,130 to be exact.

Brad.pngBrad: How?

Mardon.pngMardon: My body is not like yours, it can live for much longer. But that isn’t the point. Recently, things have been odd around here. There’s been multiple wars between various civilizations or within a single civilization, or simply other oddities, for example. Also, one of the Muphridish warships has disappeared without a trace, or so they say.

Brian.pngBrian: Why tell us this?

Mardon.pngMardon: No real reason, though it may become clear later.

Brad.pngBrad: And what was that comment about crossdressing?

Mardon.pngMardon: It’s because you are, at least by Ancaron standards.

Brad.pngBrad: Okay...?

Brian.pngBrian: And do you know a Misa Antacar?

Mardon.pngMardon: No... Antacar is our homeworld though. Odd, we’ve never heard of anyone with that name before, though. What did he or she look like?

Brad.pngBrad: She looked like a human girl, had somewhat darker skin but not as dark as Lil’s is, also long brown hair, and she was wearing relatively casual clothes, but did have a skirt.

Mardon.pngMardon: This is odd. Sounds like he’s a Nacran, the name would fit with that as well...

Brian.pngBrian: Nacran? He?

Brad.pngBrad: She also asked about the Hasiq for some reason.

Mardon.pngMardon: I have to go.

Brian.pngBrian: What? Wait!

Mardon, however, vanished without a trace and the bed squeaked again as it no longer had to support the weight of a person sitting on it. The wind outside continued, then the lights suddenly flickered before a flash of blue light erupted outside. They raced to the window to see what was going on, though it turned out simply to be the city shield activating. After several seconds the blue light faded away as the shield stabilized.


The sudden lack of the sound of wind and falling rain, combined with the still dark, almost featureless gray sky made the storm seem even scarier than it actually was.

Lyhoko Leaci

Evil homework...


Nick.pngNick: We're still in Faevza, I see.

Nikki.pngNikki: Just closer to downtown. The buildings are taller here, and the shops are bigger!


Nick.pngNick: The residential buildings are bigger, too.

Nikki.pngNikki: Where are all the cars?

Nick.pngNick: Good question.


Nikki.pngNikki: There's a Chinese and/or Japanese place in here as well, alongside the highway.

Nick.pngNick: Still not many cars, but at least there's some here.


Nikki.pngNikki: There's also a resort and waterpark area... that is also suspiciously empty.


Nick.pngNick: And a cemetary. At least those don't usually have cars and people in them... well living people at least.

Nikki.pngNikki: It's getting creepy in here, and not just because of the cemetary.


Nick.pngNick: Ah! Finally, someplace that doesn't look dead!

Nikki.pngNikki: Cars and activity!

Nick.pngNick: And a repeated building. Or is that sort of a twin apartment complex thing?

Lyhoko Leaci

Wed. May 24th, 0150AL


Several minutes later, Brad and Brian had arrived back at their condo. As they walked down the hall towards their door, they passed a communal sitting room that’s open to all of the people in the building. Sitting on 2 of the couches were Tiffany and Michael, as well as their mother, along with an unfamiliar dark-skinned human girl.

Misa2.pngGirl: Ah? More?

Rachel.pngRachel: These are Brad and Brian, my eldest sons. Brad is the one on the left.

Before she could say anything else, the girl stood up and turned to face Brad and Brian.

Misa2.pngGirl: My name is Misa Antacar. It is a good meeting.

After this somewhat odd greeting, she bowed, and then sat back down.

Brad_L.pngBrad: Misa?

Misa2.pngMisa: Yes.

When it became obvious that Brad wasn’t going to say anything else, Misa continued.

Misa2.pngMisa: Are you aware of a race called the Hasiq?

Tiffany_H.pngTiffany: The Hasiq?

Rachel.pngRachel: Yes, they’re currently at war with the Muphridians.

Michael_H.pngMichael: On of their planets orbits Alpha Eurinda, the red star that is in the same system as this planet.

Misa2.pngMisa: They are there?

Brad_L.pngBrad: Yes, they are at war with the Muphridians--

Brian_T.pngBrian: --and they do have a planet there.

Misa2.pngMisa: I thank you. That is all.

Rachel.pngRachel: Why are you asking us about the Hasiq?

Misa2.pngMisa: I am new to this area, and that is all.

She bowed to each of them, then turned and left.

Brian_T.pngBrian: Nami.

While Brian said this quietly, the girl seemed to recognize it with a nod of the head as she walked, before disappearing past the door to the stairs.

Brian_T.pngBrian: Okay?

Brad_L.pngBrad: Did she ask about anything else?

Rachel.pngRachel: No, all she said before you showed up was who she was. There wasn’t enough time to say much of anything else. Is there anything else?

Brian_T.pngBrian: No.

Hmmm... short update. Maybe I should have combined it with "First Contact"...

Lyhoko Leaci

Region View


Nanleech.pngLeech: Here's the parts of Galesfe City that are actually developed, there's 3 sections that actually have completed city tiles in them. There's a couple other locations outside of this view that have development, but they're small and it would make the image even bigger, and it's big enough as it is. Click for full size.


Nanleech.pngLeech: And with random things labeled. Some you may recognize, some you might not.

Nanleech.pngLeech: Current Exploration: Leech votes:

A: Return to exploring the island forest area -- 0

B: Explore the cliffs around the island, and the water along the coast -- 1

C: Examine the small islands seen off in the distance -- 2

D: Other, please specify in reply -- 0

Lyhoko Leaci


The return to the gate was relatively uneventful, though several more green leeches were seen jumping into the deeper parts of the grass. Apparently they were becoming more active as the day went on.



Leech Labs HQ

Nanleech.pngLeech: And here we are back at headquarters. Apparently someone left the portal open, no not the stargate, a different portal, when I was gone, which resulted in a HASU situation, which caused all sorts of problems. Hopefully there won't be any other aftereffects of that.

As Leech walked though a door, a bucket fell down, dumping the water it contained onto Leech.

Ninleech.pngLeech: And will people quit doing that!?

There was no response aside from an odd high-pitched giggling was heard from a dark corner.

Ninleech.pngLeech: Pesky poltergeists... I thought we already exorcised the place.


Ninleech.pngLeech: Ah, here we go. The design is indeed complete, and includes various features like 4 wheel--er tread drive and steering, and a zuken armor frame and skin. Zuken armor, no it doesn't have anything to do with Zukes, aside both Zukes and zukens being green and scaly, is practicably indestructible, and also quite light, and can be infused with other materials to make all sorts of materials with qualities from both the zuken armor and the other material, including clothing. And the armor is easy to get, as the zukens regularly shed it, so you don't have to bother the zukens themselves for it. If we're lucky, we may get to see a zuken on Pyomileaci.


Ninleech.pngLeech: And the back view. It also includes features such as being bigger on the inside than the outside, and plenty of hidden compartments with various tools. I'll have to look over the designs to see just what is all in there.


Ninleech.pngLeech: And this is one of the extendable tools, allowing the vehicle to fly. It's actually quite quiet due to a silencer doohickey, though the wind could be a problem at low altitudes. It's obvious here that it's bigger on the inside as there is no way these props would fit inside it otherwise. One by itself might, but not both opposite each other.

Ninleech.pngLeech: And now, were to, after I find some hot water?

A: Return to exploring the island forest area

B: Explore the cliffs around the island, and the water along the coast

C: Examine the small islands seen off in the distance

D: Other, please specify in reply

Lyhoko Leaci


Nick.pngNick: And now we're back in Faevza again, this time to the north of the part that got blasted.

Nikki.pngNikki: Why we keep having to jump around, I don't know.

Nick.pngNick: Anyway, this is what the highway will look like whenever it gets around to being finished, with plenty of trees.

Nikki.pngNikki: There is an off ramp in the upper left, it's just out of the way and hard to see because of the trees.


Nick.pngNick: Off to the left from that interchange is an industrial area.

Nikki.pngNikki: Shiny industry.


Nick.pngNick: While the houses are off to the right.

Nikki.pngNikki: The development styles over here are quite varied, with simple dense packing of houses--


Nick.pngNick: --to more open green areas in between the houses--


Nikki.pngNikki: -- to more of the same but with cul-de-sacs instead of full blocks.

Nick.pngNick: The main roads form a large grid outside of these residential areas, with shops and stuff.

Nikki.pngNikki: Shops!

Nick.pngNick: *facepalm*


Nikki.pngNikki: Hey! These aren't shops!

Nick.pngNick: Of course they aren't. Some areas have more fancy houses than others.

Ninleech.pngLeech: The current Exploration: Leech votes are as follows:

A: Head back to explore around the gate -- 0

B: Continue to explore the forest -- 2

C: Head back to base to see if the exploration vehicle is ready -- 3

D: Other, please specify in reply -- 0

Ninleech.pngLeech: Voting ends tomorrow. *or in 2 days...*

As of September 17th

Ninleech.pngLeech: Okay, due to bugs in the system, voting got extended by a day. The final results are this:

A: Head back to explore around the gate -- 0

B: Continue to explore the forest -- 3

C: Head back to base to see if the exploration vehicle is ready -- 5

D: Other, please specify in reply -- 0

Lyhoko Leaci

Tanks and a Map


Nanleech.pngLeech: And to give you something to look at while an update is prepared, a group of 4 Myonian T-3 tanks during training.


Nanleech.pngLeech: And a map of Myon and its surrounding countries. The tanks seem to be training in the eastern part of South Adesre... or maybe the southeastern part of North Adesre. Click for the full size version of the map.

Nanleech.pngLeech: The current Exploration: Leech votes are as follows:

A: Head back to explore around the gate -- 0

B: Continue to explore the forest -- 2

C: Head back to base to see if the exploration vehicle is ready -- 2

D: Other, please specify in reply -- 0

Nanleech.pngLeech: There seems to be a tie...

As of September 17th

Ninleech.pngLeech: Okay, due to bugs in the system, voting got extended by a day. The final results are this:

A: Head back to explore around the gate -- 0

B: Continue to explore the forest -- 3

C: Head back to base to see if the exploration vehicle is ready -- 5

D: Other, please specify in reply -- 0

Lyhoko Leaci

Wed. May 24th, 0150AL


Brian_T.pngBrian: Yes, school is finally over!

Tiffany_H.pngTiffany: It’s hot out, though.

Brad_L.pngBrad: Says the girl who is wearing a Hogwarts school uniform.

Michael took off his fake glasses before speaking.

Michael_H.pngMichael: How are you not hot?

Brad_L.pngBrad: It’s not that hot out.


Tiffany and Michael headed back off home, while Brad, Brian, Tara and Lil stayed behind in the park.

Tara_B.pngTara: It just seems so calm now, hard to think that a tropical storm could be coming in.

The sky was currently partially cloudy, with most of the clouds being high and thin, though the lower ones were noticeably moving in off the coast.

Voice: Hello.

The four of them quickly turned to see Mardon and Cormani standing there, though they didn't know who they were.

Lil.pngLil: What?

While there were visibly startled, they at least didn’t scream.

Brian_T.pngBrian: Not to be rude, but who are you?

Tara_B.pngTara: And how did you just suddenly appear? I didn’t hear you coming.

Cormani.pngCormani: I am Cormani and this is Mardon.

Mardon.pngMardon: Mina.


Cormani.pngCormani: We are Ancaron, and we are just here to observe. As for how we appeared, transporters.

Brian_T.pngBrian: I’m Brian, and they are Brad, Tara, and Lil.

Brad_L.pngBrad: If you are just here to observe, why are you talking to us?

Mardon.pngMardon: Because we want to?

Cormani.pngCormani: Sometimes it is simpler to get information by talking to people, then by simply standing around and watching what happens.

Mardon didn’t add anything to this explanation, instead examining Brad, Brian, Lil, and Tara.

Cormani.pngCormani: Did you know there are two natural wormholes in this star system?

Brad_L.pngBrad: What?

Tara_B.pngTara: There is one...

Mardon.pngMardon: You’re crossdressing.

Brian_T.pngBrian: It’s Look-Alike Day.

Mardon.pngMardon: Huh? Not you, you other two, Lil and Brad.

Cormani chose that moment to whack Mardon in the back of the head.

Mardon.pngMardon: Ka! What was that for?

Cormani.pngCormani: You don’t talk about that here.

Brad_L.pngBrad: Okay...?

Cormani.pngCormani: Anyway, like I mentioned, we are simply here to observe. There is quite a bit going on in this region of space, and this planet is right in the middle of it, even if it isn’t actually involved.

Lil.pngLil: But why talk to us?

Cormani.pngCormani: That topic is not for discussion now. This isn’t the time or the place.

Tara_B.pngTara: What is the time and place, then?

Cormani.pngCormani: We’ll let you know. For now, it is time for us to go.

Mardon rubbed the back of his head before adding a word.

Mardon.pngMardon: Nami.


They seemed to blink out of existence, with no sound or flash of light announcing the beaming, unlike a Myonian transporter.

Brian_T.pngBrian: Okay... that was odd.

Lil.pngLil: What should we do?

Tara_B.pngTara: They seemed nice enough.

Brad_L.pngBrad: True, and for whatever reason, it felt like they are trustworthy... but I can’t explain it.

Brian_T.pngBrian: I didn’t feel anything like that, good or bad.

Lil.pngLil: Interesting. Hopefully they are trustworthy.

Lyhoko Leaci


Nick.pngNick: The city updates seem to be slowing down.

Nikki.pngNikki: Well, there is so much going on elsewhere, so it makes sense.

Nick.pngNick: Anyway, we're back up in Lesirta.

Nikki.pngNikki: Visible is part of the cabin area, which spreads down away from the lake into the valley, which while it is lower than the lake level, is kept from flooding by a ridge.


Nick.pngNick: Off in the northern part of the valley are some farms, which spread up the valley walls in some places.


Nikki.pngNikki: Closeup of the edge of the farming area. They seem to like raisinng animals around here...


Nick.pngNick: Of course, once you get into town they build on hillsides as well... even if there's barely any room to do so.


Nikki.pngNikki: Odd that there's an apartment tower in here...

Nick.pngNick: Fits with the municipal buildings, though.


Nikki.pngNikki: Ack! TP!

Nick.pngNick: They really need to deal with that problem...

Lyhoko Leaci

August 28th 2010


The Zcelem continued it's path though the wormhole, now reaching the final stretch of its journey.


There was, however, just one piece of information that could have been a problem had it not been accounted for. The Zcelem was traveling at the same speed relative to the wormhole, as well as the Earth-Moon system as it was when it entered the wormhole. While effective at reaching outer planets relatively quickly, it was not effective for landing on the moon. Due to this, the engines were activated in reverse thrust mode and they began decelerating on their course to the moon.


The moon grew ever larger as the approached.


And even larger as the Zcelem entered a temporary elliptical orbit on its final trajectory to the landing site at Mare Ingenii.


While the destination area was dark, this wasn't a problem due to sensors which easily determined the proper landing site on the Moon. Soon the Zcelem reactivated its engines to slow down still further, and activated several landing thrusters to keep it from falling too fast.


At 17:14 UTC, August 28th, Earth Time, the Zcelem settled down onto the surface of the Moon, marking the first time that two spacecraft have been on the moon at the same time (alongside Franklin County's HULCOM 1 mission) And Follomer was sending yet another ship, the FUS New Journey, to the Moon as well, though it would likely remain in orbit.

Crew1.pngJexa: PZP-1 has landed.

After this announcement over subspace comm to Myon, and a scan of the region, both Lana and Gomynt suited up and stepped though the airlock separating the front habitable part of the runabout, and the rear cargo compartment. The shift from the artificial gravity to the natural, weaker gravity of the Moon wasn't much of a problem as it shifted at the same time the air was removed from the airlock, though it still took some getting used to as they passed by the currently inactive research station in the cargo compartment and opened the rear door.

Gomynt hopped down from the open door to the lunar surface.

Crew2.pngGomynt: One small step for a zuke...

Lana soon followed onto the surface.

Crew3.pngLana: And for womankind, as well.

They then explored the vicinity of the spacecraft with helmet-mounted lights, and once a suitable site was located, began prepping the research station for deployment on the lunar surface.

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