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Nacar: The Resurrection + Myon Passport

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Lyhoko Leaci


Nacar: The Resurrection

Misa.pngMisa: Hello, my name is Misa Antacar, and I will be your guide though this... CJ section? Wait, didn't I already do this once before?

Leech2.pngLyhoko: It's a new version!

Misa.pngMisa: New?

Leech2.pngLyhoko: Now with new features that the original lacked, like commentary!

Misa.pngMisa: What? What if I don't want to do commentary?

Leech2.pngLyhoko: The Leech has spoken.

Misa.pngMisa: Fine... anyway, first up is an introduction.

Intro to Nacar:

Nacar ("New Land") is an alternate history story of Misa Antacar, a 5 year old Nacran Ancaron, who after crash-landing on an uncharted planet, finds himself in charge of a group of primitive humans. And yes, despite his appearance, Misa is a guy. Do not say otherwise, lest you annoy him. For that matter, don't call him a child, either. Age does not matter much to a Nacran. Well, ages 4 or under do. But that isn't the case here. Though, let's get back on topic, shall we? In time, this small population comes to be known as the Nacaron ("People of the New Land", not to be confused with the Ancaron, the "Central People") as they begin to grow and expand. Soon, their small civilization will grow into greatness, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, okay? They still have to grow beyond one small town, after all. Greatness can wait for now, we, or more accurately, Misa, has work to do. All you have to do is watch and observe.

Misa.pngMisa: You're the one making all the work for me.

Leech2.pngLyhoko: At least you don't have to deal with controlling a table of contents. The CJ fairies that run this place will do that for you.

Misa.pngMisa: CJ fairies?

Leech2.pngLyhoko: Yes!

Misa.pngMisa: Your mind is in a whirlpool.

You have bats in the belfry.

Leech2.pngLyhoko: I know you are, but what am I?

*Er... let's stop this here before this escalates and they destroy the place. Also, Nacar takes place in an alternate reality, so as to not mess up the other stories. Think of it as a side story, just like Exploration: Leech.*

Myon Passport

Kyon.pngKyon: Finally, some quiet.

Asakura.png Ryoko: I have a passport!

Kyon.pngKyon: What? Why are you here?

Asakura.png Ryoko: See?


Kyon.pngKyon: Do you have one in English?

Asakura.png Ryoko: And the inside.

Kyon.pngKyon: Did you hear me?


Kyon.pngKyon: It's still unreadable. And what sort of gender is Xh/Sh? Or D/P for that matter?


The languages used are Zukish and Myonian, in that order.

The first lines on the inside, as well as the front cover, say "Republic of Myon" and "Passport," respectively.

The sections to the right of the picture are (Passport) Type, Country (3 letter code), and (Passport) Number.

1: Family name(s)

2: Given name(s)

3: Nationality... why passports have these sections when all they do is say the nationality of the country that gave the passport, I don't know.

4: Birthday

5: Birthplace

6: Species (Xh/Sh is human, Zü/Zu is Zuke or Muphridian, Ze/Zh, is Zevinowa, Ga/Gr is Gaxika/Gremlin, and Ya/Að is anything else)

7: If other species (not used in this case... even though technically Ryoko Asakura isn't actually human)

8: Gender (You should be able to understand the information here)

9: Children

10: Given on this date

11: Expiration date

12: Giving authority

13: Signature

14: Other notes

Note that "Jeendur" is not the same as "Gender." Despite being closely related to English, Myonian has some differences... some of which can really confuse you.

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